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Part 27: Old friends

: I hope Henry's still doing OK. Eight years is too long to be out of touch...

: Yeah, that happened 10 years ago. Do you have any more recent news?
: I was getting to that, jeez. Well, that person was actually none other than the prince of Granvania!! But as soon as he became King, it's said that he just... disappeared... In order to find their lost King, Granvanian troops came to this country as well.
: That's not a whole lot more recent...
: I'm getting to it! Hmm, now that I think about it, you kind of resemble that man, don't you?
: ... ... And?
: ... And what? I'm a fan of celebrity lookalikes, that's all.

: Yep, I know. You guys might want to remodel once a generation or so, you know?
: ... Hmmm. Y... you're... You're Lord Henry's friend, urr, Simon, yes? Please pass!
: I thought he was dead!

: It's as if something utterly evil is beginning to devour this world.
What a strangely specific emotion. I bet the French have a word for it.

: This sounds familiar, somehow...
: Who's Prince Collins?
: In order to prevent any potential wars for succession in this country, King Dale plans to never marry. That way, the next King can only be Lord Henry's only son, Prince Collins.

: It's because he's soooo kind.

That guy aiming a thousand-yard-stare into his coffee leaps into the air when Simon tries to talk to him.

: He knows how much I hate mice and still he insisted on placing a mouse on my head. I'm so fed up with him.
: Aw, mister, I bet he's just helping you get over your fears!
: Heehee, mice. That's a pretty good one!

: Haha! I suppose there's such a thing as karma after all!

: I supposed I'd better see if old Desmond's learned anything useful in all this time.

: is hidden somewhere in these lands. Well-wrought armor is only great when the one who wears the armor is in turn great.
: My daddy is totally great!
: I heard that you, Lord Simon, became the great King of Granvania. Surely if you were able to become King, you could master such armor as well.
: Mm hmm. Well, I think you're close, but not quite there.

: Simon!! No, I should call you King Simon! When I heard that you were missing, I was truly worried. But when I then heard that you had returned to Granvania I though that you might visit this country. Please, stay as long as you wish.
: You're very gracious, King Dale.
: Go on upstairs, Henry will explode when he sees you again. He's missed you, you know.

: Wait!! You're... Please forgive me. You may pass!

: Collins!! What kind of attitude is that to give to our guests? Sorry about that, but my son's just the rudest little-- Hmm... Hey!! Yo! Simon! Simon, right!
: Of course it's me! Are you losing your eyesight, or what?
: Hey, some of us actually get older after eight years, bro. Eight years! I've been waiting for ya! I was so happy when I heard that you'd returned to Granvania!
: Sancho told me you helped all you could in the search for me... and for Bianca...
: Simon... it must have been so hard for ya... What was it like? Were you still conscious?
: Sort of... It was all like a dream. I could see and hear what was around me, but I had no sense of time.
: God, to go through something so terrible... Come to think of it, all you've had is... urh... nothing... Still... I'm glad to see you again! Oh yeah. I almost forgot. I had me a son!

: ...
: Say hello, you little brat! *WHAP*
: Owww!! Grr... Urrm, nice to meet you.
: Heh heh. Sorry. The little bugger isn't really too big on manners yet...
: I can't imagine where he picked THAT up.
: I know, right? Oh, yeah... I heard that you have a couple o' munchkins of yer own. Want to trade?
: Nope! Erdrick, Lola, say hello to your Uncle Henry.
: Pleased to meet you, sir!
: Hmm? That's yer kid? Heh heh. He kinda looks like you when you were that age! I know! Kids should play with kids. I'll have Collins show him around the castle.

: Yes, papa...

: I'm the Prince of Reinhart. I'm the next bestest after the King. Do you guys want to be my personal goons?

: You're not fooling anyone, you know.
: Oh Henry. You know that you love Collins more than anything in the world!
: Wa ha ha! Aww, don't say that, Maria! I'm blushing over here! Still... who could Collins have taken after...? When I was younger I was much more mature than that...
: ...
: ...
: ... What?

