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Part 13: Praise The Sun

Last time, Euchre explored the southern half of Celeste Isle, discovering the elusive Metal Slime and finding the door leading to what is probably Celeste Shrine.

Music: Island

This time, Euchre will be heading through that door and finding out just what is behind it.

Music: Seeking Treasure

To begin with there's the same hallway that's been in every shrine so far. Again, there's nothing in it, so the only option is to head through the door in front of Euchre.

Immediately we're treated to a cutscene showing one of the gimmicks of this dungeon...

...arbitrary gates blocking progress through the place! There are a large number of these throughout the dungeon, and the vast majority are closed the first time that Euchre comes to them.

The aesthetics of the place are pretty unique, at least, with these smiling moai heads everywhere. Sadly they don't do anything mechanically. The whole dungeon is in the shape of a circle, with Euchre currently residing right at the south end. The way to the left is cut off by a gate, but how about the right?

Thankfully it's not blocked, but there is another gate of the same type leading further into the circle. It's also closed, so Euchre's not getting through right now.

Further along there's a gap in the wall large enough to see into. That glowing orange object on the pedestal is sure to be in no way important.

Press the button?

The final thing along this path, right at the end, is this button. Who wouldn't push it?

Euchre presses the button.

It opens up both those gates that Euchre passed by earlier. That was relatively painless, wasn't it?

Past that first gate that was left of the entrance is where the encounters start - the only monsters that appear right now are Lesser Demons, which could also be found outside at night.

It's not long before Euchre comes across another locked gate, though this one has a different design. It leads further into the circle, and there seems to be a plate of some description on the other side. Perhaps it can't be opened from this side?

Regardless of that, at the end of the path there's a brown chest. The potential treasures in this one probably aren't all that great if this is anything to go by.

Backtracking to the other recently opened gate, Euchre comes across a crossroads. The doorway to the right leads to a tiny room containing nothing...

...and the door in front is locked.

That would make the only way forwards the stairway up.

This immediately leads to another crossroads. I know for a fact that turning left leads to progress, so the right seems like a more sensible choice. There's also a small section past the wall immediately in front of Euchre, but it also contains nothing.

Going right leads Euchre past this large chasm. It's impossible to fall in, even in places where the railing has crumbled, since that would skip large portions of the dungeon. Oh well.

There's a never-before-seen monster guarding whatever's down this path, though. What's the chance that it'll be more valuable than whatever it's guarding?

Music: Monster Battle

Wrecktors are absolutely priority targets. They only have one ability as far as I can tell, but it's a really mean one.

Remember when those Lump Mages back on Palaish Isle cast Zing? Well, this is the improved version.

Instead of a chance of bringing an ally back to life with half their maximum HP, Kazing is a guaranteed revival with full HP. If Wrecktors don't get taken out in rapid succession it's possible to end up in a loop of Kazing use until they run out of MP. They can also bring back more dangerous monsters, giving everything else in their group extra staying power until they're taken out.

Music: Seeking Treasure

Scouting one is a bit of a pain due to being unable to permanently get rid of any additional monsters in the battle, but this one joins up without too much trouble.

At the end of the path guarded by Wrecktors is a red chest containing a Seed of Wisdom. This is probably the worst of the Seeds, so Wrecktors are almost certainly more valuable. Who'd have thought?

Back at the last junction, heading left instead of right leads to this chamber containing what appears to be a mirror.

This is one of the talking mirrors that we heard about back at the scoutpost. They're actually monsters called Devil Glasses, but they're not available to use for whatever reason.

Have you come to see the Temple of the Sun? A shrine? Perhaps you mean the old ruins on the little island?

As it turns out this isn't the location of Celeste Shrine, which is unfortunate. Based on what was said at the scoutpost, though, there's probably a way to get from here to there.

The Great Looking Glass is at the top of these ruins. To reach him, you will have to go through the Temple of the Moon.

This is the secondary gimmick of this dungeon - the dual temples. The Temple of the Moon is a mirror image of the Temple of the Sun in terms of basic architecture, although the route through each is noticeably different. There's no way forwards other than by warping there, so Euchre accepts the mirror's offer...

...and immediately the screen starts spiralling as Euchre teleports to the Temple of the Moon.

Once there, the main aesthetic difference between the two is made obvious: while the Temple of the Sun was decorated purely in reddish tones, the Temple of the Moon is bluish.

Right behind Euchre is a second Devil Glass, who has something a little different to say.

If you wish to reach the temple's upper levels, you should continue on your way.

As this guy says, there's no reason to go back. Turning down the offer is the only sensible thing to do right now.

Yes, I understand. Some people just don't like to be warped.

The next thing for Euchre to do is to have a look at the equivalent of that empty room on this floor of the Temple of the Sun.

Sure enough, there's a chest here, and its contents aren't bad either. Despite the Temple of the Moon being a mirror image of the Temple of the Sun, there are a few treasure chests in different locations.

The chasm is a constant, at least, and the area on the other side is similar too. Both have a single intact staircase, and they're the same one when viewed as mirror images.

