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Part 13: The truth revealed

: Oog, I feel seasick. Where did that warp gate send us, anyway? Halfway across the world, I imagine.
: Hmm. Let's head north a bit, I think I see something that way...

: You have got to be kidding me...

: THIS is the nunnery that diary mentioned? We could have walked here! What's the point of even having a warp gate?
: Well, it did save us a poorly defined amount of plot time. I'm totally fine with the occasional shortcut. Let's ask around, see if anyone knows about that key. man I love keys

: Please, come in come in! Maria will be so happy to see you again!

: I'm sorry to hear that, but I don't see
: But you have kind eyes, so I believe you to be a good man.
: ... Sorry, lady, I'm not going to be your rebound.

: Yes!
: Down, boy.
: But all she does is sit and pray... she seems so lonely...
: Well, let's go cheer her up!

: For I prayed that I might meet you and Lord Henry once more... *blush*
: Umm... so... are you doing OK here?
: Oh yes, I am very well thank you. Everyone here is so kind to me...

: What? That's not a yes or no question! ... Anyway, there's a tower to the south, and supposedly the key to get in is around here somewhere.
: What?
: What?
: What?
: What?
: shut up. You wish to enter the Southern tower where the sacred mirror is kept? Hmm... that is a dilemma... You see, only a maiden of God can open the gate to that tower.
: Gee, where could we ever find one of those in this nunnery?
: You'd be surprised. Also shut up. But as you know, with all the monsters inside and out, no woman would dare to enter such...
: Please! Let me go!
: Maria...!
: These people have been nothing but kind to me... And I owe them everything... And... I want to know... I need to know if I have the power to open the tower door, so please...
: ... Very well... If you are so adamant about it, I cannot stop you... Simon... Please, take Maria with you...
: I'll try my best to be useful and not get in your way...
: Do you know how to fight at all?
: Nope! Shall we...?

: It is said that God created such tower to test the will and hearts of men. He who believes only in what he sees before him is blinded by his own pride, and thus, cannot truly be blessed by God. Only he who has the courage to take the first step can receive the blessing of God. Please... be careful...

That's about it for the nunnery, so it's back to the south, past the warp gate exit.

The monsters here were a bit too tough the first time we were in the neighborhood, but they're cake now. Or pie, maybe. Mmm, evil apple pie.

This is the Southern Tower, which happens to be pretty much exactly on the equator. I love jrpg geography!

: Yep, locked. What a surprise.

: And that's my job done. You guys mind if I follow you around for a while? I like watching you work.

: Well, this room is pretty. I wonder who takes care of these flowers?

There's a lot of ledges and gaps in the Southern Tower, and most of them dump you back into this central room when you fall down. That said, there are no real puzzles or anything here, not even secret areas that you have to fall into. Just make your way up and collect loot.

: Loot!

Here's one of those ledges I mentioned. It's no problem, so long as you keep your finger off the fast-forward button.

A new batch of monsters in here. The Evil Plant can change your tactics, which is a nice little segue to let me talk about tactics! In DQV, you can select from 6 tactics options: Offensive, Normal, Save MP, Use No MP, Defensive, and Manual. #6 there is a godsend after Dragon Warrior IV; no matter how good the AI is sometimes direct control is just better. On the other hand, letting the AI control things has some minor advantage. The AI doesn't decide on an action until the character's turn actually comes up, so they might heal a wound that didn't exist when the round started. I actually usually leave the AI on when I'm just walking around, and switch back to manual for boss fights.

As one last note, monsters don't always do what you say. Even in manual mode, if a monster's intelligence isn't at least 20 it'll often do something at random anyway. I'm not sure if being a dumbass makes it override a non-manual AI setting or not.

: More loot!

: This is a bit ominous. I think we're almost there.

: ... what.
: Remember what the sister said back at the nunnery? Only with a leap from the lion's head

: Right, that was it. Leap of faith, Simon!

: Hunh, this absolute nothing is a lot more stable than it looks! C'mon, follow me, it's safe somehow.

: Is Ra the name of God?
: Not as far as I know.
: But this mirror is God's blessing on us?
: Sometimes God's blessing takes the form of a callback, that's all.
: ... Well, we're done here. Want to head back to the Nunnery?
: I wouldn't mind staying with you a little longer, if you'll let me.
: Fine with me!

