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Part 29: Postgame Chapter 2: Euchre The Librarian

Last time, Euchre was given a task by Solitaire: complete the Advanced Monster Scout Proficiency Test and achieve Rank X in the arena in order to face her.

This time, he'll be making a start on the former of those objectives. To that end, he's going to be filling up his monster library with all the generic synthesis monsters that he hasn't gotten yet. This update will basically be an extended look at the monster library because of that, so feel free to skip ahead to near the end if you don't like that sort of thing.

Music: Scoutpost

By opening up the pause menu, we can see how many different monsters Euchre has obtained in total, and how many of each family. I'll be going through the monster library in order, which means each family will be finished off before moving on to the next. For some reason the monster library is primarily sorted by family instead of ID, and it's incredibly annoying for manipulating generic synthesis.

Let's begin, shall we? The first monster family we'll be going through is the Slimes. She-slime is probably the best candidate to start with in this case, and anything paired with it below its ID will make the target monster.

It's a Drake Slime! I won't be detailing what Skills are inherited for monsters obtained here, since Euchre won't actually be using them.

Drake Slimes get the Skill Slimer when synthesised and cannot be scouted. They have the Trait Artful Dodger and are immune to Fire Breath and Ice Breath.

Slimer was first found on Slimes back in Part 2.

Next up, we have a Shell Slime. I didn't record it being synthesised, but the recipe is simple enough: the Drake Slime Euchre just got, plus anything below its ID.

Snail Slimes have Mage Aid as their Skill, can't be scouted, and have no Traits. They're also immune to Dazzle.

Mage Aid is a new Skill! This one in particular is all about providing support to magic-focused monsters, as the name might suggest. This is primarily through the use of Drain Magic, combined with Share Magic and Give Magic. The latter two abilities give either half or all the user's MP to another monster, depending on which one is used. Accelerate and Ping are the buffs of choice here, and only appear in their single-target forms. Then there's Fizzle and Kafizzle to shut down other casters, as well as Magic Drain Guard and Dim Guard to cut down on any problems that might shut down the Skill. Overall this is a nice Skill to have if you're planning on bringing along a magic-hungry monster, and it's definitely good at what it sets out to do.

The third monster that Euchre will be getting today is one above the Snail Slime in the Slime hierarchy. It's the same method as usual for synthesising it: a Snail Slime, plus anything below its ID.

I'm not a big fan of the design of Wild Slimes, but they're a necessary step on the way to total monster domination.

They've got Champion as their Skill, Psycho as their Trait, and are immune to Sag. That's about it for what they've got going for them.

As for Champion, it's a Skill for those that want to do lots of physical damage. Double-edged Slash, Double Up and Hatchet Man are the good offensive abilities here, while Body Slam is unfortunately also present. Oomph and Oomphle are very nice for increasing damage, of course, and Meditation is mostly unnecessary if you've got a halfway decent healer. Sap Guard is nice for offsetting the increased damage you'll be taking from this, just in case opponents decide to go for that strategy, but by no means essential. This Skill is also not half bad, despite Body Slam being awful as usual.

After all that, Euchre's trading in the Wild Slime for a more impressive model. The standard method for going up in Rank applies.

The result is something I thought would have been obtained far earlier: a Slime Knight! Euchre's keeping this one for later, for obvious reasons.

Along with the somewhat interesting Slime trivia, Slime Knights have the Skill White Knight and the Trait Counterstriker, and are immune to Confusion.

White Knight is a Skill that enables Slime Knights to leap to the defence of people they don't know on the internet.

...Wait, that's wrong. White Knight is actually a Skill that specialises in Zap-elemental attacks. It's got Zap and Zapple for offensive spells, and Sacred Slash and Hallowed Slash for Zap-elemental physical attacks. Dazzleflash is here for flavour reasons and is okay, I guess. Then there's Baffling Bonk, which is good, and Stupefying Slash, which is less so. Zap Guard is here too, and it's not bad but not particularly good either. Overall this Skill is pretty unfocused, and I would suggest giving it a miss. There aren't any really good abilities here, but on the plus side there aren't any egregiously bad ones.

For my next trick, I'll be having Euchre skip a few rungs on the Slime family ladder and go straight to the monster after King Slimes.

Cureslimes are the go-to healer if you can't be bothered to wait for a King Cureslime. They're pretty decent! Or they would be at the time they were first available. Now they're hilariously outdated.

