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Part 32

Update 32

Update 32 Video

Evil Antonio's monologue avails him naught, so we just go ahead and kick his face in. The whole dungeon is falling apart at this point so we have to escape, but there's ANOTHER boss fight between us and the exit. Evil Hydra's a gimmick boss, but we know the gimmick and can handle it from there. There's a cut scene afterwards that we can't view, but just in case I've produced some artwork for everyone:

Scalding Coffee posted:

The last stage looks c/p from Final Fantasy IV. Only thing missing is damage floors and evil doors.

Only without the doors to be experience pinatas and give someone a level every time we finish one.

Glazius posted:

"How do you plan to defeat me?"
"I have devised a brilliant strategy! I shall employ the pointed end of this 'sword' to reduce the energy barrier to entering your body, so I can randomize a small selected area, thereby acquiring your status!"

Seriously, though, we're going to go haring off after this Circle of Light thing, like as not.

Unless the real Circle of Light was within us all along, buried under the terrible puns. Y'know, as you do.

How could I have known that a weakness against being stabbed with long metal objects would come back to bite me in the ass? How!

And yes, it's really been with us the whole time.

Scalding Coffee posted:

It was in Healix the whole time and all we had to do was slice him in two to get it out.

I think being left out of the drawing will be punishment enough for him.