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Part 25

Update 25

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Our infiltration into Isla's secret jungle village continues, only now we're actually defending a barrier from monster hoards. They've learned to use heavy artillery, so we've got to continually knock out the operators of the machinery while going back to the gate every time things get hairy. Monster medals can only do so much in this situation so it's actually quite a challenge. When it's all said and done medals of a different type come into play, as we can now afford something worthwhile from the mini-medal shop.

Scalding Coffee posted:

DBGT ends up being and looking better than Super. Too fanfic-y and each episode now counts as two real-time minutes for the 48 minute tournament.

Seriously, they don't have hair/beards. The hair/beards have them. And a 24 episode tournament arc? That's... well, that's Dragon Ball Z actually but it's still insane.