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Part 36: The Legendary Hero

Click here for the final battle of the game.

Mildrath throws you right back into the fight, with no opportunity to heal or restore your magic. This battle is no joke; you'll want to be sure you've ground out enough levels, carefully brought the best monsters to the party, and gathered up a good supply of restorative items. I did none of those things this time!

: Oh, god, we need a medic!

Mildrath hits super hard, and there's not a lot you can do to protect yourself against his worst attacks, like that firebreath. Just be sure you've got at least someone that can tough it out, and you've got someone that can cast Revive. If someone is injured but not killed, you can swap them back to the wagon for a round; they'll still receive healing from a HealUs spell. All this swapping does make it hard to keep buffs up, though.

: What? No fair!
: Just keep fighting! We have to wound him faster than he can heal!
: At least when he's healing he's not breathing fire at us...

: Ow! Sonnuva... Still better than fire, though.

: Hah! You're not the only monster in this fight, Mildrath!
Did I mention I love the falcon blade combined with Bikill?

: Bianca? Are you all right?
: It's just a scratch, darling, don't worry about me. Just hurry up and finish this freak!
: You can do it, Daddy! We believe in you!
: Look, we've got him on the ropes! One more good hit should do it, Dad!

: Huff... huff... And stay down!

: The King amongst Kings... but... how... could I...

: Ooh, pretty!
: Dad? Why was the Demon Lord full of glitter?
: I have no id- oop, here we go!

: Oh, hi, God. Glad it was you yanking us out of there and not a secret final final boss. ... You're not a secret final final boss, are you?

: So, no. Because of your deeds, peace has returned to the world. And for that, I thank you...

: Hey! Don't talk bad about our heroics!
: I'm telling you, masquerading as a human's gone and made me soft...

: Wa ha ha ha! Oh, come on. Don't be so uptight.
Pusan is the best Almighty.

: So I'll do you a favor and escort you down there... Besides... I want to go visit the human world again... Well, I'll be waiting for you outside, alright?
: Yeah, sure, boss. I'm just gonna bask in some accolades first, if you don't mind.
: Please do!

: What in the world is Lord Master Dragon thinking?
: I just hope it's not returning to the form of that human named Pusan...

: My friend Bella told me to tell you, hey for her.
: Dear? Who is this Bella?

: Sure, just work out the book deal with my agent.
: Agent?
: Rrrrr!

: And it is all because of your valiant efforts.

: Youse guys really are great! I've changed my view of you!

: No doubt, tales of your great feat will be passed down from generation to generation.

: Oh, here you are, God.
: Dragon ride! Dragon ride!

: Yaaaaaay!

From here, Master Dragon takes us on a well deserved victory lap around the world, where we can bask in the adulation of the people we've saved!

First stop, El Heven.

: When I close my eyes, I can almost see the Lady's smiling face when she first laid eyes on you...
: We always had the utmost respect for your mother... the Lady Martha...
: I'm sure that she will live forever within your heart...

: After all, it was Lady Martha's child and her grandchildren that saved us all.

: Since that young man wandered into this village...?
: You mean my father? It's so weird trying to imagine him as a young man...
: Now that I think about it, it was the beginning of everything. And as long as I should live, I shall make sure that your story will be told to all who might listen.
: Well, don't lose your voice telling your story to all the tourists to this lost, inaccessible village.

: How romantic...

: May the Hero of Legend and his family live with the Lord's protection for now and forever on.
: Hey, no problem. They've earned the hell out of it. Let's motor, lots of places to go!

Next stop is Reinhart, for some long overdue bro time.

: I guess the old saying was right... the apple really doesn't fall too far from the tree, does it?

: Oh yeah... Heh. Man, Bianca really is something, huh? Too good for him, methinks!
: Honey, do they know that we can hear them?
: At any rate, the world's at peace and the citizens of Reinhart are doing some celebrating! Heh heh. I get to gloat 'bout being your friend and all.
: Well, I'm glad things worked out for you!
: And hey... it's true... We've gone through a lot together... I hope we remain friends for a long time...
: Of course we will, dude! It's not like I've got much to do anymore besides hassle your sorry ass.