These guys, like their palette swaps, get Healer as their Skill and Health Professional as their Trait. They're immune to Whack and Fizzle, which is pretty nice based on their intended role in the party.

Healer was first on Healslimes back in Part 5.

With that, that's all the Slimes it's possible to get through generic synthesis. Euchre's already got all the high-end generic Slimes, so those aren't necessary. It's time to move on to the Dragon family.

The result of this one is a Snapdragon, a palette swap of the Dragonthorn.

Their uninteresting description belies an uninteresting set of abilities. Their Skill, Frizz & Woosh, is of a very standard archetype, their Trait, Artful Dodger, is incredibly common, and they're weak to Frizz and immune to Confusion.

Frizz & Woosh is a new Skill, but it might as well be an old one. It's another dual-element Skill, so that means it has three tiers and only the highest is really worth mentioning. As such, Frizz & Woosh III has Kaswoosh, Kaswooshle, Kafrizz and Kafrizzle for spells, as well as Gale Slash and Inferno Slash for physical attacks. There's also the standard defensive passives of Frizz Guard and Woosh Guard. This incarnation of the Skill is pretty good if you like the high damage variance of Woosh spells, and it's nice enough to come with both single- and multi-target damage types.

Next is the Dragon above Tyrantosaurus. Again, Slimes are the way to go here, though anything with a low ID should work.

The result? An Abyss Diver, the Seasaur's palette swap. Something interesting about it is that it levels up incredibly quickly compared to other monsters of its Rank, as I found out when using it in my practice run through the game.

Abyss Divers have the Skill Crack & Zap, the Trait Artful Dodger and an immunity to Sleep.

As for Crack & Zap, take what I said for Frizz & Woosh and apply it to these elements except the part about high damage variance. It's just as viable as that Skill.

That Abyss Diver isn't going to be lasting very long, because it's going straight towards the next Dragon on the list.

That just so happens to be a Megalodon, which has the honour of being so long that when rotated 90 degrees it won't fully fit on the screen. Hence the name I've given it.

Megalodons have the Skill Breath, and the Traits Artful Dodger (again) and Magic Regenerator. That second one should be new, and it's insanely powerful: it gives the user 10% of their MP back every turn. They're also immune to Fizzle, further complementing their usefulness as mages.

As for Breath, it was on Great Argon Lizards back in Part 16.

Megalodon is next on the list to be synthesised away. Again, the strategy for ranking up monsters is to synthesise them with something weak.

A Drakularge is the result, and it's the last one in this particular synthesis chain.

Drakularges have the Skill Boom Boxer and have no Traits, but are immune to Bang and Whack.

Boom Boxer is new, and is there for Bang-element attacks. There's Bang and Boom, but there's also Bomb Slash and Blast Slash. Slowing Slug is there too, and it's pretty useful. One-on-One, though, is much more questionable and drags down the whole Skill. War Cry is somewhat decent utility, and Bang Guard is actually pretty helpful given how common Bang is. Overall, though, this is not a great Skill by any stretch of the imagination. One-on-One is just so horrible, and you've always got it looming over you should you let the AI take control in, say, the arena.

We're not quite done with Dragons yet, but this is the last one. Again, just mix a Seasaur with basically anything.

A Red Dragon is the result. These things aren't actually called Red Dragons any more! They're called Dread Dragons instead.

Red Dragons get the Skill Seal and the Trait Magic Regenerator. They're impervious to both Fire Breath and Fizzle.

Seal was on Winkies back in Part 4.

After finishing off the Dragon family, it's time to move onto Nature. The monster we're going for is actually only the second monster in that family, so it might be difficult to find a monster with a low enough ID to count for this sort of recipe. Thankfully, Slimes are really easy to get, have an ID of 1 and live close to my chosen grinding spot: Fert Isle.

This monster is a Wild Boarfish. It's basically just there to fill the monster library, since you generally have to go out of your way to use one.

Anyway, Wild Boarfish have the Skill Huntsman and the Trait Artful Dodger. They're immune to Drain Magic and healed by Water.

Huntsman was first on Hammerhoods back in Part 7.

Next is the monster after Hell Hornets.

This just so happens to be an Eveel. More filler! More!

Eveels have Hypnotist for their Skill, Artful Dodger and Poisoner for their Traits, and are healed by water and immune to Poison.

Hypnotist was on Lips monsters back in Part 3.