: Are you sure you don't want to walk back, Henry? I mean it's just a few hundred miles north or so! We've walked it before!
: No! Jeez! I'm sorry I insulted the warp gate, OK? Let's hurry this up.

Back in Reinhart, the party rushes to the throne room, but Dale isn't there!

: The King has brought out an Empress from God knows where... And all a sudden, instead of one Empress, there were two! Seriously, how many do we need?

: We managed somehow to tear the two apart, but now, not even the King knows which one is which.
: Oh, for the love of...

: I tried not to depend on my elder brother and do something on my own and look what happens... Oh, it seems everything I do is jinxed!
: It's not your fault. Your mother's just terrible.

: Guards, take this foul wench away and lock her up!

: Well, you're slightly less terrible than the other one. I'm not sure if that makes you the real one or the fake one.

Simon holds up the mirror to each of the Empresses. The one on the right reflects normally, but the one on the left...

Boss time! The imposter summons trick bags and skeletons to help her out, but Simon has a boomerang, and Henry has Bang, so the extra monsters are barely relevant.

: If you hadn't killed me... Reinhart's King... could have been the King of the world... Aarrggh!
: I never wanted to be King of the world!

Such rumors quickly spread through the Kingdom... And night turned to day...

: I thank you from the bottom of my heart... had you not done what you did... this country... My God... I am a failure as King, am I not?
: How should I know? I've literally lived in a cave most of my life, I don't know what kings are supposed to do!
: So, Simon, help me convince Henry. Help me convince him to become King...
: Sure, here goes. Hey, Henry. Be King already.

: But Henry...
: Goons are supposed to listen to their masters, remember? I mean, I plan on helping you rule and stuff, but I am not King..!

: What, you're going to just live here in luxury with a rewarding job to do instead of wandering aimlessly around the world with me?
: We've been through a lot... but I've got stay here now... Take care, Simon... thanks for everything...
: It's cool, you're doing the right thing. Going to miss you though, bro.

: I must return to the nunnery, so I must make my goodbyes now.
: Mmm hmm. I don't think you're actually in much of a hurry to leave the castle.
: I have no idea what you mean. Simon, on your quest to find your mother and the Legendary Hero... I wish you all the luck.
: Now that the country's back to normal, ships should be able to come back into the harbor of Vista. You'll probably be able to set out on a new journey from there... Oh yeah! All that equipment you bought for me? I sent them to the Depository in Oracleberry. I'd offer you more, but you already cleaned out the castle vault. I hope that you find the Legendary Hero soon. Take care, Simon.
: Simon... Thank you so very much. With my brother, I plan on helping to make this country a place where everyone can live peacefully.

: This all happened because of my blind ambition... From now on I will support my King with all my heart selflessly, so please do not worry.
: If it were up to me, you'd still be rotting in a cell. If you step out of line, lady, I'm coming back for you.
: With both brothers now presiding over a peaceful throne, no doubt the lands will be peaceful as well.

: Well, I'd better be going, then...
: Simon, wait...
: Hunh? What is it?
: ... One more for the road?

: Come back safe, man.

Now that the imposter Empress has been ousted and some decent leadership put in place, the populace of Reinhart begin rejoicing.

: To be able to say that without cringing... Makes me so happy...

: I was told that there, the Legendary Armor exists, but I didn't find one trace of it.
: It's still a clue, anyway. I'll take whatever I can get.

: Our land is finally at peace!

: Is that your sister in the bunny ears?
: Uh huh! She says that she's getting lots of work now that everyone's celebrating!
: ... I guess it beats begging...

: I'm leaving Henry in your hands, Reinhart. Take good care of him for me. Farewell!

Unfortunately, there's no gratuitous warp gate back to the port, so this time Simon really does have to walk.

: All because I watched the currents of this river and wished it so. Fa fa fa.
: Right. What a productive way to spend 10 years of your life.

Finally, Simon returns to Vista Harbor, where this story began.

: Hurry and get on else you'll be left behind!

: Somehow I expected a more specific destination...

: Seems you're the last passenger...

And so Simon boards a ship with no particular destination in mind, trusting to fate and the vague rumors of the Legendary Armor to guide him.

Next time: Some place in the West!