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Part 15: The Prince of Cannock: GBC Version Part 2

One thing about Game Boy Colour games is that they just don't do long names. Just about every enemy's name is shortened or or smooshed together to cut down on characters used.

This place is essentially the same aside from the layout. I'm... not entirely sure why I took a screenshot of it. Hrm.

The slugs here are giant, rather than big. ...not that it matters but hey it's a difference between the versions darnit!

GBC town graphic.

One of my favourite things about the GBC versions of Dragon Warrior I and II are the walls. The original Dragon Warrior simply had a single stone slab, whereas Dragon Warrior II had walls with edges. In these, the walls smoothly connect to each other.

I'm pretty surprised this town wasn't renamed, as almost every town in the Dragon Warrior I port had a new name.

One major thing that this version has over the NES is the bank. This becomes very, very useful when you run out of space quickly. It also allows you to store gold, but only in increments of 1,000.

The equipment store gets a new floor, featuring an old man who mentions Cannock being to the north and a woman talking about her younger brother being a Moonbrook soldier.

But that's not why we came up here, oh no...

These versions also add dressers that can be searched, like this one.

For the life of me I don't recall what these tokens do.

The inn has a second floor now too. There's a guy up there who talks about poisoning and how to cure it.

...I'm not sure what these are. A fence? They're just randomly around the place.

This guy is in the NES version, but...

...that most definitely isn't what he says in that version. Eww.

The guards for Cannock are a red colour, as opposed to the brown Moonbrook guards and the blue Lorasia guards.

Cannock now has this guy. He sells the same stuff as Leftwyn though, but if you can't be troubled to walk there then you can buy from this guy.

Moving along to the Hero's Spring, something that Dragon Warrior II in general did over the first one was getting rid of having to use torches, thank God.

...this cave has blue rocks. Possibly ice, even?

May Loto prutect me indeed.

Moving along, we get the first party member, Prince Gary. As you can already guess, the names for the other characters are very different in the GBC version, since they have to abide by the four character limit and localization. (In my other file where the hero is named Caim, the prince of Cannock is named... John. Eugh.)