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Part 35

Update 35

Update 35 Video

We're back again this week, and you're not seeing things: technical difficulties with recording and save slots mean that we're going back through the tunnels into Arba Castle. Afterwards we're going a different route and following up on Nera and Bianca's story, taking a break to head back into The Fault in search of a powerful weapon. As always, the real route to power is the side quest rather than the main quest.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Is it something to do with your recording or do monsters have attacks that teleport to smack you? That shield bash on Jessica was funny.

Could be a bit of column A and a bit of Column B. The recording on the new setup is actually much lower latency since we're using a capture device rather than streaming and cutting it up later.

Glazius posted:

Now I'm thinking about what might happen if you controlled Healix on the battle map. I'm almost entirely sure they'll try to pull that off sometime.

I can confirm that this is not a thing that happens, thankfully. Having played a healer in an MMO before I want nothing to do with trying to keep this group of chuckle-heads alive.