The Eveel will, of course, be immediately thrown away in favour of the next step up.

This is a Bullfinch. It's a good pun and I like its design.

These guys get the Skill Toughie and the Trait Counterstriker. For once, they're actually weak to a status ailment - Sleep - and are immune to Sag.

Meanwhile, we've seen Toughie before. It was on Jargons in Part 18.

Let's skip a few Nature monsters, and go to the monster after Hades Condor.

This is a Treeface, and according to the monster library it can be found in the wild on Fert Isle. Oops. Euchre will need to scout one eventually, because it has a Ward Skill he hasn't got yet, but we might as well go over it here.

Treefaces have the Skill Green Finger when synthesised and gain Earth Ward on top of that when scouted. They have the Trait Steady Recovery and are weak to Frizz.

Green Finger was on Stump Chumps in Part 4.

Earth Ward is new, and it's your standard Ward Skill. +10 to Attack, Maximum HP and Maximum MP, as well as +15 to Defence are the stat-ups here, and while Magic Miser and Magic Scrooge are very helpful passives, the two Earth Guards kind of aren't. It's too rare of an element to take this over another Ward.

Anyway, speaking of monsters found on Fert Isle, the next monster that's being synthesised away is a Gorerilla.

A Yabby is the result from this. It's the highest ID generic monster in the Nature family, so that's the last Euchre's going to be seeing of them for a while.

They've got the Skill Mage Aid, as well as the Trait Paralyser. It's a water-dwelling monster, so it's healed by Water, but it's also immune to Confusion.

Mage Aid was on Snail Slimes earlier in this very update.

After the Nature family, it's time to move on to Beasts. Chainine is the first candidate for synthesis.

This combination of monsters produces an Orc. For being a boss fight, these guys aren't very hard to get.

Orcs get the Skill Speedster, and don't get any Traits. Interestingly, despite being a boss fight, they're not immune to Whack. They are immune to Sleep, however.

Speedster was on Jumping Jackals in Part 11.

A Night Emperor is next up.

Out of this synthesis comes a Weartiger. We've seen these before, too, just not in battle. Unless you count Tryger's role during the finals, of course.

Weartigers get the Skill Boom Boxer as well as the Trait Critical Massacre. They're immune to Fizzle, too.

Boom Boxer was on Drakularges earlier in this very update.

The final unobtained Beast family monster is obtained through synthesis using a Bodkin Archer.

This Merman will be somewhat important later, but for now it'll just be gathering dust in storage.

Mermen have the Skill Aquapothecary and no Trait, but they are healed by Water and immune to Dazzle.

Aquapothecary was on Khalamari Kids in Part 8.

Moving on to the Material family, my chosen method to get the next monster on the list is to synthesise using a Wax Murderer.

A Rockbomb results from this particular combination. While not as much as Slimes, these things are fairly iconic for the series and tend to have rather explosive personalities.

Martyr is an excellent choice of Skill for Rockbombs, since they like exploding so much. They don't have any Traits, but are immune to Whack.

Martyr was found on Nardragons back in Part 12.

Next, it's time to synthesise away the Rockbomb Euchre just got. It's safest to dispose of high explosives quickly, after all.

Gold Golems are another of those monsters that appear in the wild without my knowledge. Apparently they rarely appear in Palaish Shrine.

Gold Golems have the Skill Iceplosion Slashes, and probably get Defence Boost on top of that when scouted. That seems to be the pattern for Material monsters, at least. As for their other characteristics, they're the same as normal Golems: the Trait Psycho, a Sleep weakness and an immunity to Whack.

Iceplosion Slashes is a new Skill, and it's very simple. It teaches Frost Slash, Blizzard Slash, Bomb Slash and Blast Slash. As for the abilities it gives that aren't immediately obvious from its name, they're Hallowed Slash, Sacred Slash and Metal Slash. Slashes all around! This is overall a solid Skill, though it might be a little bit over-centralised. Of course, it's not the best Skill available for that, but the one I'm thinking of that's basically just better is kind of difficult to obtain.

Dingaling is the next monster to be improved.

Puppeteers are cool because they have these cute little monster puppets that they use to act out various things. Sadly it's a little difficult to see sometimes with the DS's low quality models. The puppets they have be default are a Slime and a Lump Mage (which doesn't even appear in this game, just its palette swap), but they're swapped out for a Golem and Dracky for some animations.

