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Part 28

Update 28

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We're all the way up at the top of the tree right now, and the boss fight here is a huge pain in the ass. The Barbatos can throw us around like toys and does a ton of damage, as well as summon mawkeepers on a whim to make things more confusing. After it's done we've got a monologue from Evil Zorro, and then we've got a creepy volcano for future exploration as well as a bunch of new quests to keep us busy and prepare.

Scalding Coffee posted:

You should use your minions more, even if they are going to be left behind in a minute.

I really should, it's just that mental thing of "but what if I need that minion later!"

Glazius posted:

Yeah, the Mediators were needed once, but if current events are to be believed, Darkness pretty well wrote 11 on their amp so it goes one higher and then broke the knob off. I have a feeling anything more than monsters existing is a bit too much to risk for Darkness right now.

That's a fair description. He literally wasn't happy until monsters were devouring people, but at the same time it isn't likely to work out any better for the monsters. We've killed literally thousands of them, so the actual result has been monster genocide while humanoid races are actually doing fairly well for themselves.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Who would have thought that recycling evil into breathable air would end up corrupting the tree. I heard story of evil being used as a power source for the internet and it caused an advanced civilization to sink.

I'm reminded of a review (pretty sure it was on SA somewhere) that included the line "I used a demonic book to try and pick up girls, and it worked out great!"