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Part 37

Update 37

Update 37 Video

We've still got a lot of the town of Arba ahead of us, and this place is HUGE. It pretty much incorporates all of the mechanics we've learned so far, and there are swarms of enemies all over the place. Once we prevail (because of course we will) the next scenes seem to indicate that we're right before the final levels of the main story. So... we're headed straight to sidequest-ville. Which will happen next time.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Are there any more power-up quests for your Tension?

Pretty sure the next Tension upgrade comes with the main storyline, but we'll see when we get there. The last one was, which raises the interesting question of what happens if you skip the first two upgrades and just continue with the main quest...

Glazius posted:

What kind of procs are on that Zenithian sword? Or is it just pain?

Sadly, weapons don't really have procs. It's just a matter of sheer attack power. Armor, in the form of orbs, have some interesting effects, but for weapons it's really a matter of which weapon has the biggest number. Erdrick's Sword and the Zenithian Sword have equal attack power, making them the second strongest weapons in the game for Luceus and Aurora. The next step up is the Metal King Sword, and that's a bit more difficult to get.