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Part 9: Post 08: The Shiny Harp and the Staff of Rain

Post 08: The Shiny Harp and the Staff of Rain

We have a multitude of places to go. Our destination now shall be Garinham, to get that harp!

Arriving is a cakewalk now, since the local monsters literally flee in terror.

We break off a key in the door and waltz on in!

As we were told in Tantegel Castle, we must push against the wall of darkness.

And... pop! We break through into a secret passage.

The old man vanishes.

Proceeding onwards...

...we come into darkness. We cast Radiant...

...and light this place up. It's quite decorative.

These... Droll things are ugly as sin. Given our level however, they're easily defeated.

As we navigate this strange maze tomb thing, we come across some treasure.

We discard that silly Copper Sword to make room for the LifeAcorn.

Winding around the maze, we come to a large door. Good thing we just got a Key! When unlocked, this door stays unlocked.

The Poltergeist is an upgraded Spooky. It knows Firebal, but that's about it. Dies in one hit!

Descending on downwards, the monsters get harder. The music also begins to slow down, and gain an eerie somber to it.

Eyedrlord here is complete with an arsenal of spells. Well, not really an arsenal, but it has Firebal and Heal.

NES differences:

DeadNites are Skeletons with swords. He can also tear you up, AND knows Heal, which he uses frequently.

NES differences:

The Specter is the strongest version of the Spooky and Poltergeist. It knows Firebal and Sleep, making it quite deadly.

The Drollmagi is just as ugly as the Droll, but has more health and knows Sleep.

Floor tiles of some sort of woman holding an orb, hm.

We navigate this place some more and end up near the harp.

Another floor tile, with the staircase to the left.

And then, we finally locate the harp, next to a large grave.

When played, the Shiny Harp attracts monsters. Why you would want to do this is beyond me, but hey, we're trading it off anyways.

As it were, this grave looks inviting, but it can't be read. Hm. Time to leave!

Except, we have to find our way back out.

Along the way, we run into a Drakeema. This is... err, the strongest Dracky, but it's still extremely weak. It knows Firebal and Heal.

A tile away from the exit, at level twelve we learn Outside, which allows us to teleport out of a dungeon. What luck, right?

At this point, we walk ourselves across the map and back to that uh, one shrine, yes.

And that wraps up that! We now have the Sun Stone and the Rain Staff, which are needed to make a rainbow or something. Unfortunately, the only way to do that is to find the Loto Seal, and right now we have no idea where the heck that is. Maybe next time!