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Part 29

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In the grandest of Dragon Quest traditions we're going to completely ignore what looks like the final dungeon and instead bugger off and do some side-questing. On the docket for today: getting Isla a new outfit, expanding the size of our inventory bag, and heading right back to the World Tree to keep some monsters from wrecking it. Truly, a hero's work is never done and that only gets worse when you've got like a dozen.

Glazius posted:

You know, it's weird that history only seems to go back to DQIV. Maybe the music dips back farther? I suppose as the start of the second trilogy it's not a bad place to start, and characters didn't really have much to go by in the previous three games.

Still and all, where's an Erdrick when you need him?

That is a point, since at least in DQII you had different characters even if they weren't exactly developed and in DQIII you did have the whole legend of Erdrick and the fact that you were chasing after your father. Your character actually did have at least SOME things that could be worked off of. DQ, on the other hand, had a pretty blank slate.

Scalding Coffee posted:

The remixed music has to come from somewhere.

It's a testament to the series design that so many people can actually recognize it immediately.