: But I know in my heart that if anyone can bring peace to this world, it would be you.
: I appreciate that, but... no. It's too big a job for me, for any one man. I mean, I'm not half the man my father was, and in the end he couldn't do it.
: But...
: Too much for one man... but I have help now. The kids... they have so much potential. They saved me. Together, we're going to get Bianca back. This isn't my destiny. It's our destiny.
: You're wrong about one thing, though.
: Huh? What's that?
: You're just as much the man your father was.
: Ahem. There's something in my eyes. I, uh, better go check on the kids.

: I will never forget what you did, Sire!

: It makes me anxious to think that those are the characteristics of the future King of this land...
: You can't always judge the man by the child.

: Hmm. That's not suspicious at all.

: Whoa, whoa, calm down, kids! Now, what's all this about?
: He told me to go get a Goon Badge and when I was opening the treasure chest he vanished somewhere! Daddy! Daddy! Help me find him!
: You didn't see where Collins went either, Lola?
: I was looking in the chest, too!
: Mm. Did you learn anything from this?
: Don't trust bratty little punks!
: Well, yes. And?
: And we gotta watch each others' backs!
: Very good! Now come check this out. You'll like it.

: Observe this chair.
: So?
: It's just a chair!

: Pow!
: Wow! A hidden staircase! You're the best! How did you know it was there?
: One more lesson for the day, kids. It's the most important lesson of all...
: Your daddy is magic.

: But since you didn't bring me the Goon Badge, you can't be my personal lackey! Hmmm?
: Oh, god, someone's at the door. Not again! Get ready, kids...

: Hey, you're not a kidnapper.
: Huh? Oh, we improved security around the doors years ago. We're not stupid, you know!
: What? I can do what I want, can't I?
: Your father's going to be angry! Come along right now!

: Yeah, top notch security. Well, let's just take of this unsavory lurking gentleman for Uncle Henry, shall we?
: You bet!

: But I'll not give up this treasure without a fight!

This fellow is a throwback to DQ3, where Kandar was a recurring boss. The fight doesn't have any real surprises, and afterwards you can loot the chest he was holding for some unique gear.

: Whoa! That's super creepy!
: I'm not wearing that! Maybe one of the monsters will wear it?
: No way, boss. I know better!
: As do I! Only the blackest of souls dares wear such a thing!
: Hmm....

: ... Hey, Sancho!
: Yes, young master?
: I found you something better than that turtle shell to hide your shame. Try this on.
: Well, it's a little spikier than I like, but I'll give it a try...

The Demon Armor is a HUGE boost to defense, at the cost of all of Sancho's agility. On the other hand, Sancho wasn't a speed demon to begin with. The armor also halves damage from fire and ice. Sancho's going to wear this for the rest of the game, probably, even if it wasn't stuck to him now.
: Why is everyone looking at me like that?
: You don't have any... dark secrets you feel you should share with us, do you?
: I think it's best to leave the past in the past, don't you, young master?
: ... Let's, uh, just go say our goodbyes.

: Collins! I just said you had to apologize, you didn't have to give away your favorite hat!
: I can do what I want! Take good care of it!
The Hat of Winds is a pretty decent head gear. Used as an item, it returns you to the last city you visited; nice if you're out of mp.
: Maybe you can come back and be my lackeys after you've saved the world!

: It's time for you to go again, huh?
: Afraid so. I'd love to stay longer, but...
: You have to find Bianca. We understand.
: Is that where you're going next?
: Soon. There's a few more things I have to do first.
: Well, good luck, man. I'd go with you if I could...
: Hah, you couldn't handle it anymore, old man!
: Hey! Some of us have to act like responsible adults! Ah, hell. Go kick their asses, bro.

: Where are we now, Daddy?
: This place isn't even on the map!
: This village doesn't have a name. But it has someone very important you should meet, and who's waited far too long to meet you.

: I fell asleep again! Hmmm? Oh! Simon! Simon! Is it really you?
: It's really me. You're looking well, Duncan!
: What on Earth have you been up to all these years?
: Hoo, that's a long story...

