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Part 16: The Return

: C'mon guys, let's go find some place that appreciates us.

The Kabochi area is a dead end, so we head back north and look for someplace else to explore.

: Hmm. That sounds familiar. Well, it's as good a place to start as any!

Along the way, Simon learns a new spell! Absorb causes you to gain some MP from spells cast on you. It's probably useful. I never think to cast it. Casting it is time I could have spent clubbing thing with Dad's giant sword.

: I'm already feeling better about this town.
I'm not. Ruraphin is an awkward maze of a city. It's a pain in the ass getting anywhere you want to go, even though it's actually really small.

Inside the inn, a couple is having trouble getting checked in.

: So... we thought that... *mumble*
: *grrr* What on Earth is going on?! I can't believe that this pathetic excuse for an inn will not accommodate me!

: Supposedly, he uncovers ancient spells and brings them back to life...
: Oh, yeah, I remember now! Jeez, people were talking about that guy months ago. I wonder if he's figured out that teleport spell he was working on yet?

: Here's another one! And there it goes! I'm not sure why I'm even involved in this process.

There's a large tavern toward the northern end of town, but it's boring during the day.

: Why would anyone just hang around a bar waiting to drink?
: You really haven't been out in the world long, have you?

: I'm afraid that one day it'll just burn down.

: Aah! People have got to be the happiest when they're munching on some divine delicacy! Anything else just isn't as important after that.
: Can I have a bite, then?
: No.

: But do not fear, my friend. For when times are bleakest, the Legendary Hero will appear to save our lands!
: I'm working on it, I'm working on it. Also, why is the church inside the bar?
: We find it saves a lot of time.

: It's all smoky thanks to him. *cough* *cough* ...

: Well, hey, it's about time Dale started working on getting an heir. Good for him.
: The groom was the King's elder brother, Henry or something...
: I wish I could have gone to the wedding... I'm sure the bride was just beautiful beyond pictures...
: But... Henry? It's been, what, a couple months since we left? How did he have time to find a girl willing to marry him?

: Well, it was OK until I got run out of a redneck town for saving their crops, and I just found out my best friend got married and didn't even invite me!
: It's rough, huh? That means that you've got reasons to travel despite the hardships. Well... good luck to you then.
: Uh, thanks? You know what would actually help is some sort of magical speed boosting snack...

: Oh!

: The roads in this city are so annoyingly complicated.

See, even the NPCs think this town is dumb.

The armor shop doesn't have a whole lot in the way of upgrades. The Snake Sword has no special powers, and 2 points of attack power isn't worth almost 4000 bucks. On the other hand, a new fang for Puckle is very welcome.

: Hey you are!
: I am what?
: If you want to buy something come on back at night.

: Finally, some freaking directions in this crazy place.

: Hmm, smoke coming out the window. In perfect rings. Yeah, I bet this is the crazy researcher's house.

: Well, it does kind of make the whole town reek of rotten eggs...
: Hmmph! What I do in the privacy of my own home is my business, not yours! You're in the way of my research, so shoo!
: Hey, now, don't be like that! I wanted to hear about that spell you're supposed to be researching.
: Oh? Which means that you're interested in my research, then? Good good! What a marvelous boy! If my research can be completed, I should be able to recreate a spell long lost to time! This spell will allow you to go to travel to any place you've been to once on a whim!
: Hang on, could you diagram that sentence for me?
: A terribly useful spell, I should think. So, what do you think. Want to help me out with my research?
: Umm... you don't have to run... experiments, do you?
: ... I promise nothing. Good! you'll do it? Then come, follow me, lad!
: Wait, I didn't... oh, what the hell.

Upstairs, Bennet reveals his plan.

: Anyhow, I need you to bring that back to me. But remember, you can only pick this herb at night. You'll know which one it is because it glows in the moonlight.
: Right, got it, magic glowy plants.
: Good good! Well then, I'll take a nap while you get to it!

Before we go flowerpicking, let's hang around a bit and see what the tavern is like during its hours of operation.

: Yeah? What happened to it?
: Beats me, the legend doesn't say what the tower DID, just that there was a tower.

: ... Wow. I guess this is what happens when your church and your bar are in the same building.