Anyway, that's beside the point. Puppeteers have the Skill All-Rounder and no Traits. They're immune to Sleep.

All-Rounder was on King Kelps back in Part 8.

The Puppeteer is the next monster to be synthesised away.

The result is Jum, one of four gimmicky monsters that can all be synthesised together via grandparent synthesis. The result, as well as the other three, won't be coming up today, since they all depend on recipes.

Jums' chosen Skill is Defender, but they have no Traits. Like Puppeteers, their only immunity is to Sleep.

Defender was on Komodos way back in Part 5.

The next synthesis doesn't feature Slimes, which is pretty surprising. Euchre hasn't got Golem, the second-highest ID generic monster in the Material family, right now. This means that the best option is a Wailin' Weed plus any Material family monster.

A Living Statue is produced from this union of palette swaps. There isn't much to be said about it, so let's move onto the monster library entry.

Living Statues get the Skill Barricade and the Trait Critical Massacre. They're also immune to Sleep and Whack.

Barricade is an undeniably defensive Skill. Kabuff is always nice for physical attacks, of course, and Blowback and Brake Wind are there to deal with breath as well as Bounce for magic. Defending Champion is basically just Defend but with even more damage mitigation, so it's pretty solid. Clang isn't all that great, but it's situationally useful. Finally there's Mist Me, Counter and Sap Guard. Counter is stupidly expensive in terms of MP, but the others are pretty good. Overall this is a solid Skill if you want to tank.

That's all there is to do for the Material family. Next up, Demons! It's a shame that Euchre has to synthesise this Archdemon away, really, but it's the closest monster to the target.

Jamirus, a sort-of-major villain from Dragon Quest 6, is the result. I don't know why he's a generic monster here, but it is what it is. At least he's Rank A.

Jamiruses have the Skill Frizz & Woosh and the Trait Double Trouble. They're immune to Whack and Fizzle, but weak to Inaction (War Cry, Sultry Dance etc).

Frizz & Woosh is another one of those Skills that we've seen in this update. More specifically, Snapdragons have it.

Believe it or not, that's the last Demon family monster needed. Now there's just the Undead family left to deal with. The first unobtained monster is right after Soulspawn, so that's Euchre's starting point.

Stark Ravens don't look like they're Undead monsters, but they are anyway. There's always one.

They've got Bird Brain for their Skill and Artful Dodger for their Trait. Since they're apparently undead, they're immune to Whack. You can't kill what's already dead, after all!

Mecha-Mynahs were the first to sport Bird Brain, back in Part 12.

And now it's time for the last monster left that can be gotten through generic synthesis. It can be obtained by synthesising using a Wailin' Weed and literally any other monster.

A Tortured Soul is the result. We've seen it before, in the final battle with Dr Snapped, but other than that it's unremarkable.

Cursader is the Skill of the day, and Poisoner is the Trait. They've got the fairly standard Undead Whack immunity, as well as immunity to Sleep, but are also weak to Zap.

Cursader is a Zam-focused Skill, and it's actually shared between Tortured Soul and Ace of Spades, of all monsters. As such, it's got some very good abilities: Zammle, Shade Slash and Kazam are powerful offensive abilities, though the lack of Kazammle hurts the Skill a bit. Wave of Panic and Disruptive Wave are great support abilities, and Whack and Thwack are excellent encounter-clearing spells. Then there's Whack Guard and Zam Guard, the latter of which is especially nice to have for, say, the fights against Ace of Spades or Dr Snapped. Overall, this is a very strong Skill to have.

Tortured Soul may have been the last monster available through generic synthesis, but it's not the last monster Euchre's going to be synthesising.

Wildcard will be a Diamagon Ace for the majority of the postgame, since that was voted for by the thread. Might as well go over what it's got going for it while it's here.

Diamagon Ace gets the Skill Diamagon III, which should be fairly obvious through simple pattern recognition. Other than that, he gets two Traits, Psycho and Steady Recovery, is immune to Whack, Poison and Confusion, is healed by Water, and is weak to Lightning.

Diamagon III is a Skill that specialises in magic. It's got Crackle, Kacrack, Boom and Kaboom in terms of offensive spells, Dazzleflash and Disruptive Wave as support, and Gigaslash as a damaging ability that I think scales with level. The main downside of this Skill is that it comes with Magic Burst, which is kind of awful. It might be good for nuking teams before they can do anything in multiplayer, but otherwise its uses are extremely limited. Using up all of your MP tends to do that. Since it comes last in the Skill, though, it can be skipped entirely and save 30 skill points in the process, which is probably the best option. Overall, this Skill has potential for a magic-focused Incarnus. Just don't go anywhere near Magic Burst.