: Pretty cool?
: If you want, I can still be persuaded to make you one of my goons!
: What!? I... erm... Well, how about I be your goon when I visit here, and you be my goon when you come visit me!
: Well, OK!

: Still, thanks to you, the world is at peace and my brother's death was not in vain.

: As the King of Reinhart, on behalf of all my people, I thank you. Lord Simon- no you are Granvania's King Simon! Had I my own way, I would wish to keep you here, but surely at Granvania, your own people are anxiously awaiting your return.
: They can anxiously wait a little longer, there's still more people we need to see. Don't let Henry slack off too much, hear me?
: Please be careful always.

: Simon... You know that day you left this village with Papas?
: That's just about my earliest memory, yeah.
: I remember that as though it was yesterday! No one ever thought that you would both disappear from that day on... But here you are now, well and alive... and back with us... And bringing us the gift of world peace to boot!

: I still can't believe how excitable nuns are...

: You don't say!
: Well, I was utterly astounded when I heard!

: But it's no longer infested with monsters.
: So... why are you guarding it?

: But I couldn't abandon my dreams of becoming an alchemist so I came back. I hope that one day I'll be just as good an alchemist as my master!
: It's good to see the village rebuilt and growing again!

: a long time ago.
: You've kept the place exactly the same. I don't know if that's touching or creepy.
: What? You knew? Oh, you knew and came to visit it.
: Well, yeah. Man, I can still see Dad sitting at his desk...
: What? You used to live here... But... That means that you're... Oh Gods...
: Haha, don't worry about it. Just keep the place tidy, right?

: Thanks to you, this village is going to be reborn. Thank you so much.

: Sure you did.
: But now I hear Papas became the King of some country. Well, whaddaya know, eh?
: You're a little off on the details, buddy.

: So you've finally returned! I've heard a lot of rumors about you! That you've become a King and even defeated the Great Demon Lord.
: Haha, well, I guess these things just sort of happen...
: I guess this makes Simon the most successful person in this village!

: I mean, it's you, King Simon! Well well, you've really made something of yourself.

: If grandpa was so hungry, he should have just told me...
: I bet it was fairies, lady!

: My wife likes to blame me for eating everything, so this time I really did eat everything!

: We'd better tell Mr. Ludman the good news!
: And Flora, too, hmm?
: Er...
: Haha, oh, don't blush, dear. I'm just teasing.

: Joy cookies! We want cookies!
: Oh, thanks, Mr. Ludman. Now they're going to be screaming for cookies all day. Maybe we can ask God to stop off at a bakery on the way home.
: I can't believe it! That you could defeat the Demon Lord and restore peace... But then again, it was you, Simon, and your children... you amaze me still... I just wish you had married Flora back then...
: Hey, Simon's actual wife, standing right here.
: *ahem* but that is a thing of the past...
: Damn right.
: And today is today and there has been no happier day that I can remember!

: I would never have ever thought it possible.
: Neither would I, except for all the prophecies that wouldn't shut up about it.
: No doubt, you and Miss Bianca are bound together by the strings of fate.

: He tells everyone he meets that he's the one who lent the Legendary Hero a ship to use!
: Oh, yeah, I should give that back. I sort of don't need it anymore.

: Simon, Bianca, and their two lovely children... I hope that you all will be happy forever.
: Hey, Simon! You guys really were great people! I can't believe that for at least one moment, I was in competition with you over Flora!
: I, eh.. heh, let's not talk about it.

: I said let's not talk about it! Ew!

: Umm... yeah... Dude's older than I am...

: Oh, Simon. For a while there, when things were dark, I never imagined I'd see dancing again...

: It's been so long since the last time I've danced this hard. I feel like a school girl again!

