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Part 31: Total shenanigans

Just a quick update today, to get back into the swing of things. Don't leave your LPs sitting around for 2 months, folks! Anyway, when we left off, Simon was trying to track down a new Golden Orb to repair the Zenithian Castle. Apparently, the original Golden Orb was created by the Faeries, so we've been trying to track them down to see if they have a spare. They finally encountered discovered some mysterious woods where a faerie took a liking to the kids because they're goddamned adorable, and has led them to a place Simon remembers from his childhood...

: See, kids? I told you it was real!
: Hey, Ms. Faerie, do you have a Golden Orb we could borrow?
: Hmm? The Golden Orb? Hmmm... you should probably ask Lady Powan about that.
: I hope she still remembers me.

: A human hasn't come to this village in years!
: The last time was... oh, about twenty some years ago...
: I think that's about right. I'm not very good at keeping track of time...
: What? You're that human child? How you've grown!

: Wow, it's so pretty here!
: Hehe, when your old man ends winter and brings about spring, he doesn't mess around.

: It has been a while, hasn't it, Simon...
: I am still so very grateful for what you did then.
: Bella, Lady Powan. You both look just like I remember you. Kids, this is the Queen of the Faeries.
: Actually, I'm not the Queen...
: Wait, you're not?
: Does this look like a castle to you, dear?
: I thought this was like... your summer home or something.
: No, no. I'm not even a princess, really.
: I am!

: Well, we were hoping you could help us with something. You see...

: I see... Then I can finally repay you for so many years ago... Simon, take this Horn with you. I am sure that the Queen of the Fairies will help you.

: The way to see the Queen of Fairies is below these stairs. Luna will tell you exactly what to do.

: But if you blow upon the Horn of Fairies, you will be able to gaze upon it. In a forest surrounded by mountains, is a solitary lake. In the center of that lake, blow the Horn of Fairies.
: Well, thank you, ma'am. I'm not sure why Bella couldn't have just said that, though.

To leave the Faerie Village, we have to walk all the way back out the forest maze. Along the way, Simon picks up a new level and a new spell. Aerocross is Simon's strongest attack spell. It's the last spell he'll learn in the game, in fact!

We've been here before, but now we can actually accomplish something!

: This looks like the place. Erdrick, why don't you try blowing the horn?

Click the animation to hear the song Erdrick plays. I rather like it!
: Where did you learn to play like that? And who was playing the harp?
: Sancho made us take music lessons!

: Wow. I guess I always just assumed faeries lived in gardens and meadows and stuff. Not in great big magic castles.

: May God's blessing be with Lord Erdrick.
: You know my name? That's kinda creepy, lady.

: True, our ancestors were the ones who crafted the first two Orbs. However, we can no longer make the orb that you require.
: What? What the hell do you mean?
: Watch...

: ... But why did you set it on my head?
: Dad hat! Dad hat!
: And though the shape is the same, this orb does not have the power to levitate the Zenithian Castle as it once did. But Simon... Perhaps you can do something about that...
: Really? Like what?
: Honestly? I have no idea. This orb is yours to keep, Simon.
: Well... Thanks, I guess...

: But, Simon, I believe that you can. So go now...

: I don't know if I like how interested you guys are in my family tree...
: No wonder the Legendary Hero was born from your union. It was the will of God.

: The entire history of the world fits on three bookshelves?
: Well, you're like the third interesting thing that has ever happened.

: Is that supposed to look like me?
: It's, um. Symbolic.

: It can take you to the place where you wish to go the most. Please, stand before the picture, and open your heart...
: The place I wish to go the most?

: Where...?

: ... Oh my God. It's just like when I was little.

: Papas!
: That's right. If you value your life, I wouldn't do anything stupid.

: Taking along such a small child... it must have been so hard for him...

: And then I saw Papas' son, Simon, talking to the air like he was talking to a real person... How odd...

: What a harsh life he's had. I was utterly humbled by him. He's not an ordinary man, you know!

: What a busy busy person...

: Very well, the master is upstairs...

: Oh, God...

: Father!

: Wa ha ha ha! The world could end tomorrow, but I have but one son and that is Simon!
: Of course. I'm sorry, of course you're right. It's just that...