And, with that, that's every monster that's going to be synthesised today. That certainly took a while.

Music: Contest Castle

It's not the last monster Euchre's going to be getting this update, though. With all the new Skills, he managed to just about pass 100. That means a reward!

It's well worth it, too - a Metal King Slime is not something to be given out lightly. One of these is equivalent to eight Metal Slimes, or four Liquid Metal Slimes!

Oh, and this is the requirement for the next reward. The correct response to this is "piss off, I'm not doing that", but I'm contractually obligated to do the opposite...eventually.

Anyway, Metal King Slimes. They all get Bang & Crack, but this one and wild ones get Agility Boost too. They've also got the standard Metal Slime tricks of having Metal Body and Escape Artist, as well as being Practically Invincible.

Bang & Crack was found on Great Drackies back in Part 15.

Music: Island

Now it's time to actually get started on the Advanced Monster Scout Proficiency Test. I promise it was worth doing all that synthesis to get here. If you'll recall, the first monster Scoutmaster Shuffles needed was pretty obviously a Slime Knight, which Euchre now has.

What green-coloured slime likes to think it's a courageous steed, night OR day? Why, a Slime Knight, of course! This is your prize - an Elfin Elixir.

This is only a slight improvement over buying one of these - a saving of 260 gold pieces, in fact - but the real reward is being able to move on with the test. Speaking of which...

...the next question costs only 100 gold pieces more than the first. This needs to be done eventually, so Euchre will be paying up immediately.

Bring me a hot-tempered monster that needs a spittoon! Think of what kind of hot-tempered monster would need a spittoon - if you know what a spittoon is!

This one's a bit harder, since spittoons have very little to do with the monster in question if taken on face value other than having similar-sounding names. You kind of have to look at the monster's animations.

Hmph. What are you looking at me like that for? You've never heard of a spittoon? Well, I didn't say it would be easy! This is your prize - a phial of Yggdrasil Dew.

This is basically just a filler reward, sadly. On to the next question!

Again, the price goes up by 100 gold pieces. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

This one's a gift! First, fill in the blank: "------ Quest is my favourite RPG!" Now, bring me one of those! Specifically, I want the GREEN one...

He's right, you know; this one's easy. Good thing Euchre didn't use up that Green Dragon from Palaish Shrine, otherwise he'd have to synthesise another.

I mean, there's no such thing as Bubble Slime Quest! This is your prize - a Gold Nugget!

Gold Nuggets may just be vendor trash, but at least it means that Euchre will be turning a profit from this question.

There's definitely a pattern here with these prices.

I don't want just any "G-rate" monster, I want you to bring me a monster that's better than good. Now don't let my question "grate" on your nerves too much. Just bring me the monster I desire.

This is a bit of a weird one. The monster that Shuffles is asking for isn't just one thing; Euchre can, in fact, bring any monster with "great" in its name. That means Great Sabrecat, Great Sabrecub, Great Dracky, and Great Argon Lizard all qualify. Euchre's going to be using a Great Dragon, though.

Now that problem was better than good, wasn't it!? Heh heh heh! This is your prize - a Sage's Staff.

The Sage's Staff is, I think, the second-strongest staff in the game, and it gives a hefty bonus to Wisdom, too. Poppet will appreciate this.

Next is question 5. Euchre's really getting through these quickly, isn't he?

Fetch me a "manly" monster! To figure out the type of monster I want, you'll have to look closely at the species name. If you look hard enough, I'm sure you'll see what I mean by "manly". It's right in front of you!

This is another question that depends on the name of the monster in question. Any monster with the word "man" in its name counts for this, so Merman, Mud Mannequin and Phantom Swordsman can all be used, as well as a monster we haven't seen yet, Anchorman are all perfectly valid options. Euchre's going to be putting his new Merman to good use for this one.

In short, I was looking for a monster with "man" in its name! So your MerMAN is perfect! This is your prize - a Scourge Whip.

Again, this is a particularly strong example of its weapon type, although it's not quite the best one. On a slightly different note, I wonder how this question, as well as the previous one, work in other languages. Maybe they're just completely different questions.

