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Part 21: A memorial in the desert

Well, it was a lovely wedding and a nice little vacation, but the honeymoon has to come to an end. Simon is still on a quest, after all! The last clue he received is that a piece of the Zenithian armor lies in a castle somewhere to the south. With access to a ship, the world has opened up for exploration.

: Are we there yet?
: Augh! It's a sailing ship, not a magic carpet! It still takes time to travel! Or would you rather walk halfway across the planet?

: What is that up in the mountains?
: I'll be... That's the temple where Henry and I were slaves.
: Really? Let's go burn it down.
: I love the way you think, but I can't see any way to get up there.
: How did all the cultists get there, then?
: I have no idea. Magic probably.

: What a strange name for an island. Still, it's south and it's deserty, so I think we're finally almost there.
I'm not entirely sure what the point of this sign is. It's not like you can miss the giant desert on the map...

: This must be the place. I swear, if they try to make me go through a series of ridiculous quests for their piece of the armor, I'm just going to grab it and run.

: Sirs?

: ... So, are you going to, uh, announce us, or anything?
: Eh, just poke around, I'm sure she's around somewhere.

: It seems that Zenithian blood flowed through the Legendary Hero. But other than that, I know not of what happened to the Legendary Hero's bloodline. I doubt that anyone knows what became of that line...

: Until the Legendary Hero once more returns to this world... Our task as citizens of Telepador is to protect the Zenithian Helm.
: So... do you think I could borrow it?
: Are you the Legendary Hero?
: No, I want to use it to find the Legendary Hero so he can save my mother.
: Why not just wait for the Hero to come here?
: I don't have time for that! I'm on a quest!
: ... I think you're going to have to talk to the queen.

: Hmm.
: No, you can not put the world in danger just to find your mom faster.

: Hero. And when the lands became peaceful, they settled in these lands and founded Telepador.

: Her child became the Legendary Hero, and saved the world from destruction... Such is one tale surrounding the Legendary Hero.

: ... There's no Queen here. What's the good of having a throne room if you're not going to have a Queen in it?

: And so, she awaits patiently for the return of the Legendary Hero.

: This is all due to the power of our great Queen.
: Irrigation I understand, but how is enough sunlight getting into the basement to grow all these plants?
: Queen power. I just told you.

: Oh my! What a beautiful young woman... You look just like a young Queen!
: Oh... Silly... Now I'm all flustered! That's how you say it, right? Should I swoon?
: Don't be sarcastic, dear, she was paying you a compliment.

: Have you come to pay homage to the resting place of the Legendary Hero?
: Well, actually, I came to...
: *nudge*
: Oh, right, sure. Homage, whatever you say.
: Very well. I feel some kind of power within you... So I will take you there. Please, this way.

: Hey, wait up!

: This isn't a race!

: Aren't you even winded, lady? You just sprinted down three flights of stairs!
: It keeps me in shape. Now pay attention. After saving the world, the Legendary Hero disappeared, but no one knows where to. Still... for generations now, we have been protector to the Zenithian Helm. Should the Legendary Hero ever choose to return, he will be able to equip such. But until that day, this shrine was built to protect and house the sacred Helm. Now... Please... will you also attempt to equip the Helm...?
: Well, it hasn't worked for any of the other pieces, but sure, why not?

Simon replaced the Zenithian Helm.
: As I expected... Although I thought there was something magical to you two... perhaps I was mistaken...
: Well, I can heal grievous wounds with a touch and teleport myself and my friends to any city I've visited before.
: I can light things on fire with my mind!
: I'm a wizard. My name is Merlin. Maybe that set off your magic detector.
: That's not what I mean. But what can we do? Let us return. Please, this way.

: Perhaps what I sense is the strength of your need to find the Legendary Hero. Would you be kind enough to tell me why you wish so hard to find the Legendary Hero?
: I don't mind. I've told everyone else I've met so far.

: Oh my! So in place of your departed father, you quest to save your mother from the Demon World? May I ask if your father was King Papas?
: ... King? His name was Papas, but the man rarely wore pants, let alone a crown!
: Across the ocean, in the far far East, lies the land of Granvania. The King of that land, Papas, in order to find his kidnapped Queen, set out on a long journey, taking only his young son along.
: That sounds... familiar...
: That has to be you and your father! Who else could it be?
: Maybe it's a coincidence?
: If that was you, then you should travel to the Eastern land of Granvania.

On the way back to the ship, Simon and Bianca each level up and learn a new spell.

Stepguard will protect the party from damaging floor tiles for a little while. Like lava. Healall is a full cure for one person. It won't be MP efficient for a while, but it can save the day in an emergency.

: Why are we stopping? This isn't the far far East. This is barely sort of East.
: I want to see what that little building there is. I'd hate to have to sail all the way back here after someone tells us it's important!

: Awful lot of slimes around here. They're awful cute.

: Uh.

: This isn't right...

: Augh! Why me?

: Blech, you slimes are so disgusting.
: Hey! That's prejucided! I don't do the King Slime thing at all!Any more

: ANYWAY I think this is the smallest castle I've ever seen.

: All I've ever gotten so far are the Combat Pajamas.

: You're going on my list, door.

: But I don't have any medals! They magically vanish whenever I find them!
:Yeah, that's me. Just a friendly service I provide. You gonna buy something or what?

Unlike some other DQ games that have Small Medals, you have to actually trade the medals for prizes, you don't just get them when your collection reaches certain sizes. This means that if we wanted to, we could screw ourselves out of great gear to have a pajama party!

Just about everything on that list is pretty good, except for the jammies, but we probably won't be able to afford them all.

: Sir, if you can't decide, may I suggest the Falcon Sword?
: Well, I'm going to need to save up to get anything good. Don't go anywhere, I'll be back someday!

: I wonder if we're East enough yet.
: Why don't you stop at that inn and ask for directions?
: Yes, dear...

: Wow. You are just super excited to be working here.

: Oh, good, we are on the right track.
: But on the way you'll have to climb some very high mountains.
: Of course. There's always something.

: Don't worry, babe, I got this.

: Where were you when I was truding around inside a volcano?

: I... I remember these mountains. Dad carried me on his shoulders the whole way because it was too hard for me to climb.

: But the path there is treacherous, so if you just want a pleasure climb you probably shouldn't venture there.

: It's really true. This is... I'm going home! I can't believe that after all this time what THE HELL IS THAT?

: That is just wrong.

The Ring of Prayer can be used to restore about 20MP. It has a chance of breaking, but even still it's super useful.

Bounce can reflect magic back at the enemy. Most of the really dangerous attacks aren't spells, so this isn't as useful as it seems, but sometimes it helps out.

: I wonder what's down here?

: Ugh! I'm sorry I asked! Does someone actually live here?

: I guess so...Uh, hello there! Nice place you have here?

: Well, I don't EXACTLY remember the way to Granvania...
: Really? How terrible for you. Why don't you stay the night here, then?
: I'm not sure why you're cackling under your breath, but I don't see any reason not to trust you. Thank you for the hospitality, ma'am!
: Then rest peacefully... I shall be upstairs... He he he he he.
: I like this lady. She reminds me of my mum.

: It sounds like... like someone sharpening a blade...

: Nnn? Oh, sure... sure.. whatever...
: Be... be careful...
: ... huh? What the...?

: This isn't good...