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Part 36

Update 36

Update 36

Today we're out of other options with out current party, so we'll just go ahead and actually progress the main story. We've got to first secure the castle and then head into the town to rescue some of the citizens, even though some of them seem as though they should be able to rescue themselves. Granny with the big ol' cast-iron skillet, I'm looking at you. Along the way we encountered some tech- excuse me, tentacle difficulties, but nothing that presented a great interruption so we rolled with it.

Scalding Coffee posted:

It must have been fun to build a castle that big on top of a living organism. I like how the buildings are arranged to look like a third layer of walls.

It certainly does have an interesting aesthetic, but I can see why someone would do that.

bman in 2288 posted:

I feel like I'm missing your streams.

I was going to try to figure out the streaming thing this week, but life interrupted. Perhaps next week we'll have it worked out.