The equivalent to the Wrecktor section has a gate blocking it, too, stopping Euchre from fighting the monster on the other side as well as preventing access to whatever else is in there.

The only option, then, is to head downstairs and see what's changed on the ground floor.

As was demonstrated on the first floor, the monsters change between the temples. Let's have a look at this one, shall we?

Music: Monster Battle

It turns out to be a familiar face: the Hacksaurus! Remember when Euchre saw one of these from a distance way back at CELL HQ? It's possible for him to get one of his own now.

First, though, he'll have to weather the storm of damage that is Thunderbolt Slash. Being a second-tier elemental slash it comes with 150% of normal attack damage on top of its Zap-elemental effects. Hacksauruses aren't slouches with their attack stats, either.

Music: Seeking Treasure

Team Euchre is probably a little bit overpowered right now, though, so they shrug this sort of thing off easily.

The same door is in the way behind Euchre as the one in the Temple of the Sun, so the only way forward is through this convenient hole in the wall.

Heading right from here leads to the very same window as the one in the other temple, down to the same sort of item within the room.

Again, just like the Temple of the Sun, there's something at the end of this path. This time, instead of a large button, there's a brown chest with a pretty good payout. Something else that's different about this place compared to its counterpart is the design of the moais - they have sad faces instead of happy ones. They're still just an aesthetic thing, though.

Music: Monster Battle

Going back along the path results in Euchre facing off against a Gryphon. These guys can't be found wandering around, and only appear in battles with other monsters. They've not got much going for them.

Their only trick is Kafizzle, making them decently annoying, but Li'l Green is immune so I don't care.

Music: Seeking Treasure

Wildcard is still vulnerable to it, but he got his Oomph off just in time to easily scout this one.

Right at the other end of the hallway to that brown chest from before is another gate blocking Euchre's way. Presumably he'll have to find a blue button to open these.

Heading back to the middle of those two locations, though, results in Euchre finding a way into the inner circle once more, but this time on the eastern side.

Inside is a similar gate to the one from the Temple of the Sun's ground floor, but this time the pressure plate is on Euchre's side (though it's obscured by the text box).

Sadly stepping on it does nothing. Perhaps something else needs to be activated first.

The only other option is the stairs in the southern part of this room.

They lead to the far side of the first floor's chasm, as well as a treasure chest in plain sight.

Despite the stairs to the left being well and truly wrecked the right staircase is still fine. Again, it's the only way forwards.

The second floor is probably the smallest of the lot, with only two rooms - this one contains some Restless Armours, which we've already seen, and the other isn't accessible right now.

What is accessible, though, is this door directly to the left of the stairs.

Music: Island

It leads outside, to the midpoint between the two temples.

As well as the doors leading to each temple there's this sun door to the south... well as this moon door to the north. Unsurprisingly they're both shut, although we've actually seen the sun door before. It's that door that wouldn't open at the highest point of the southern part of the island.

Of course, I'm not addressing the rather large elephant in there room here. That is, of course, the Great Looking Glass.

Not for 300 years have I seen the sacred beast. Know that it is my duty to send you to the holy place you seek...

Without the blessing of the sun and moon, my once shining face has become clouded. Return me to the light once more, and I shall guide you to your destination.

Well, that was decidedly unhelpful. Maybe if Euchre heads over to the Temple of the Sun through that huge red door he'll find one of those so-called blessings.

It's surprisingly ornate for a simple door. Back inside we go!

Music: Seeking Treasure

This being the a mirror image of the Temple of the Moon there are also two rooms on the top floor of the Temple of the Sun. The more pressing issue, though is that there's a new monster here.

Music: Monster Battle

Skeleton Soldiers are rather surprising monsters. Based on their appearance you might think they have some Whack spells, maybe some Zam-related abilities, but that's not the case.

They are, in fact, healers! They're a bit of a step up from the last healer monster that Euchre met in the wild, since Midheal isn't completely worthless right now.

They've also got Buff to make their healing duties easier. Magic and breath attacks bypass Buff, though, so those are the best options for taking care of them.

Music: Seeking Treasure

I have no idea why Skeleton Soldiers are what they are, but I'm certainly not complaining. As it is they're pretty easy to take down.

The other room on this floor isn't blocked off like the one in the Temple of the Moon, so it's simple to get into. All there is inside is this lever, and pulling it is a no-brainer.

It opens that closed door all the way back on the ground floor, letting us see just what's on the other side. Unsurprisingly it's that room that we could see into earlier, but now we've got a better view of the object on the pedestal.

Behold! The answer lies at your feet. The lights will guide you on your path.

I don't think this voice is ever attributed to anyone, and it disappears again after this dungeon, so this is essentially the game talking directly to the player.

Whatever it is, these lights have appeared on the ground. It's probably best to follow them, just like the voice said.

They go down the stairs...

...past a chest with an itemised Multiheal...

...down some more stairs to the ground floor... a room where a new monster should have spawned but didn't...

...past a brown chest...

...and to one of these gates. This time, standing on the button has a different effect.

Stepping on the switch now that the lights are on opens the door, allowing Euchre to pass through. It's also nice enough to stay open.

