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Part 34: That is not a convincing disguise

: Wheeeeee!
: Isn't there someplace you're supposed to be about now?
: Hmm. Well, Gema did mention that his boss is the High Priest Ivol, and I think I know where to find this Order of Light cult.
: Oh?

: Oh, yes. I'm intimately familiar with the place.

: It looks like they've done some more work since I left, though.
That room over to the right, in particular, is new, and we definitely want to make a stop there.

: Hey, does that armor over there look familiar?

: So just move along, all of you! If you don't scram, you'll be sorry!
: Not until you hand over my armor, mister.

: Zombie? You need your eyes checked, buddy.

The guardian of the Zenithian Armor isn't a boss or anything. He's not even a particularly strong mook. I guess the Order of Light wasn't really expecting any serious attack at their inaccessible temple fortress.

: Finally! How do I look?
: Shiny!
There's no particular plot related reason you need the armor, it's just really good. No bonus for getting the complete set, either.

: My God... Where did all these people come from?
: They're all chanting. I think they're worshiping something.
: No, I mean, how did they physically get here? We had to ride a dragon
: God.
: God to get here. Did everyone else climb or something?

: Hurry up and get in there already!
: How do these guys fit their snakes into their uniform?
: I... uh... let's just go over here now.

: So, uh, hey guys. What's going on here?

: ... Lady who now? Hey! Guards! Why is everyone chanting my mother's name?

: bodies. But you... it's as if... Hmm?
: Woops. The jig is up.
: You, you're not...!! How did you get this far?!
: Uh, you're the only two guards. You tell me.

More different mooks! You might think by the names that these guys are somehow iconically significant, but no. The game design could give two shits about what we called this series in the States.

: Let's see if we can find someone that isn't brainwashed or stupid and beat some answers out of them.

: Look at that statue!
: It's mommy!
: I guess this lady is in charge...

: Is it now?
: As High Priest Ivol is not present, this temple is under my charge. So, you're Simon. You may not know this, but I am your mother.
: ... Mother?
: Oh Simon... You have grown so much... As your mother, you can't begin to imagine how much I've wanted to see you. When I think back... Papas was a really pathetic man... See... I heard this story about him... Would you like to hear it?
: Dad? Is that really Grandma Martha?

: Talking about such a sad human being is a waste of my time, you see... moving along... Will you promise to serve the High Priest, Lord Ivol, alongside your loving mother?
: No!
: Seriously. You have to be joking.

: That means you oppose me, your own mother, as well!
: That's not how I see it, lady.
: How... how can you say that? Could it be... that you don't think I'm your real mother?
: There's no way you're Grandma Martha!
: You're not even a good liar!

: I'll compliment you on seeing through my disguise... Kee kee kee! As for your dear mother... she no longer exists on this plane!
: You'd better cough up where she is, you... you...

: And I'll destroy your soul just like I destroyed the souls of everyone else here!

Watch the fight here.
I'm not even going to try to figure out how this guy thought he could pretend to be Simon's mom. Like Gema's lieutenant Gonz, Ivol's lieutenant is a pushover. If you watch the video, you might notice that my entire party is cursed and it doesn't make any difference. He doesn't hit hard enough to make healing complicated, and he has no special tricks, and he goes down soon enough.

: But... even with your strength... you will not... defeat... Lord... Ivol...

:Dad? Why do the bad guys keep saying we're going to lose?
: Evil isn't very good at pattern recognition, son. ... Which suddenly explains that test I had to take way back then.

: Hey! Hey! Hey!
: It looks like whatever spell the slaves were under is broken. Hey, you there!

: Hmm? You sure do resemble the Protector God of my house... Speaking of which, I better get home to mother and father as soon as possible!
: Well, I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting off this sheer mountain face, and then swimming halfway across the world to get to your tiny island home. Good luck!
: Fine, I'll give him a lift home. Jeez, passive aggressive much
: Thanks, God!

: Bianca... God, it's been so long. Lola, you know what to do. Kids, it's time to meet your mother.

: What.
: It's not working! I'm sorry, Daddy! I'm trying my best!
: I know, sweetie. It's not your fault.

: And then he said that as long as this statue remained here, the Legendary Hero could never be born!
: As soon as we find this Ivol, he's going to learn just how terrible that plan was...

: Silly evil cult, you can't hide stairs from me.

: I thought I'd never have to come back here...

: This is new, though.

I'll be honest: I hate this dungeon. It's not just a maze, but the paths to follow are fairly circuitous. Plus, it's not always clear when you have to walk underneath a walkway, so even if you have a map handy it's not always obvious how to get around.

The monsters here should not be taken lightly. The evil spirits like to randomly change your party tactics, which can really mess you up if you aren't paying attention.

: Hey, buddy, is this the way to the evil cultists' ball?

: Don't bother responding. You worthless peons aren't the best conversationalists. Still, I'm glad you came to me. See... I was just getting a little hungry... And you look like tasty enough morsels...
: Would you just shut up so we can kill you?

: Hey, I bet Puckle would like this. Poor guy, I don't think I've given him any treats lately.
: That's OK, Daddy! We've been letting him wear our old hats!
The Demon Claw is the second best claw type weapon. The damage isn't great, but it has a chance to poison enemies.

: OK, I think we go around that pillar, and under that ledge? Maybe?

: This looks like some sort of prison cell...

: It says, 'Dearest Maria... I am afraid I will not live much longer. But so long as you are happy, I have no regrets in this life... Oh, poor Joshua. Your sister is safe and happy now. Wherever you are, rest easy...

Junk. They wouldn't lock up a traitor with the good stuff, after all.

