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Part 39

Update 39

Update 39 Video

Despite the best efforts of Beryl and her fiance we eventually manage to save the pair of them, and that closes out Nera and Bianca's quests. After that it's time to pick up Yangus and Maya, since there are two more sets of quests around Yangus/Jessica and Maya. We can switch between them for faster progress, so we'll start with Maya's first dance performance and its very unexpected audience.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Those two run awfully fast for little people.
I can't wait to know the outcome between Gilbert and Hell Gladiator.

The fact that they give them names is such a nice little touch. Too bad they're not permanent recruits.

Glazius posted:

This place certainly seems dwarven but it seems tough to judge which way monsters are going to flow through it, for the more ranged characters.

There's probably a dwarf fortress joke in there somewhere, but I don't know exactly where.