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Part 12: Post 11: The Drop of the Rainbow

Post 11: The Drop of the Rainbow

At this point, we lack one more item until we can reach the DracoLord's domain. We set our sights on the southern half of Alefgard!

On the way, we cross by this marsh near the mountain cave. Darn marsh.

Eventually we come upon a bridge; past here, the enemies increase in difficulty by a lot.

And eventually, after wandering the desert, reach the ruins of the town of Domdora.

NES differences:

In the ruins of Domdora, powerful enemies lurk.

One is the Werewolf, the strongest form of, well, Wolf.

Another new face is the StarWyvrn, the strongest variety of Wyvern. It can breathe fire and cast HealMore.

We wander the town, searching for any survivors. Heading north, through what appears to be a shop yields...

The MadKnight. He's a beast with a massive amount of health, as well as the Sleep spell.

At this point, we barely manage to beat him, but we do!

We then locate the thing he was guarding... Loto Armour, the best armour in the game, and the very suit that our ancestor wore when he saved Alefgard from darkness. It offers +28 DEF, as well as making us immune to marsh and barriers, AND allows us to heal one health per step we take.

Another local enemy is the RgeScrpio, which stands for Rogue Scorpion. Other than being the strongest variety of Scorpion, they pretty much act the same way.

There also is the ShdwKnght, also known as the Shadow Knight. He's just a buffed up Skeleton, however.

Before we continue, we take a trip back to Garinham and search near the town's bathroom, finding the Pixy Flute!

*: You must have found the seller of the Keys. That means my son in Rimuldar must have told you of the Pixy Flute. Have you obtained it already?

We journey back south, running into another knight, the ArmKnight (no, he isn't made of arms). Also known as the Armoured Knight, he's weaker than the MadKnight, and instead knows StopSpell.

We locate a bridge, showing that new encounters will be nearby.

...and then find another.

On the way there we run into the MagWyvern. They know Heal and Sleep, and can hit quite hard.

But we eventually come upon a massive marsh. In the center, we locate the Loto Seal, proof of our bloodline. With this, we can now make a rainbow!

At level fifteen, we learn Repel, which will cause enemies to stray away from us, preventing random encounters for a few steps.

Eventually, we get lost and circle the area, finding another bridge. Crossing it and looping around again, we arrive at...

...a towering behemoth of stone. It appears to be blocking the way to the final town.

Interacting with it throws us into the fight with the Golem, a stone guardian created to keep the town of Mercado safe from outside harm. It has a mountain of health, and can hit like a freight train. However...

...using the Pixy Flute on it will put it to sleep, allowing us to take free shots on it! It does awaken however every so often, but a quick use of the flute sends it back to sleep.

After a few turns of chipping away at it and playing it songs, we defeat it.

Now this town has a huge opening into it, free for monsters to ravage thanks to us. Hm.

NES differences:

*: fortress city!

contains a DEFseed! Andy's GRD rose by 4!

*: passed on from person to person until it ended up with Yukinov.

*: A friend of his, Yukinov, buried an amazing treasure under a tree behind his shop. I don't have any idea what it is. I'd like to dig it up, but it's so unsafe out there.

*: Huh? You don't look like you need beets. The item shop's over there.

*: to keep monsters at bay.

The door here is locked, but we soon fix that.

*: for generations. When Grandfather Yukinov ran the shop, the town was razed by monsters. He somehow managed to get his family out and settled down here. Luckily, the shop has been popular so he had enough savings to start a new life. We're still comfortable. Pardon? Where was his shop then? I think it was the east side of town.

contains a Key!

*: to ward off monsters?
Repellant, well, is the item form of the Repel spell. It's sort of how the Torch and Radiant work.

contains a MysticNut! Andy's max.MP rose by 3!

*: who were killed by monsters. Please pray for their souls.

Another locked door we make quick work of. Upstairs is a weapon shop that sells the best shield in the game, the Silver Shield, which offers +20 DEF, which we purchase. It also offers the second best weapon in the game, the Flame Sword, which offers +28 ATK, which we also purchase.

*: the elder who lives in a shrine to the south of here.
From what I have gathered, there was once a shrine south of Mercado. It was destroyed however, buried in the marsh.

Even more doors! And barriers, too, but we have Loto Armour, which will protect us. Unlocking one door unlocks both for some strange reason.

*: That is proof of the true hero. Now go and visit the old man who lives in the Sacred Shrine south of Tantegel.

We head back out of Mercado and run into a Druinlord, the strongest form of a Druin. It knows Firebane. the upgraded form of Firebal, and StopSpell.

NES differences:

If you were wondering, back in Tantegel is a locked door. Inside is a store that sells Repellant at a cheaper price than in Mercado.

With Sun Stone, Rain Staff, and Loto Seal in hand, we return to the Sacred Shrine.

*: Loto's blood! It is time for rain and sun to come together as one! Now, hand me the Rain Staff and the Sun Stone!

*: altar, I offer you rain and the sun.

*: Take the Rainbow Drop and go on.

With the Rainbow Drop, we can now go to the DracoLord. ...somehow. We'll have to see how that works.

With Princess in hand, and the Rainbow Drop in our possession, we now have only one more step in our quest to complete; killing the DracoLord.