: Don't remind me.
: Well then, I'm sure you had a bad time there. Hey, I had a bad time as too...
: As too?

: The secret's out, Bennet already knows.

: Then I'd suggest you start by looking for the Zenithian armor and weapons. If there really is such a thing as the Legendary Hero, he'll be looking for those as well. I'm sure your paths will meet.
: Well, it didn't work for Dad, but I guess I don't have a better plan.

: I wonder what kind of girl got to be the lucky bride...
: Yeah, me too...

: Yep yep, nothing like a cold beer right after a hot bath! Anything else just isn't as important after that.
: This man has truly attained perfect balance in his life.

: Woops, it's getting late. We'd better hurry if we're going to get that herb while it's still dark.

: Hmm. That cave behind the waterfall isn't conspicuous at all. Too bad I don't have a boat to check it out.

: Jeeez, that's bright! I was expecting a little sparkle, maybe, not a spotlight!

: OK everyone, get ready... ... ...
: Hunh, I thought for sure a monster would jump out and ambush us. False alarm!

On the trip back home, Puckle learns Charge Up, which forfeits his current turn to do double damage next turn. You can't stack it up like the psych up moves of later games, but it's still handy.

I just want to show off the attack messages for wild Killer Panthers. Savage beasties! There's no special effect to these attacks, it's just flavor.

: Yes, yes! This is definitely the herb! I must resume my experimentation immediately!

Downstairs, Bennet putters around a bit until Simon gets bored and tries to ask if he's ready.

: Alright... ready... NOW! I just have to add the RuraMoon plant and...

: What hit me?
: Hmmm... How odd... According to my studies, an ancient spell called Return was supposed to revive just now... I need you to check if you're able to use any spells yet...
: Of course I can use spells. I know heal, and tornado, and outside, and... hey, wait a minute...

: Whoaaaaa! Sorry about your rooooof!

: Well, now what? Return's a neat spell and all, but it doesn't take us anywhere we haven't already been.
: What about that wedding?
: Hmph. I'll go when I get an invitation. Let's go explore.

The only real direction to go is south. For reference, that cave is where we found Puckle.
: Hey, boss, about that wedding...
: I don't want to hear it, OK?

: At last, an inn!
: Finally! I'm sick of the boss moping around. He needs a nap or something.

: Neat! I don't know who that is!

: A person like her would have made a wonderful nun... But her father seems set on the idea of marrying her off.

: Uh... I guess so?
: You really think so? Maybe I should study grace at a nunnery like Flora has...
: You don't have to go that far if you don't want to!
: Hey, you're right... To heck with tradition! Look out, world! Aieee!
: What just happened?

: What? You're one of Lord Henry's friends? Then why aren't you there?
: I wasn't invited, OK! Stop rubbing it in!
: If you learn a spell called Rula that they teach at Ruraphin, you'll be able to get there in no time!
: Wait, I got blown up to learn a spell that's just a rename of something they teach at school?

: How come we're still out exploring? Didn't you hear her, you could just warp back right now!

: Because I... wait, there's someone in this cave...

: I am soldier from Reinhart. Lord Henry wishes to see you most imperatively. If you will, my lord, please return to Reinhart immediately!
: Like I was saying, boss, how were you supposed to get your invitation when you're halfway around the world without a forwarding address?
: ... I'm a dumbass. OK, let's go back to Reinhart!

: Guys, I have to admit... I'm kind of nervous. I've been gone a while...
: Henry is still your friend! That will never change!

: Oh god! A revolution?!
: And still you say I ain't supposed to be drinking! Well whatever! *hick*
: ...

We got here at night, so we can't get into the castle, and most of the shops are empty. We can at least work off some of this nervous energy by harassing the guests of the inn that are trying to sleep, though!

: What.
: What? You don't know what a puff puff is? Oh, I get it... you've never gone out with a girl before, have you...? But don't you worry... I'm sure you'll find a pretty little thing to show you the ropes!
: I don't understand why I feel so uncomfortable right now.

: There are people who think the world will soon be overrun...

: Well, I'd better get some sleep. We'll get to the bottom of this marriage mystery in the morning!

Next time: The mystery unfolds!