: Hmm... That is a dilemma... Ah, but no worries... you don't have to say anything about Bianca. I know that you will save her. I'm counting on you. ... Now... Who might those children be... are they...
: Say hello to your grandfather Duncan, kids!
: Hi Grampa Duncan!
: Wow wee! So they really are you and Bianca's kids? They look just like you two did when you were younger... Come to think of it... They look like me too!
: Wait, didn't you say Bianca was adopted?
: Don't spoil an old man's joy, son. Ahh, has it really been eight years since you and Bianca disappeared...? The poor children, growing up without their parents!
: Aww, it's OK, Grampa Duncan! We got our Daddy back! That's what counts!
: And we're getting Mommy back next!
: You're already growing to be little heroes, aren't you? That means that even I can get old. Wa ha ha ha... I know that now I am but an old man... but if there is anything I can do, do not hesitate to ask it of me. I shall remain here, praying for your safety and success. And of course, your mother will be watching you from Heaven as well.

: Ahhhh. I was wondering who the hell you are.
: Times like this I wish I wasn't born the son of an innkeeper. *grumble grumble*

: Looks like Duncan's got a pest problem in his lawn.
: Jeez, I'm right here. Hurt a guy's feelings why don't you...

Another Kandar Henchman, exactly the same fight as the other one. The loot is different, though!

: Wowwww! Look at that! Can I wear it, Daddy?
: I don't know if I'm comfortable with that. I'm still not entirely sure what a bisuche is.
: It's just a pretty dress, silly!
: Well, I suppose that...
: More important, if I wear it like this, the silk's thick enough to stop a swordblow without hampering my movement!
: ... That's my girl.

There's one more important person we want to revisit; Queen Isis, keeper of the Zenithian Helm.

: I am a traveling bard, on a slight break for the moment. See, my dream is to meet the Legendary Hero and sing a song for him!
: I'll bet you get your chance.

: It seems that Zenithian blood flowed through the Legendary Hero.
: That would explain why the Legendary Hero wore Zenithian equipment, yes.
: But other than that, I know not of what happened to the Legendary Hero's bloodline. I doubt that anyone knows what became of that line...

: Hello again, your majesty.
: Hmm? Ah, you have visited with me before, have you not? You are... Simon, yes? Since the day we met, I've been unable to turn you from my mind.
: I'm a married man, Ma'am.
: Don't be crude, young man. Just days ago, I received this message from the Heavens: The day of the Legendary Hero's coming is near.
: Wow! How did they send the message? Did they send a mailman? Ooh, ooh, I know, they sent it on an angel pigeon, didn't they!
: Hmmm... Is that little boy your son? I see... You have a son now... time, it passes by so very quickly... What's your name, boy.
: My name's Erdrick!
: Erdrick... that is a good name...
: Mommy and Daddy named me after a famous hero, you know!
: Quite... I feel... something impossibly strong from within this boy... Please! Follow me this way!

Queen Isis zips off to the royal treasury, and we have to go chasing after her.

: Only the Legendary Hero may equip such. Erdrcik... Please try on the Helm...!

: Mmph! It smells like the inside of a penny in here!

: Whoa! Check me out! Pretty rad, huh!
: Oh!! By the Gods, at long last! Finally, the Legendary Hero has come to us... Lord Erdrick... I beg you... please save the world from darkness...
: OK!
: Come, let us go back now... We must inform the people at once of this wonderful news!

: my Lord Legendary Hero... Welcome Sire, welcome.
: Heehee, sweet!
: Look out, Erdrick! Your head's getting too big to fit in your helmet!

: The world will be saved by the Legendary Hero she says!

: True, you are young, but your destiny is as Legendary Hero. With that strength within you, you must wipe all evil out from this world!
: Yaaaah!
: Easy, son. Your majesty, you're asking too much of my son.
: I know it's a lot, but he is the Legendary Hero, he can...
: That's not what I mean! I spent my life searching for the Legendary Hero, and what I learned is that no one man can solve everything. Yes, my son will do his part... And so will Lola, and so will I, and Sancho, and even the monsters. We will all do our parts. What will you do, your majesty?
: ...
: I am afraid that we can do nothing else to aid you, my lord... All I can do now is to pray for your safety... Oh great Gods of the Heavens... I beg you give your blessing to these, your humble servants.
: Good luck... All of you.
: You as well, your majesty. Look after your people.

: No. This means we must now protect the citizens of Telepador!
: That's the spirit!