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Part 13: Post 12: The Final Battle

Post 12: The Final Battle

We now have all of the necessary means to defeat the DracoLord. But first, a few things to touch up on.

At level seventeen, we learn HealMore, which heals somewhere around 90 health per use.

When using the Flame Sword as an item... casts a powerful fire spell on the enemy. It has infinite uses for this. Of course, actually attacking with it is much more effective.

In the desert on the southwestern corner of Alefgard, is where Metalys hide. They're worth massive amounts of experience. They cast Firebal, and almost always flee. Just as well, they have immense defense, so you'll only ever do one damage per hit.

It is here, the channel that our brave ancestor before us created a bridge and stormed an ancient evil's castle. We too, shall follow in his footsteps.

And now the pathway is clear.

Making our way through the mountains and up the hill, we come to a place of great evil known as Charlock Castle.

The interior glows a sinister red, surrounded by infectious marsh.

There are two of these doors here, on the left and right side. They lead nowhere, and are a waste of Keys.

Behind the throne, is a hidden staircase. It descends into many floors of dark caverns.

As soon as we descend, we come up against a door that we soon defeat.

And then, descend farther into the madness.

RockGolems have the most health for a random encounter in the game, and they can hit almost as hard as the Golem could.

BlueDrgns are Dragons, except they're blue. That's actually the only difference aside from being a bit stronger.

Fighting our way through the evil, we descend once more.

We continue on, halfway through this place already.

We then come upon these strange tiles. We continue north, ascending a staircase, continuing this for a few floors.

And then we come upon this, hidden in the DracoLord's very lair; the Loto Sword. At +40 ATK, it is the strongest sword in the game.

At level nineteen, we learn the last spell of the game, Firebane. It's the upgraded form of Firebal.

Another draconic enemy, the RedDragon is strongest variety. It can breathe flames as well as use StopSpell.

Another red enemy is the AxeKnight, which is capable of casting Firebane and HealMore.

After fighting our way through the DracoLord's minions, we come into a strange place.

Up north, we find a locked door, and inside we find...

...the DracoLord's treasure collection.
The DvlBelt is a cursed item. Equipping it makes you unable to remove it unless you speak to an old man in Tantegel. Other than that I'm... not sure what it does.

We journey through the ruins, and come upon a throne room. Upon the throne, sits he who has caused all of this.

At level thirty, these are our stats.

The DracoLord, the final boss. He's got the most health in the game, and comes equipped with just about every spell imaginable in the game.

Unfortunately for him, his magic is no match for a good ol' sword to the face.

And then, the real fight begins. The DracoLord obtains his final boss music as well. He's much stronger now and has the power to breathe two types of flames.

With the Princess hanging on one arm, and his ancestor's blade shining in the other, Andy valiantly opposes the DracoLord's onslaught.

Now regressed into nothing more than a large beast, his only tactic is to attack with instict.

But as legend says, a hero would come again and save the world in its darkest time. And with that, Andy cast down the DracoLord with one final stroke.

And then, we are warped out of the castle! All of the marshes in the world have turned into floors. Random encounters have vanished, and everything is peachy. The two return to the castle to report the news.

And with that, Andy and Lora take eachother's hand and walk off into the distance to start their own land in this new, peaceful world.

And that's all for Dragon Warrior 1! I hope you've enjoyed it. Looking at it, it's very short and a classic, but it's a good classic.