: Yeah, let's make today an official holiday!
: We'll call it Legendary Hero Day! Or just Erdrick Day, yeah!
: No, that's not what I meant at all! Hmph!

: Gimme your strongest liquor!
: Erdrick!
: Just milk all around.

: Oh, God, Simon, it's been so long since I've been home...
: Come on, let's go tell your old man how proud he should be of his daughter...

: But even better than that... you've brought your family to visit me! I have never been so happy...
: Oh, Daddy... I'm sorry I was away for so long...
: But we can talk of such things later... you can stay for a while, can't you?
: Well... actually...

: That means... Simon... you're a... a King...?
: Well, yeah, that happened somehow.
: Oh, very well. I suppose I should let you return to your people...
: Very gracious of you, sir. I'd hate for there to be an international incident.
: Oh father... We'll definitely come visit you later!
: You can come visit, but don't come running to me each time you get into a fight with Simon! Wa ha ha ha!

: Something about him finding her abandoned in some mountain...
: What.
: Oops! Maybe I wasn't supposed to tell anybody either!

: They redecorated the entire house, roof to basement, to look like a church... But since the world's at peace, maybe it really was thanks to that...
: Hey, you never know.

: Oh, Simon... we're finally home.
: Mm hmm. Home for good. No more world to save, no more demon king to slay... My God... I can sleep in!
: Well, maybe just once.

: The people of Granvania have been eagerly awaiting your return, Highness!

: You have no idea how much pride your deeds have brought to this humble Granvania citizen!

: Oh your Highness, I'm so so happy!! *hick*

: Not like you'll ever need to use my services again! Way to go, your Highness!!

: But Lord Simon, you have no doubt just done that!

: Way to go, Erdrick... Our awesome Legendary Hero... LE-GEN-DA-RY!! La la la... Come on, your Highness!! Sing along!

: I don't think I've ever been happier than today. *hick*
: Just to make sure, we do have a dungeon, right?

: You're the best kitty, Puckle.
: Rrrrrrrl.

: Cheers for Queen Bianca! Hurrah for Prince Erdrick! Yippee for Princess Lola!

: Hmm, maybe I'll have a pint too... *glug glug* Wooooo!
: Oh. Gee. I wonder who this bartender that I have never seen before in my life could be he is surely not someone in disguise.
: Hmm? What? Who am I? Don't tell me you don't recognize me, Simon? It's me, Pusan. Remember now?
: You are truly the God we deserve, dude.
: Aah, humans truly are a good breed...

: This just proves that all creatures great and small are God's children.
: You can't prove that!

: May God watch over the family of the Legendary Hero forever!

: Just kidding, no one should ever talk to the King like that, I suppose... But you know what they say. Old habits are hard to break. You were great, your Highness!

: Your great actions in the field and your accomplishments fill me with such joy...
: Cookies?
: It's been so long now since your father and I escaped the palace that night... To think that something like this could happen... it must be a dream! But for now, King Simon, everyone is waiting for you.

You should totally click to watch this video.

: Psst. Dad. Turn around.
: Frikkin' chair. What are these cushions made of, lead?

: You're not upset I took your job, are you, Uncle Ojiron?
: Just promise you'll stick around and actually be King for a change, my liege.

: Princess Lola, Prince Erdrick...

: My King, my Queen... Finally, Granvania's royal family is whole again. Oh, jeez, I'm going to cry.

Simon's subjects approach the throne to acknowledge their King and Queen...

And when that brief ceremony is complete, the band strikes up a celebratory song!
: Why is everyone staring at us expectantly?
: They're waiting for you to lead them in the first dance, Your Majesty.
: Oh!

: Everyone's watching us...
: I've crossed two worlds and fought monsters, cults, and gods to dance with the woman I love. Let them watch!

: Did you hear something?
: Hmm? Like what?
: Never mind, it's nothing. So... what happens now?
: Tonight, we keep dancing. Tomorrow? We'll face tomorrow when it comes, my love. Together.