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Part 46

Update 46

Update 46 Video

Eventually, after much swearing, the Elven Elder manages to survive our rescue attempt and is appropriately grateful. That takes a bit, however, and so we're pretty much closing out from this recording session with some equipment purchasing and talking with companions. Puff! Puff! And from one of the worst candidates, too...

Scalding Coffee posted:

You had the right idea with minions. The Bright Lord AI is like a sentry and got drawn out to the horde while you ignored him. It would have been better if your main guys can be placed to defend an area, but it is a step up from the earlier Dynasty Warriors before Empires.

If you do end up watching DB Super, don't fall for the hype about the newest transformation beyond Cyan. A complete lack of originality that rivals my childhood.

Ugh, that means that someone set that AI intentionally. Pretty much all of the other escorts we've done have at least had the grace to not actively try to get themselves killed, and even for him the sensible thing to do would be to just hang out and let us take care of business.

Honestly, the last time I watched Dragonball Z or any related product the last transformation was Super Saiyan. These days I'm mostly watching the Abridged Series, and that's already gone further than I actually ever watched as a kid.