The price is steadily going up, but Euchre's halfway there now.

The monster I seek was meant to stand on a pedestal... ...but it prefers to spend its whole life stomping around, with the same stony expression on its face.

This question requires another monster that Euchre only got earlier in this update: a Living Statue. There isn't really anything to say about this one, to be honest.

What other stony-faced monster was meant to stand on a pedestal... ...but now stomps around wherever it pleases? This is your prize - a Sage's Scroll.

This prize brings me to a bit of information that I wasn't aware of before now: the Skill scroll shop on Domus Isle has a random inventory. Apparently, if Euchre were to buy all of the scrolls sold there, the place would restock with a selection of four scrolls chosen from a list of six: the Warrior's Scroll, Priest's Scroll, Mage's Scroll, Martial Artist's Scroll, Sage's Scroll and Thief's Scroll. Otherwise, all these were prizes available from Wifi tournaments, which have long since been shut down. Getting this one for free is nice, at least, since it isn't in the current shop inventory.

Anyway, moving on to question 7.

The monster I seek is a man-eating menace that likes to think outside the box. Watch out - it's one canny little carnivore!

This is another fairly straightforward one. Shuffles is looking for a Cannibox this time. The other mimic monsters won't work, sadly.

Why, a Cannibox, of course! You're sharper than you look, young man. This is your prize - a Hero Spear.

The Hero Spear is just another strong weapon. It's not the strongest by any means, but it's definitely up there.

Question 8 is next, and the pricing scheme is still entirely predictable.

The ghoulish ghost that I seek may have a grin on its bony face, but it really is a very unhappy soul. Just think about it... Sad souls whose bony grins hide the torture within...

Again, the exact wording of this one gives the game away. The answer is not just any undead, but a Tortured Soul.

Yes, yes. It could be none other than a skull-faced tortured soul. ...Although, names are deceiving. Some of them can be quite good company... This is your prize - a Dragon Slayer.

Dragon Slayers are swords which do lots of damage to Dragons and are pretty strong in their own right. They're only the fourth or so strongest sword, though.

There are only two questions left, and this one is actually a little tricky if you don't know what you're doing.

The many-armed demon I seek wears a skull around its neck. It's MAL-evolent, it's WRATH-ful - and, er, it has wings too!

Euchre's had this one in his team for some time. It's Malroth, otherwise known as Sidoh! This is the only monster required for the test that needs a recipe, but thankfully a recipe for it is given out in this very tent: mixing a Living Statue with a Demon-At-Arms.

You are a mighty scout indeed, to bring me a Rank S monster! This is your prize - a copy of "Neutral Ground".

Oh boy, one of the polarity books. At least this one's free, and objectively the best one. That's not saying much, though.

The final question is here, and the price has jumped up by 200 gold pieces this time instead of 100. What dastardly puzzle could be awaiting Euchre?

I'm sure you have fond memories of your first monster, so bring me one of that type! This is absolutely, positively the final problem. So anyway, do you remember?

Wait, that's not difficult at all! In fact, it's the easiest question on the advanced test! All the potential monsters required for this can be found on this very island, and there are only three anyway so it's easy to guess. Thankfully, we know that Euchre's first monster was a Platypunk.

But surely you must know. So I suppose you're correct! Here's your prize - a pair of amazingly durable Orichalcum Claws. Couldn't blunt 'em if you tried!

Orichalcum Claws are the strongest set of claws in the game, and one of the strongest of any type. It's only beaten in terms of sheer power by three weapons, in fact.

...and, sadly, my Advanced Monster Scout Proficiency Test is over. On a more positive note, you've fulfilled one of the two conditions for entry into Solitiare's Challenge. Aye, you did very well indeed. Those problems were not at all easy! It's been an honour to meet a scout of your calibre!

And, with that, the Advance Monster Scout Proficiency Test is over. Next time, Euchre's team will be completing the Xeroph Isle arena and earning the right to battle Solitaire.

Extra: Synthesis Recipes

With the sheer number of new monsters Euchre got in this update, this is going to take a while. Hope you like text!

Wild Slime + Buffalogre = Mohawker (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

It's another Mohawker recipe! This one isn't quite as useful as the one involving a Great Sabrecat due to the intermediate steps, but it's still perfectly valid.