Now Euchre's back in familiar territory, and it's only a short trek to his destination.

This part of the dungeon consists of a fair amount of backtracking, sadly, and this is only the start.

Take the tablet?

Looting priceless treasures is almost certainly part of the monster scout job description, so Euchre takes it.

A disembodied voice speaks...

If you would climb higher, follow the shining path...

Yeah, that means exactly what you think. Euchre now has to climb all the way back up to the Great Looking Glass, following the same path that he just took to get down. Of course, it's possible to go through the Temple of the Moon again, but that path is even longer. Ugh.

One nice touch, though, is that the light coming from the pedestal fades once the solar tablet is taken.

Music: Island

Quickly now. Place it upon the altar!

Back outside, the Great Looking Glass won't accept the solar tablet directly.

Instead, it has to be placed in the right altar. Not the left, though, since that's where the inevitable lunar tablet will go.

Music: None

As Euchre puts the solar tablet in its rightful place...

...a portion of the floor next to the Great Looking Glass lights up, giving it strength.

...But still it is not enough. The sun casts but half the light I need. Give me the moon!

Enter the temple on the north side of this Celeste Isle. Companion of the Incarnus, give me the blessing of the moon!

That's going to be more than a little difficult, seeing as the northern half of Celeste Isle is currently inaccessible.

Music: Island

Fortunately Euchre won't be left without a way onwards for long. The camera pans over... reveal a familiar face.

Your papa, 'e was saying, maybe you feel a leetle 'omesick, eh? Hehehe...

So ze challenge, it goes well for you, eh, my leetle chum?

Quickly, take zis letter.

Euchre reads the orders.

That...doesn't sound good. Isn't Commissioner Snap one of the best scouts in all of Green Bays?

(shrug) It is long in ze past, but we should not underestimate zis Snap man. And you 'ad best move quickly - zere is no time to dawdle. No funny stuffs, either!

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what zat might be... I will only say zat maybe it is something zat will 'elp you win ze challenge.

Now, I must fly like ze wind, and bid you adieu!

And with that, Black Jacques disappears. Presumably he used a Chimaera Wing or something similar to leave, although he could also have gone back through the door to the Temple of the Moon. Either way, he's gone now.

That man works for your father!? ...There is more to you than meets the eye, it seems. But never mind that now. We each have our secrets.

This time, I shall accompany you on YOUR mission.

Who would have expected CELL to show up now? Fighting Commissioner Snap will certainly be a challenge, even with Euchre's overpowered team. In any case, that's enough for this update. Next time, Euchre will be attempting to beat Commissioner Snap at his own game and maybe even picking up that reward that was mentioned.

Extra: The Monster Library

Before anyone asks, yes, I'll be getting that monster that I missed on the revisit to the twin temples.


Hacksauruses have the Skills Dragon Lore and Attack Boost when scouted and just Dragon Lore when synthesised. They have the Trait Critical Massacre and are immune to confusion.

Dragon Lore is the same as it was on Green Dragon back in Part 9.


Gryphons have the Skills Antimagic and Drain Magic Ward when scouted and just Antimagic when synthesised. They have no Traits and are immune to Fizzle.

Antimagic is a two-tiered Skill. Antimagic only requires 75 Skill Points to reach the cap, whereas Antimagic II requires the full 100. The two share some abilities: Magic Frailty, Magic Barrier, Stupefying Strike, Bounce, Dim Guard and Fizzle Guard. Antimagic's unique abilities are Dim, Ping and Fizzle, whereas Antimagic II has the Ka- variants of those spells. Overall it's an alright Skill, although its usefulness is greatly diminished against an enemy who doesn't use magic. If you want to use this Skill it's probably best to get a magic-oriented monster to benefit from the buffs and debuffs this Skill provides.

Drain Magic Ward is the same as it was on Flyguys in Part 11.


Wrecktors have the Skills Bang & Woosh and Wisdom Boost when scouted and just Bang & Woosh when synthesised. They have the Trait Wooshmeister and are immune to Fizzle.

Bang & Woosh is the same as it was on Lump Wizards in Part 10.

Skeleton Soldier

Skeleton Soldiers have the Skills Healer and Attack Boost when scouted and just Healer when synthesised. They have no Traits, are weak to Zap and are immune to instant death and skipping their turns.

Healer was on Healslimes back in Part 5.

Extra 2: Synthesis Recipes

Hacksaurus + Undead Family = Skelegon (Rank D, scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

Skelegons will always be available on Xeroph Isle, and this recipe will actually decrease the Rank of your Hacksaurus from C to D. Don't go for this one.

Skeleton Soldier + Skeleton Soldier = Phantom Swordsman (Rank B, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

This is a very good synthesis recipe. Not because of Phantom Swordsman, which actually has an ID one lower than Skeleton Soldier, but because of what Phantom Swordsman can be synthesised into. Synthesising one of these with a Hunter Mech results in a Rank S monster. There's one other recipe for that particular monster, but the non-Hunter Mech monster that it requires is considerably harder to obtain.