: I don't care who you are, but I will not allow you to disturb the master!
: If you think you're going to stand between me and getting my wife back, I've got bad news for you...

Yeah, another speed bump.

: Stay alert, kids. I think this is it.
: We're not scared!
: Yeah, we've got your back, Daddy!

: And from that look on your face, you've even managed to defeat my right hand man, Ramada. And after all I've done, the Legendary Hero still managed to be born... Up to now, the All-Mighty's vision could not be achieved... However... the finale is at hand... And from now on, history shall be mine to write!
: Idiot. I don't care about history. I just want my wife back. My children want their mother back.
: Hah! You'll never see here again. The Legendary Hero dies here.
: You still don't get it, do you? You've already lost. What we have, you'll never be able to match.
: Oh? And what is that?
: Friends.

: ... So be it, I'll end you all here and now! Now come meet your death, Legendary Hero. You and your pathetic clan!

As always, click here for the fight
It's taken us almost the full game, but we finally get a challenging and interesting boss fight! During this fight, you have full access to the caravan, and can swap your party members in and out of the fight freely. One thing that isn't obvious, especially with the slightly glitchy combat text, is that HealUs affects everyone, including party members in the wagon.

Especially if you haven't been grinding, this fight requires a lot of care. Ivol puts a bounce effect up early, so most spells won't work on him. It's better to rely on buffs and physical combat. On the other hand, he can wipe out all buffs across the entire party. The key is to make sure your MP reserves are sufficient going in, and don't get complacent.

As an aside, this actually took me two tries. I don't know why, but on my first attempt I did far more damage, but Ivol just would not die. Eventually I ran out of MP and died. I've seen this happen a few times before; sometimes a boss is just unkillable. I don't know if it's a bug in the translation, or in the actual game, or if there's some weird mechanic I don't know about. It's not gameending in any way, just weird. Anyway, after enough stabs to the face...

: But yes! It is just as my God, the Great Demon Lord Mildrath foretold!
: Your god predicted you would lose, and you still signed on to the plan anyway? Ballsy.
: Simon... Your mother... is in the Demon World... She now serves... Lord Mildrath...
: I've heard that before, and I still don't believe it.
:If you wish to save her... you must go there... But when you do... then it will be the end of you and your family! I shall open the gateway to the Demon World myself! Great Demon Lord Mildrath! Lend me your infinite power of dark preservation one last time!
: Oh no!
: Jeez, it never stops! ... wait, shouldn't something be happening?

: No... how... It cannot be! Arghhhh!!!
And so passes Ivol, and with him the Order of Light. He leaves behind a mysterious ring...

: Kept a souvenier, hunh? Bastard. Come on, children, let's get out of here before the whole place collapses.
: Why would the temple collapse just because we killed the boss?
: I'm not sure, it just seems like a thing that would happen.
: That's dumb, Dad.
: ... Yeah, you're right. Forget I said anything.

???: My name... is Martha... Simon... can you hear me...?
: M... Mother? Is it really you this time?

???: Simon... I could wish for nothing but to see how you have grown... But that is a wish that must never come true...
: What are you talking about? Just wait, Mother, I'll come save you!
???: Simon... You must not come to the World of the Demons. Even the Legendary Hero will be no match for the Great Demon Lord... And Simon... I have heard that you have both wife and children... Forget about me... Live happily with your family... And on my life, I swear that I will not allow Mildrath to escape this place... Now... go... I believe... that there is someone waiting for you...
: Mother? I can barely hear you! Come back!

: ...
: Dad...
: ... Let's go. Your mother is waiting.

: Yay! The curse is broken!

: What have I... been doing all this time?
: Bianca! Oh, God, finally!
: Hmm? Oh! My love!

Yeah, no shit text box.

And... let's just fade to black and give the family some privacy for their reunion. We'll catch up to them when they're back home in Granvania.

: Simon... Thank you... for saving me...
: I'm sorry it took so long, dear.
: And Erdrick, Lola... I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you all this time...
: Mama!!
: Mother!!

: Tell him I'll be down in a while.

: I guess you were quite the stud, weren't you, father?
: Gah! Who taught you to talk like that?!

: Some Legendary Hero... something stuck in my eye shut up

: After all... We'll be together forever from now on... I love you, Simon.
: Forever. Let me just go see what Ojiron wants. ... Maybe get a sitter for the kids...

: Gods... even I'm crying now...

: King Simon! Congratulations, Sire!

: I am truly sorry to tear you away from your family, but... There is something I must discuss with you immediately!
: Yes? What is it?
: I'll get right to the point!

: I thought I made myself clear. My mother is still being held prisoner.
: My lord, you must not! I too have heard from others, Lady Martha's words through the Ring of Life... I beg you heed her warnings and reconsider your plan...

: It's not as though I do not understand where Lord Ojiron is coming from... But I personally, I wish to carry the master's... I mean King Papas' wish out... and save our Lady Martha. To do such, Lord Simon... I will travel to the ends of the Earth with you!

Simon returns to his chambers to talk to his family about what they should do.

: I just think you should do whateer your heart tells you to do... But let me say just this... No matter what happens, I am going to be there, right by your side! I love you, Simon...

:Well, she's always been your grandmother, sweetie...
: I wish I could meet Grandmother too...

: Well, what are we waiting for then? Let's kick some baddie butt! I think that's what I was born to do!

: Bianca... Erdrick... Lola... We've all fought so hard to come back together again. My mother is willing to sacrifice herself so that we can live in peace... but we'd be turning our back on what got us here. We do not leave family behind! We're almost at the end, and we'll finish this together.

Next time: The Demon World