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Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Hearts

by MaskedHuzzah

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Original Thread: Dragon Warrior + Pokemon + Oregon Trail? Let's Play DQM: Caravan Hearts!



So, Enix (now part of gaming giant Square Enix) had a little series called Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior, depending on which part of the world you're from). These games were quite highly regarded in Japan, but not as much so other places. In the late 90's, there were a series of Pokemon-like spinoffs called Dragon Quest Monsters which combined the familiar monsters of the main series with monster capturing action.

One of the later games was released for the Game Boy Advance, but was never released outside of Japan. We'll be playing that one.

So Let's Play Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Hearts!

Oregon Trail? Really?

Kind of. The main character, Kiefer, doesn't do any actual fighting. He basically directs others from a wagon, around which the bulk of the game is centered. No dysentery, no fording, but we can still run out of rations and die of starvation!

Kiefer? That sounds fairly familiar...

Kiefer was also in another Dragon Quest game - Dragon Warrior 7. You might recognize him from there. There are a few more cameos scattered throughout, since this is a Dragon Quest game.

What will you be showing off?
As much of the game as I can! Tidbits of monster lore, the core plot, the few sidequests, even some post-plot content. If we can figure out how it works. To be frank, I never completed the post-plot stuff in my previous run-throughs. But we'll give it the ol' college try!

So, we'll be capturing monsters and whatnot just like Pokemon, eh? Sweet! Name one 'Dongs'!

Sadly, the monster mechanic isn't capturing them in this game, unlike the rest of the series. It's actually the much more metal ripping out their heart and soul, then giving them to your own monsters for power , which we won't be able to do for a bit. And it'll also be some time before we can start renaming things (dammit), but when we can, we will.

So what can we vote on?

Eventually, we'll be able to start votes on party makeup - what kind of monsters and auxilliary personnel (you'll see more details on both as the LP goes on) we want to bring along.

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