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Part 2: Six years later

In the heartstirring introduction, we were introduced to Papas, who is the king or something of someplace or other. His beloved wife passed away giving birth to his son, who he named Simon according to her last wish instead of Noah or Ezekiel like he wanted. Simon is, presumably, the main character of the game, seeing as how it asked me to come up with a name for him.

The game picks up years after the introduction. For some reason, we aren't in a castle anymore! Surely, this will all be explained in a moment.

: What? You had a dream? From when you were a baby? And you were in some castle, you say?
: Uh, no, I said "Good morning, Dad..." What's for breakfast?

: Wa ha ha! Sleepy head! Why don't you take a little walk out in the fresh air, son. It'll help wake you up!
: OK, Dad, whatever, I'll just find something myself.

: You usually keep a granola bar or something in your sock drawer...

: Ew, green stuff. I'm not that hungry! I guess I'll go look around while dad finishes his coffee.

: A door! What in the world could be on the other side?

: Oh, right, I've been on this same boat for months. SO BORED!

: Not really, mister, but what the heck. I'll bet he'll pay more attention to me than Dad will!
: ... kind of a bummer, kid.

Into the Captain's quarters, where the captain is sharing coffee with another passenger, and some shaggy dude is hiding in the bathroom. OK!

: A long time ago, your father helped me out a lot. Listen here, boy. Listen to your father well and grow up to be as great a man as he is.
: OK, mister captain! My daddy's my hero! Even if he never listens to me.

: Yep! It's fun! Dad even made me this neat walking stick because we travel so much and he said he was tired of carrying me!

: You're a weirdo.

: Can't believe that the Captain agreed to stop by that harbor just for you two... Our Captain's too nice sometimes...

Let's finally get this poor kid some breakfast.


: Mmmphmmn? *gulp* Daddy, of course!

Our belly finally full, we head down belowdecks to see if there's anything fun to do (not really, boats are boring.)

: I don't know what it is, but I hope you find it soon.

: Your father must be really something, huh?

We wander down into the cargo hold, and spy...


: Locks are stupid.

Long story short, Simon makes some small talk with some rough, lonely sailors, and is on his way back to his dad to tell him about all the swell new curse words he learned when suddenly:

: Lower the anchor! Raise the sails!

Creepy bathroom dude gets right on that!

: Listen boy, will ya go fetch yer father up here for me?
: Yeah, he probably hasn't noticed that the boat has completely stopped moving.

: It's been over two years since I've been back to this village...
: Simon, you're probably too young to remember anything about this place though...
: Well then, let's go! Did you forget anything?
: Yeah, I wanted to ask you...


Let's go out and say goodbye to that band of unsavory buccaneers.

: Still weird, mister!

: Take care now, boy!
: After this stop, we'll be heading off for another harbor, so it's farewell for now...
: It's goodbye for now, boy, but every so often, I hope you take some time to remember me...

: Yes, Dad, I packed your drawer salad.
: Well then, Captain... farewell! Thanks for everything... And take care of yourself!

The ship sails away. So long, unwashed pirates! I miss you already!
Papas leads Simon away from the dock, and is met at the harborhouse by this dude:

: Wa ha ha! They may quarter or starve me, but no one can bump me off!
: Yeah, no one can kill my dad! ... Wait! Who's trying to kill my dad!?
: Simon... Daddy's got some business to discuss with this person. Why don't you go play by yourself for a while?
: ... No one? I guess I'll just go play in the ocean while someone tries to assassinate my only parent.

: My my, boy... but how you've grown!

: Said he was looking for something dear to him. He took a young child along with him... but...
: Ummm... I think you're talking about me and my dad. Why are you talking about me and my dad?
: What? You're that child? And Papas has just returned on that ship?! No kidding... Speak of the devil!

Finding nothing to do around the harbor, Simon gets bored and wanders off, just like his dad said not to do.

And immediately gets jumped by monsters.
: Uh... maybe if I poke them with this stick they'll go away?



: Yeah! I told you my daddy's the best! I'm gonna be just like you when I grow up, Dad!

Next time: Papas is badass and mysterious.