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Part 10: Post 09: The Dragon and the Princess

Post 09: The Dragon and the Princess

At this point, we have the two items required to make a rainbow, but lack the proof of our heritage to have it done. We also haven't saved the Princess, so she shall come first!

At this point we use the two LifeAcorns and the MysticNut in our inventory, gaining ten more health and three magic.

Waltzing back to the cave, the door is once again locked. We use a Key...

...and find the Dragon once more. Boss time.

Last time we tried this, he barbequed us and left us for dead, but this time we're ready!

The battle carries on, Loto's descendant fighting bravely against the scaled behemoth!

And when all seems lost, the hero strikes the beast dead, the cave falling silent.

And then it fades, awesome.

This is one of those infinite "But thou must!" loops, and you could say no to her a thousand times and she'll still insist.

We make a quick trip back to Tantegel...

After a little three-way stay at the inn, our hero has officially saved the Princess. Our quest to save Alefgard is drawing to a close, with only one item remaining before we may face the DracoLord.