: Well, you're planning a journey, aren't you? I... Don't ask me how I know, but you shouldn't go. Just stay home.
: Uh huh. So what you're telling me is that I shouldn't go to Reinhart?
: Yes! Exactly!
: So, you know that I was called to the castle of Reinhart, eh? How in the world did you know about that...?
: Well, it's kind of hard to explain...

: Unfortunately for you, I don't believe in that sort of thing.
: No, that's not it!
: But your eyes remind me of my wife's... so I'll at least take your warning into consideration. So if you're quite done, I'm a very busy man so why don't you bother someone else?

: Just... be careful. I love you, Dad... I'm sorry...

: Oops, I mean, urm, just ignore that. This is a simple village but please, stay as long as you like... *blush*

: When that child grows up, what a strong warrior he'll be!

: If you don't want any suspicions to fall upon you, it would be best if you kept your nose out of village business.

: Oh, this can't be a good idea...

: Ahem... I... suppose so. Um. How did this go again? What a beautiful gem you have there, little boy... Oh god I sound like a creep...
: Huh? You want to see the pretty gem I have, do you?
: I'm not going to steal it. Please trust me, little one...
: Well, you don't look like such a bad person, so, okay. But just for a little, okay?
: I'll give it right back...

: Hey, kid... um... your kitten is eating his hat.
: Huh? Hey! Puckle, stop that!

: See? Good as new. Thanks for letting me look at it, kid.
: See? Wasn't it pretty?
: It sure was. ... Listen, can I ask you a favor?
: Huh? I guess so...
: I want... Just... Just take care of your father, okay? No matter what happens.
: Okay! I promise! No matter what happens, I'll never give up! Come on, Puckle, let's go!

: I guess it's my cue to leave, too. ... How do I get back, anyway?

Fortunately, it's just a matter of trying to leave the village.

: Dad! Hey! Daddy!
: Huh? What...?

: What happened, Daddy? Where did you go?
: Daddy? Are you crying?
: Kids... I'd like to tell you about your grandfather...

Oop, almost forgot, there's a bit of nice treasure in this castle.

: But we would give all of it for world peace.

Both of these are going to Lola. She can't wield the thunder staff, but she can use it in combat for a free damage spell. The princess robe is great armor, and reduces fire/ice damage to boot!

Now that we have the Golden Orb back, let's take it back to Zenithia.

: Now all I have to do is place the Orb on this stand... There... that should do it!

: Simon! This is all thanks to you! Now... watch!

: Anyhow... I leave the rest entirely up to you. The water's all drained away, so I think I'll have a look see around the place. I'll see you later, then.

: Woah, where'd you come from?

: "Humans aren't all that bad, are they?" Leaving only those words, he decided to hide himself away. But oh, who could have predicted that within a few hundred years this castle would fall from the skies! If only the castle had not fallen, perhaps peace would still be intact...

: Please relay this news to my grandfather inside that room.
: You mean... in the fireplace?
: Don't judge us.

: And now all we must do is wait for the rebirth of the Dragon God. The Master Dragon sealed his power away in the tower of Boble that stands on a Northeastern isle. Take the contents of that drawer there. It may come in handy.

: You know, when I was younger, I would probably demand to know why I am taking a grappling hook from an underwear drawer in a fireplace. Now, I just want to get out of here. Don't make eye contact, kids.

: As a token of my appreciation, please take a drop of World Tree's Dew from over there.

World Tree's Dew is pretty great. It...

Hey! I was explaining that!

: If you need more, please come back anytime you wish.

: Mr. Pusan is the one that fixed the flying thingy!
: Is he your boss or something?
: Huh? Who? Pusan. I'm sorry, but I don't remember a Zenithian by that name...

: Speak of the devil...
: Some of the people that had been trapped in the underwater castle are still alive. Though the passage of time had been stopped for them, that they still survived this long is a miracle! Getting to meet people I never thought I'd see again... I'm so happy!
: What do you mean "again"? No one here has ever heard of you!
: Yeah, that's a funny story...
: ... ... Well?
: Yep! Hilarious!
: Right...

When you step on this tile, you can actually control the flight of the castle!

Next time: Dragon power!