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Part 6: Going home

: Okay then... Chirol.
: No, I like Si...

: How about Borongo?
: You already suggested that!

: Yes, fine, anything! You don't really care what I think anyway, do you?
: Not really! Perfect! From this day on, your name is Puckle!

: Well, let's get going!

Puckle is exactly what you'd expect from a wild animal, all strength and speed and no special powers to speak of. It's not like we have to kick anyone out to make room for him, so welcome aboard!

: But who would have thought that there really would have been ghosts up there!

We did pick up a nice chunk of change from our haunted house adventure, and you know what that means?

: Mow?
: eeeeeee!

: We still have plenty of money. Hey, Bianca, remember that hairband you wanted!

: Simon! Thank you!
: Well, I... uh... ohhey I think there's a new stick over at the other store let's go.

: Worth every penny!
The boomerang, in addition to being a modest power boost, hits every enemy each time you attack. There's some diminishing returns, but in general it makes hacking through wandering monsters much quicker and easier.

: Well done... You little heroes...

: Last night, this city was buzzing all over about what you did!

: The whole town's proud of us, Simon!
: Yeah! ... But I bet my Dad never even noticed I was gone.
: He's right over there with my parents, silly!

: But Bianca... No more of this going out at night anymore, alright?
: Daytime adventures only it is, then!

: I'm standing right here, man. Suckup...

: We should start back for the village now... have you said goodbye to everyone in the city yet?
: But... Don't you... OK, Dad, let's go.
: Duncan! Thanks for your hospitality!

As Papas and Simon leave, Puckle leaves Bianca to follow him.
: Hey, what? You're supposed to be Bianca's cat! Go home, Puckle!
: You named the cat Puckle?
: I wanted to name him Sissel but she wouldn't let me...
: ... You really do take after me.

: I might not see you again for a long time... so take this... to remember me by...
: What are you talking about? Santa Rosa is only a couple hours away!
: Shut up and let me do something nice for you!

: This is... really girly.
: Yes, I know! I'll just put it on Puckle for you, okay?
: Simon... You'd better come back and adventure with me again! Promise me, okay!
: Hey, we make a good team!
: Take care, Simon...

: Yeah, Dad?
: I'm so proud of how much you've learned from your father...
: ... You mean... you really believe I beat the ghosts?
: Of course I do, son. You did a good job.
: But remember that you're still just a child and there are fiends out there much stronger than you are...
: You and me can lick any monster together, Dad!

Back to Santa Rosa...

: How was Duncan's illness? What? Oh! Just a common cold! Well, at any rate... Master Papas, while you were away, this letter came for you...
: Interesting...
: You can come with me, young master. You must be dead tired by now. Let your father take care of this while you rest, alright? We'll just put this stray cat outside...
: ... Or he can sleep in my nice clean bed with you.

After a long day, Simon heads to bed, warm with the glow of his father's approval. Also, with the giant panther cub sleeping on his head.

: I've got something to look up at home today, so don't you go wandering out of the village, alright?
: But I already did the adventure in this town! ... Oh, fine.

: Just a little off the topic, but have you seen the chopping board anywhere? How very odd. I wonder where I put it...!
: A missing chopping block? That sounds like... a forgetful servant. I'mma go for a walk.

: I've got a little something for you. Go on and look in those drawers.
: That's probably the creepiest thing anyone has ever said to me!

: Oh, hey, this isn't that bad. Puckle can wear it!

: If grandpa was so hungry, he should have just told me...
: What? I didn't eat it! That girl! Always treating me like a little child!

: Do I look like a kid that scribbles? ... Don't answer that. I should learn how to write...

: Hmm, now what you mention it, there was once a King named Papas. Of course, that man was much better looking than your father!
: Hmph! My dad's way better than any dumb king!

: How very peculiar...
: OK, something really weird is going on here.

: I wonder if it has anything to do with that weirdo that came to town yesterday...
: Mysterious weirdo, huh? I'd better investigate!

: There you are! Hey, hey you! What are you doing with everyone's stuff? You some kinda weirdo?

: May I have a little look at it?
: Uh, no.
: Ha ha ha... I'm not going to steal it... Please trust me, little one.
: Well... You do have good taste in shrouds. And your stick looks pretty sweet. And it's just a random bauble I found in a grave somewhere, so... I guess it's ok?

: It really is beautiful. Here you go, thank you.

: That's it? No running away and laughing? No miniboss fight to get it back?
: C'mon, I'm not going to steal a little kid's ball. What do you take me for?
: ... Oh, I get it. You're like my guardian angel or something, right? That's why you're dressed like me?
: Umm... no. Little boy... promise me that you'll take care of your father...
: Hey, you know my dad? Ooh! I know! I bet he saved your life once and you gave him your favorite turban shroud thing, and that's why I have to wear clothes that look like I'm hiding under a circus tent!
: ... Yeah, let's go with that one.

: Yep. Just walking around out there.
: Really? Oh my... I wonder if perhaps he's fallen for me... *blush*

: Just between you and me, it is said that Papas has a very powerful enemy.
: Well, he's got a very powerful son, too!
: If only you were a little older, you might be able to help your father out...

: Recently, so many odd things have been happening...
: Have you tried asking that transparent lady next to you? ... No? OK, fine, I'll do it.

: Thank goodness! I've finally found someone who actually noticed me!
: What the f
: Who am I, you ask? Just a second... I just can't seem to relax here... If I'm not mistaken, there's a house in this village with a basement... will you wait there?
: Why is everyone so creepy today?

The only house in Santa Rosa with a basement is Sancho's, conveniently enough! Simon heads home, and ducks downstairs to try and find out what's going on, and the ghostly woman is there waiting for him.
: Gah! How did you get here so fast?

: Uh, OK. That doesn't really answer my question...
: Anyhow, our country is in terrible turmoil! So I came to this human world to ask for help, but no one was able to even see me until I met you... I wanted them to notice me, so I played tricks on them... And then BLAM! There you were!
: Um, that's not because of your tricks. You almost made me beat up my mysterious-lost-uncle-or-something!
: Shh! Just a sec! Somebody's coming!

Papas comes down the stairs, because his hearing is better than Sancho's apparently.

: Brrr, it's a bit chilly down here. Why don't you come up and play where it's warm?
: Uh, yeah, be up in a sec, Dad.

: Well... Will you please come back to my country with me? Lady Powan will explain the entire story when we're there!

Bella mysteriously vanishes, and then...

Next time: Climbing the staircase!