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Part 49

Update 49

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Today we've got a bit of a long episode, but we're getting a lot accomplished. First off, one of our friends on the ship needs the File of Light and it's in the Pinnacle of Light. That's unfortunately been destroyed by a giant moose monster, but Gragwort can help us out. After that, with no other options, we have to reluctantly continue the main quest. This time it's a simple "guard the gates" mission, but it's against the strongest monsters we've seen thus far.

Scalding Coffee posted:

What was the Psaro stuff?

Psaro from Dragon Quest IV is an optional character, and I tried his mission at the beginning of the last recording session. After 10 minutes or so I died, but a few minutes later we suddenly lost the recording and the file was corrupted. So we went back to the last save and continued on with something that we knew was in the realm of the possible. We might try again tonight when we record, if we have time.