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Part 1: Introduction

Part 0: Introduction

Ah, yeah. Wow us, Enix. Pull out all the stops.

Here it all begins. The classic screen we've seen a million times before. The familiar main menu music. It's playing in your head right now, isn't it? There's something special about a pristine RPG, with none of its save slots yet sullied...

Sorry, no, I'm not leaving the main character's name up to the thread. I'd like to get right into things, and I don't want to start the story off with a silly placeholder name. Don't worry, though, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to come up with terrible names in the future!

This is Papas. He's waiting anxiously in this throne room. And that is all the setup we get!
You know, the graphics are a nice step up from DQIV. They're really pushing the limits of what the Famicom can do. Unfortunately, this came out on the Super Famicom...

: *pacepacepace*
A servant comes down the stairs.

: What? So soon?!

: You've got yourself a beautiful baby boy!
: Such a strong voice. I can hear him crying from here!

: What a beautiful child. Listen to him... he already sounds like a little warrior!
: Hmm... Let's see... what should we name him?

: I've got it! How about... Jonas! Lazarus? Samson?
Papas likes biblical names, I guess!

That's cold, Martha. At least she let the poor man down easy, I guess.

: Simon, eh... It doesn't really have that zing to it, does it?
Fuck you, too, Papas. It's better than Judas or whatever your were trying to name the kid. ... Wait, is it too late to go back and pick Judas?

: Still... it is kind of catchy... and how can I say no to you!

I won't lie, that's a sweet cape animation.
: Simon! From this day on, your name shall be Simon!

: Martha, what is it? Are you alright?! Talk to me!!

:*Baby crying*

Next time: Gameplay!