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Part 20: Never alone again

: Well, I've given this a lot of thought, and now I realize that there's only one possible answer. Mr. Ludman...

: Ur, I'm flattered but really, you best think that over.
: What? No! I just wanted to say that I'm withdrawing from your contest. Bianca...
: No... You're just messing with me, aren't you? Flora's everything a man could want for a wife!
: Flora is a very nice lady. But you're my friend. I need you by my side.

: I... for the love of God, woman, will you marry me or not?

: That means we can travel together again!
: I'll never leave you behind again.

: The bride will change at my second house...

: Let's see... The wedding preparations, eh? I heard that there was a very fine master toolsman living in some hole in a mountain village... So I had ordered the fellow to make me the bride's Silk Veil. Simon... I need you to go there and bring me back the bride's veil... By the time you get back, everything should be done here...
: Hunh? Why...
: What? Do I mind you choosing Bianca? Why am I still sponsoring the wedding, you ask?
: Actually I was going to ask why you're sending the groom to pick up your purchase but go on...

: And don't you worry about Flora... she'll find another good match in no time.
: Why did you emphasise 'match' like that? ... You're talking about Andy, aren't you?
: Hehehe.

: And now with Andy's feeling better and all, I feel like everything's going to be just wonderful.

: Now I'll just Return to... to... Hunh. Guess I can only magic myself to places that actually have names.

One short boat ride later...

: Oh, heh, thanks. You know where I can pick up a wedding veil?
: Oh? You're getting married? Congratulations!

: I'm sorry to tell you this sir, but I'm afraid that Bianca... well, Bianca had to stay behind to get ready for the wedding.
: Eh? Getting ready for the wedding?! So... so... that means... You asked Bianca to marry you! Thank you... Thank you so much! Now I can truly be at peace. Simon... Take good care of Bianca for me...
: I will, sir.

: Here you are, take it.

: Still not sure why this job required me. Not like I even had to defeat any monsters or anything.
: I keep a demon in this jar behind me if you want to fight it?
: ... ... No thank you.

: But she already has a veil on! I can see it from here!
: That's totally different. Chop chop, now!

: Bianca... you look...
: Oh god damn it Simon if you make me cry I will kick you.

: You're beautiful!
: It... it's just the dress...
: I'm not looking at the dress, Bianca.
: Simon... Thank you...

: Hey, woah! Stop pushing! Shouldn't I change, too?

: Henry!

: Long time, no see! We set out here as soon as we got the invitations!
: Simon... Congratulations! What a wonderful bride you've found...
: Don't try to act all cool and screw up during the ceremony, okay?!
: When have I ever acted cool, Henry?
: Hah! Good point! Well, we'll see you later! Seriously, don't fuck this up, bro.

If you'd like to hear the wedding music for this scene, click the church door. -----------------------------------------------^

: Repeat after me... Do you, Simon, take Bianca as your wife? In sickness and in health, til death do you part?
: I do.
: And do you, Bianca, take Simon as your husband? In sickness and in health, til death do you part?
: I do...
: Very good... And now, the exchange of rings...

: Now, before God, let the proof of your love illuminate the heavens!
: What does that mean, anyway?
: It means make some fireworks...

: Oh! Lord God! Before you, a new family has been born! I beg you! Watch over and guide these two forever! Amen.

: I like your friends.

: Thank you, Fl...
: Keep walking, buster.

: ... Who was that?
: I don't know... I thought you invited them.

: Wow. We did it. Everything happened so fast.
: You're not having second thoughts now, are you?
: Not in the slightest. I'm just overwhelmed...
: The night isn't over yet...

: Rrrrrooooo....
: Haha, the boss threw you out with the rest of us, huh?
: Now, now. Let the young master have his special night.
: Ha! Don't you know anything about humans? It'll be many, many nights before you get to sleep on the foot of the bed again, Puckle.
: Indeed! Human mating rituals are fascinating! Did you know that the typical pair-bound humans will mate...
: LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING. Ugh, you're a pervert.
: I am not! It is just fascinating biology!
: I saw some fascinating beer back at the party. Who's with me?
: Me!
: Well I think it's fascinating.

: I can't feel my legs.

: Well, someone kept me up all night...
: Gosh, I can hardly believe it... we... we're really married, aren't we?
: It's beginning to sink in for me, too.
: Simon...

: Hmmm... that just didn't sound like me, did it?
: Hmm, nope. Sounded pretty fake. Better say it about a million more times to practice.
: Simon... I never want us to be apart... and you owe me a few adventures!

: Now let's go adventuring! But before we leave... we ought to say goodbye and thank you to Mister Ludman, don't you think?

: Henry and his wife left early this morning, but before he did, I got to hear story upon story about you, Simon.
: Uh oh.
: Like the story about your quest to find the Legendary Hero... On that note, here! Take this wedding gift from me! I unlocked the treasure boxes back there, so take what you wish! And oh yes, I sent out a message to Port Selmi to give you unlimited use of my ship.
: Wow. That is... improbably generous of you, sir!
: Are you declining my gifts?
: No sir!
: Then hush. At any rate, I think much of you, Simon, as a man! I wish you and your wife good luck on your travels!

: Wow, that's a beautiful shield! ... What's it do?
: I have no idea.

: Yep. Still not the Legendary Hero.

: Oh, don't be silly!
: Please come back to see us anytime. Maybe then, I'll be happily married myself.
: You'd better be
: Hmm?
: I said 'How is your friend Andy?

: I'm sure that soon she will find the right person for her.

: I got hurt and made Flora worry ceaselessly about me... But from now on, it's going to be different, I'm going to make something of myself!
: Well, so long as you make yourself something a little less flammable...
: And when I do... I'll ask Flora to...

: So where do we go from here, Simon?
: Well, Ludman said he's giving us his ship in Port Selmi. Care for a honeymoon cruise?

Port Selmi is almost exactly as we remember it, except that there's a few rumors in the tavern for us to pick up.

: Do I know you?
: If you go South from this harbor and sail along the shore, you'll come across a great desert. Somewhere in that that desert lies a grand castle, I've heard.
: Oookay... I guess that's good to know?
: I've heard about the desert castle as well. They've got a grave there that's supposed to belong to the Legendary Hero or something...
: Oh! That is good to know!

: You are, eh? Good! I got the message from Master Ludman. That ship over there is Master Ludman's ship. Feel free to use it anytime!

And now we have the ship proper, and the map is opened up to us. We can't go everywhere yet, of course, since a lot of areas are blocked off by mountains or reefs, but the Age of Exploration has begun. While we do have a clue on where to go next, there's a little something to see first.

: Wow, Alcapa. I haven't been here since we were children. I miss our old inn. How come you brought us back here?
: I don't know. Nostalgia, maybe? It just seems right to start our adventures together where we started our adventures together.
: Wow. You're not making any sense at all!
: Haha. I suppose not. Hey, remember when we were little, whenever I'd visit you'd sneak into my room at night to play?
: Yeah...?
: The room's still there. And you don't have to sneak in anymore.

: I've seen that look before. Those kids aren't getting their cleaning deposit back.

: Wow. I think we're actually getting better at that.

: It's just that... I got to thinking about the old days...
: Are you OK, hon?
: No, it's not that I'm sad or anything... I mean, then was then, this is now.

: Good god, woman, any more and you'll kill me!