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by My Name Is Kaz

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Original Thread: Adventure, Shapes, Drama: Let's Play Dragon View


Somehow, Infogrames decided to make a sequel to Drakkhen. Whoever did so wisely chose to change the title to something else; presumably to not remind people of that piece of shit. I played Drakkhen some. And it was about my third time restarting from a party wipe when a constellation came down from the sky and killed me on the world map. No shit, the fucking sky killed me. Fuck that game. 

What they changed Drakkhen into was equally baffling, but nevertheless, let's play Dragon View!

Dragon View plays out a drama on the isle of Keire in...erm...some fantasy land somewhere perhaps tied to other Infogrames properties. You play as Alex (unless you want a name in all caps), the lithe light-armor clad longsword swinger.
You move from dungeon to dungeon and town to town on the map, explore, loot, murder monsters and get exp and precious jade (the oft helium-filled currency of the isle of Keire). Combat is in beat-em-up style, making this game something of a hybrid between Golden Axe and Legend of Zelda.

The melodrama of wizards vs. warriors drives the plot of Dragon View, and the plot drives you, the player.

Well, okay, it mostly drives you. There's a lot of room to simply explore around and get lost in a bog where deadly creatures will drag you into their lairs and eat you. Or find good stuff I guess.

I'll be exploring most every corner of the map in due time, and talking to most NPCs.
For me at least, having any NPC dialog that's worth a damn is a welcoming tide.
I'll post updates at least twice a week in chapters as the game's plot suggests. While you may end up spending most of your time in the game wandering around fighting baddies, the updates will have a comparatively large amount of in-town chatting and plot advancement.

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