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Part 1: Post 01: Appearance of the Descendant

Post 01: Appearance of the Descendant

Starting right off, we're greeted to a title screen with a dragon jammed through it. Upon further inspection, a menu prompting you to create a new game will come up. Moving on!

First off, we must name ourselves. Only four spaces? Darn Gameboy Colour limitations.

NES differences:

Well, with a little luck of creative nicknames, our hero, Andy, is named! But wait, there's something more!

Certain names affect your stats, both in initial values and growth. The formula (atleast, for the NES version) is viewable here.

Text speed actually only applies to how fast attack messages and damage prompts appear in battle. Setting this to one makes it almost unreadable, and setting it to eight causes you to have to scroll through it at your own pace.

The draconic behemoth slowly tears away at the castle.

It soon rises, a magnificent orb in it's hand.

As a woman looks on, nightmares close in.

And then, silence befalls the castle, their siege done.

NES differences:
Holy heck, a purple... or orange dragon, a shiny ball, and a horde of monsters!? If only there were a hero to fix all of this!

But wait!

And immediately, we are shoved right into the action! The king has laid out three treasure chests for us, to start us off atleast. Or has he?

NES differences:

contains 120 gold!
contains a Torch!
contains a Key!
With our newly found treasure, we're already rich, we have no reason to fear the dark, and we can unlock something!

What could go wrong indeed.

NES differences:
Upon questioning the two nearby guards, we discover that there is a town nearby. We also discover that, upon use of the Key, my journey will begin!

The door is indeed locked, but our Key fixes that- wait what, it's gone? Well, actually, Keys can only be used once per door, though the door doesn't relock themselves usually.

After having escaped the king's locked chambers, our adventure really begins!

Now that we're really out on our own, many things are possible. There are many people to talk to, as well as the mainstay of all Dragon Warrior games; looting. Yes, looting. We get to rob people of their belongings, and no one will care! It comes with being the hero or something.

Speaking of talking to people.

Moving on. Most of the people within the castle make references to current events. Making note of important of important ones;

This old man does more than just spew out fancy words. Talking to him entirely refills your magic points. Not that those are useful, yet.

Anyways, now that we're informed on all the important issues about having to save the world from this awful mess, let's further propagate the ability to do so by stealing new items!

Herbs will heal your health moderately. The h is also silent, but I still say it anyways.

NES differences:
And that's all for Tantegel Castle for now, until we come back with Keys! The only thing left to do now is leave and scout out for that nearby town!

Welcome to the continent of Alefgard, where dragon warriors walk.