Slime Knight + Skelegon = Demonrider (Rank E, scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

Don't. Just don't. Demonriders are incredibly easy to find in the wild, so just get one from Xeroph Isle instead of using this rubbish.

Drakularge + Golem = Gold Golem (Rank D, scoutable, available through generic synthesis)

Again, don't. Gold Golems are far below either of their component monsters in terms of Rank. Get one through another method if you really want one.

Drakularge + Boss Troll = Night Clubber (Rank S, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

This is a good recipe for getting a Night Clubber if you don't want to faff around with uncharted islands looking for a Frou-Frou. Drakularges aren't particularly hard to synthesise, after all.

Red Dragon + Hunter Mech = Metal Dragon (Rank C, scoutable for a limited time, not available through generic synthesis)

This is a good recipe for Metal Dragons for those who didn't get them while they were scoutable. It's probably the better recipe out of the two available, since Hunter Mechs are easy to get a hold of. Additionally, Monster Matchmaking can enable this recipe; a negative Hunter Mech is provided, and a positive Rank D Dragon family monster is required.

Red Dragon + Metal Slime Knight = Metal Dragon (Rank C, scoutable for a limited time, not available through generic synthesis)

Don't use this recipe if the other is available. Metal Slime Knights ceased being scoutable when Infern Isle changed, so it takes more work to get one. Even if you've got one spare, there are better uses for the things.

Eveel + Seasaur = Sea Dragon (Rank C, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

This is the only recipe for a Sea Dragon, so it should be done for filling up the monster library. That's about it, really, since Sea Dragons aren't used in anything themselves. It's an improvement on both its components, since both are Rank D.

Yabby + Scorpion = Scissor Beatle (Rank C, scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

Again, don't. Scissor Beatles are another monster that's easy to scout, this time on Fert Isle. It's not worth giving up a Yabby for them.

Merman + Archdemon = Gracos (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

It's difficult to say whether this or Octavian Sentry + Archdemon is the better way to get Gracos, so it's pretty much down to personal preference and which monsters you have spare.

Gold Golem + Archdemon = Belial (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

No matter how many Belial recipes we come across, the one that uses Dessert Demon will always be the best. Ignore this one in favour of that one.

Jum + Nature Family = Boe (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

Boe is an important monster to get, and this is probably the best way to do it. It's one of the gimmick monsters that go with Jum. This recipe is available through Monster Matchmaking, but it's a rip-off. A negative Jum is provided, and a positive Rank S Nature family monster is required.

Jum + Beast Family = Boh (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

This is the next gimmick monster. Again, this is the best recipe for it, and you'll probably want multiple copies eventually.

Jum + Material Family = Mum (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

And this is the third and last one. Take what I said about the others, and that's basically all there is to say about this.

Living Statue + Demon-At-Arms = Malroth (Rank S, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

Hey, it's Malroth again! This is the recipe that the game gives to you, and again, it's basically personal preference which one to use. I think this one edges the other out slightly, since Buffalogres are more generally useful than Living Statues.

Jamirus + Hades Condor = Garuda (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

This is the only way to get a Garuda, so go ahead and use this recipe. It's not used in much, but what it is used in is a good monster to have.

Jamirus + Silvapithecus = Pazuzu (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

Pazuzu's nice to have, too, though there are four different recipes that can be used to get one. This definitely isn't the worst, but I wouldn't call it the best, either. Just use a Gigantes instead of a Jamirus.

Tortured Soul + Bone Baron = Dullahan (Rank S, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

This one's currently only doable for Euchre through Monster Matchmaking, but Bone Barons are easy enough to get. There's another recipe for Dullahans, but it's not doable with Monster Matchmaking. A

Tortured Soul + King Slime = Wight King (Rank S, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

Wight Kings have two recipes with which they can be made, and this is the easier of the two. They can only be used to make one other monster, and there are other recipes for that, but it's a good idea to get them in the monster library anyway.

Metal King Slime + Beetleboy = Beetlebully (Rank S, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

This recipe is stupidly hard to do, but it's the only way to get a Beetlebully. Do it once, then forget about it for ever.

King Slime + Metal King Slime + Liquid Metal Slime + Metal Slime Knight = Metal Kaiser Slime (Rank A, not scoutable, not available through generic synthesis)

Do not use this recipe! It's an incredibly bad idea to do this, since it's a huge waste of resources. Metal Kaiser Slimes are used in a lot of things, but the other recipe for them is a massive improvement over this one.