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Part 42

Update 42

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We've got one final performance for Maya, and the wealthy benefactor who's bankrolling the performance is far from what Maya's expecting. Our prize for all of this is Maya's alternate costume, which is really not much of a prize if you're figuring by square inches. After that we've got a merchant to find who might have a lead on Yangus and Jessica's quest, but the whiny little twerp wants us to actually save his life BEFORE he'll tell us what he knows. We'll see about that...

Scalding Coffee posted:

We need to recruit the Mayor, he is too strong to be normal.

I'd take him over half our cast. Or Terry.

Glazius posted:

Maybe the monsters just like the surprise part in the second act of Maya's performance where the dragon with the come-hither eyes shows up?

It's to die for.