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by Epicmissingno

Part 27: Wildcard

Last time, Euchre defeated Dr Snapped, hopefully thwarting his plans to make a world of monsters. This time, he'll be finishing his adventure.

Music: None

This opportunity comes but once every 300 years. Let the dark world in... ...and allow humanity to evolve into something far greater! Don't you see how wonderful it will be? I did this for humanity's sake!

You are already a denizen of the dark world, and an abomination upon this one.

But it matters not. The Mark is within me now. It will be destroyed along with me and lost forever. No matter what you do, this world will be transformed. You cannot stop it now!

Oh no! How will Wildcard get the Scout's Mark back now?

...Oh. Apparently that conflict was entirely artificial.

The ancient Mark can not be destroyed so easily.

Wildcard walks towards the Mark...

...and is enveloped in light one last time. You know what that means!

Music: Sanctuary (Variation)

Wildcard's new form is his final one: Wildcard. That's right, Wildcard is now a Wildcard. I'm sure this won't be confusing at all.

I must thank you my friend. I could not have done this without you. I shall never forget the days we fought side by side. ... Just one more time... ...I would like to fight alongside you in the scouts' challenge.

Goodbye, Wildcard...

Slowly the sun sank below the horizon, and night came. But still Wildcard did not return. Many more days and nights were to pass... But in all that time, no one ever saw Wildcard...

Music: Appearance of the Town

You should go straight to MSO headquarters. The, commissioner wants to see you.

It looks like the MSO's been busy in the last few days. They're certainly quick at appointing their new Commissioner; the last one's only been gone for two weeks or so. Anyway, Euchre has a new goal, and in tried and true fashion will be ignoring it in favour of talking to people around town. Maybe someone will have information on the new Commissioner.

Well anyway, it looks like the crisis there is over.

At least Wildcard managed to stop the Great Disaster, even if he is gone now. Hopefully people will learn their lessons about living there this time.

Newsflash! MSO announces new Commissioner! Make sure you check it out!

Well, that was unhelpful. Maybe somebody else will be able to provide information.

...but the MSO has finally named a replacement. They made an announcement just the other day. I'm not sure they picked the right person...

That's not ominous at all. I have a sneaking suspicion about who the new Commissioner's going to be, and I don't think anyone will be happy.

There's no sense beating about the bush for much longer. Into MSO HQ Euchre goes!

Music: Contest Castle

The new Commissioner want to see you. Please proceed to the commissioner's office.

And, unsurprisingly, the new Commissioner is in their office.

Oh, the excitement! Who's it going to be?

Music: None

Oh. Oh no.

Oh, don't look so shocked.

Music: Solitaire

With Old Snap gone, I was the obvious choice to succeed him. Cash and connections, darling - you'll need some if you want to play politics.

But then YOU got in the way of that. Quite annoying, it was. But I forgive you. I'm going to make some changes to the challenge - put my own personal spin on it.

It'll be WAY better than those old challenges, I can promise you that. And you're the champion, so you HAVE to compete. Hey, wait a minute - what happened to that little doggie of yours?

...You don't say? Wow, that's some pretty heavy stuff.

Hey, at least Solitaire's being understanding this time. That's definitely an improvement over what she was like before.

Remember when I told you I'd heard your name before? Well, I finally figured out where. You're that Trump's kid, aren't you? It was something Mummy said...

That's when I put two and two together! But don't worry, I won't tell anyone. (wink) Anyway. You're dismissed. I have to come up with a plan for the next challenge.

You can, like, go and pay your respects at the Scout's Stone or something. Go on then, skedaddle! And by the time you get back, the all-new challenge will be ready to go!

Music: Contest Castle

Despite buying her way into power, maybe Solitaire won't be a bad Commissioner. Only time will tell.

Music: Appearance of the Town

To spend the time before then, though, Euchre's going to have to head for Infant Isle.

Music: Title Screen (Another)

The journey there's a bit different, as Euchre reminisces...

Can it be that the scouts' accursed contest is about to begin?

Euchre? Very well. As for me, you may call me what you will.

Euchre wins the seventh Monster Scout Challenge!

I made the right decision when I chose you. We make a winning team!

Music: None

Remember back at the start of Euchre's journey, when he first visited the Scout's Stone?

It was the first place he met Wildcard. Maybe he came back here.

Or is that too much to hope for?

Euchre slowly closes his eyes...

Are you ready? Then let's go. I imagine a new challenge will be starting soon.

Remember, I never said farewell. There are many more battle ahead of us, friend - and you will ALWAYS be my master!

Music: Overture

And, well, that was Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker! I hope you enjoyed my Let's Play of this game.

Thanks should go to Yuji Horii, the creator of the series. I know I've had a lot of fun with it.

The same should be extended to Akira Toriyama. The monster designs, especially, I think are very distinctive.

And, of course, the composer. There's some really good stuff in this and the other games' soundtracks, and I implore you all to have at least a cursory listen.

And then there's the localisation department. They did a good job on this game, though I think it's a little drier on the whole than some of the others. Still, it's good to see they're doing their jobs!

I'm not bitter about getting none of the Monsters 3DS games. Not at all.

As for my own opinion of this game, I think it's a pretty fun monster-collecting game bogged down by some weird design decisions and pacing issues. Still, it's well worth a try, and the sequel fixes a decent amount of the problems with this game.

Anyway, that's all there is in the main story of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Next time, Euchre will be starting the postgame!