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Part 2: Kitty!

"Ragnar is unimpressed by your vague prophecy about a chosen one. Come back when you have name, place, and astrological sign."

"Nothing bad ever comes out of drawers!"


"Hmm. Ragnar investigation theory #1: Magical Shoes Stole Child."

"Ragnar investigation theory #2: Child was not child, but was vampire instead."

"But.. Ragnar has already been to knight school."

"Ragnar thinks it is good to have a goal, but you should know Ragnar did not learn to be a royal soldier by going to school. Ragnar learned by having royal sergeant beat the piss of out of him on a daily basis."

"More evidence for not child but vampire theory."

"We do nothing. Ragnar will get in. Guard can go back home now."

A new town means new equipment, but we definitely can't afford the good stuff.. except maybe for a wooden hat.

"Stealing is bad, but Ragnar has a silver living for cloud."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"What do they feed you in jail?"

"B.. bread and water.."

"Then you might not have stolen bread, but you have bread."

Naturally, any town visit would be incomplete without going back at night..

"Ragnar agrees. It is impossible.. unless child is vampire!"

"Vampire? Wha.. how?

"Don't worry, Ragnar will deal with vampires. Guard can go home and try not to be eaten by monsters.

"Ragnar does not think you are snooping."

"Oh.. well, good."

"Ragnar thinks you are trying to peep on lady in bath."

I saw the man in the underground jail before.. in the castle Town of Burland... maybe. Why don't you go back there?

"Yes, but.."

"I said I am going to take a bath. Did you not understand me?

"But there is a.."

"Get out of here!"

"Well, Ragnar tried."

"Alex.. Alex from Burland. Why is name familiar?"

"Don't worry principal, children always have secrets."

"Yes. In this case, Ragnar thinks secret is that child is actually a vampire."

"I.. no, my child is NOT a vampire!"

"Ragnar remembers now! You are missing Alex. Your wife is probably shtupping a merchant now."

"My what? A merchant?"

"Ragnar will find and explain, but first Ragnar needs better weapons and armor. Sit tight in nice, safe jail."

"Signs about not playing in forest make much more sense after being attacked by tree stump."

Ahh, much better. I'm grateful for an emulator with a turbo key.

"Ha! Flee before Ragnar, puny slime thing!"

"Yes, but do not worry. Ragnar told him you were shtupping merchant."

"WHAT!? Take me there, now!"

"Okay. Ragnar will keep you safe from monsters but suggests you stay back at least 10 paces to keep blood off of dress."

"Don't you recognize me? I'm Flora, your wife!"


"Ragnar does not know if it is good that domestic abuse is what you remember about wife. Should probably seek marital counseling."


"Yes, it's me!"

"What came over me? I must have lost my mind in fear after being attacked by monsters."

"Soldier, thanks for finding me."

"Detective Soldier Ragnar finds missing children, soldiers, husbands, and vampires. All in days work.

"I remember hearing this from some children.."

"Something may be there. You'd better check it out."

"Be careful, Soldier."

"Thank you for good wishes. Ragnar will go now, but thinks it will be better for your relationship is shtupping of merchant and why Alex knows about hidden playground in woods are both forgotten after tonight."

After a quick trip to the local merchants, we're ready for some action.. as well as being quite broke.

"Children's secret playground is amazingly filthy."

"Ragnar has never gotten bad results from following mysterious voices into well."

"It does not look like this time will be any different."

"Thank you very much voice, but Ragnar will see for himself."

"Ragnar is not certain, but is fairly sure this playground violates Royal Health and Safety Act provisions for public use."

"Ragnar does not have to listen to disembodied voice that refuses to come out!"

"Although he probably should in the future."

"Hello there! You look like ugly, one eyed children playing dress up. Have you seen child from Izmit village?"

"AGH! Bad children!"

"Ragnar really must recommend good exterminator to village. Rodent problem at playground is seriously out of hand."

"Drawer candy never abandons Ragnar."

You can find items that will randomly increase a given stat by a few points in this game, although they're rare enough that farming isn't really worth it.

"Tastes like crushing!"

"At times like this, Ragnar really wishes he could swim."

"If I make friends with humans, perhaps I'll become one. Take me along."

"You are not human, you are slime! Cannot fool Ragnar!"

"No, no, I'm a good slime!"

"Only good slime is a dead slime. Ragnar does not even know why he is still talking to you."

"I'm.. not a slime, I'm a... a kitty, yes! A kitty."

"KITTY! Why did kitty not say so earlier?"

"I.. can't believe that worked."

So, our newest party member. He's got terrible attack and defense, but he does have a healing spell and that's one thing that Ragnar lacks.

Ragnar gains a level, but Healie Kitty will not. He's fixed at the current stats he has.

It is entirely possible Ragnar is now richer than entire treasury of Burland."

"Definite proof that Magic Shoes did not steal child. Vampire theory looking better and better."

"Maybe we could use those shoes to get into the tower and look for the vampire there?"

"Smart Kitty! Ragnar is glad you are coming along."

End of Update Party Snapshot:

Level 10. Equipment: Iron Spear, Half Plate, Iron Shield, Wooden Hat.