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Part 3: ALL the Children, Ragnar.

This is the point where I restarted and used turbo to catch up in about 25-30 minutes. As requested, we're going with Lamarck. Because of how the game shortens save names, however, I now load "File: Lama" every time I play. Anyway, back to Ragnar.

"Ragnar is not 100% behind this mode of transport!"

"Not many villains go through trouble of buying witch costume to commit villainy in."

"Shouldn't we be stopping them?"

"Is okay, there is only one way to go. "

"Best argument Ragnar has ever seen against kind and loving creator."

"Little bowmen, your arrows are like bee stings!"

"Disappointing. Ragnar would rather find entire wyvern."

"Kitty!? Why are you with bad child monster?"

"... Ragnar, I'm over here. That's a bad kitty."

"Oh. Okay!"

"How are shoes in well if you came here first?"

"The monsters in this tower are very tough!"

"I should have let Healie whom I met in the well join me."

"Yes, he is good kitty."

"I envy you."

"That is one huge cock. Also, tower is full of bad kitties."


Even if Healie Kitty were alive, it wouldn't help matters. He can't be a pack mule for you.

"Yay! Kitty!"

"Pixie is small, blue, and has attitude. Ragnar is large, not blue, and has bigger attitude."

"Ragnar really should begin putting away for retirement."

Gotta love that high encounter rate.

"Power Candy!"

"Somewhere in this world, the Ruler of Evil is about to resurrect."

"Also, according to a prophecy, the Hero who shall defeat him is now growing up."

"The evil ones intend to destroy the Hero while he or she is growing and still weak."

"Evil ones are sad little men. Or monsters."

"Ragnar, save all children..."

"Ragnar will save all children after saving children here."

"Sword appears very menacing and possibly cursed. Also, Kitty!"

"On second thought, sword is Ragnar's precious."

The Sword of Malice is the strongest weapon available in this chapter, and can cast Fireball when used as an item. In Ragnar's case, it's simpler just to hit things with it.

"Magic feel better spot would have been very good to find earlier."

"Ragnar is from government and is here to help!"

"No, Ragnar has business with you."

"Ragnar will make you eat smashing words!"

Or not.

"Voice is right, as always!"

"Ragnar grows strong on blood of monsters!"

"Ha! Beat Ragnar once, shame on Ragnar. Beat Ragnar twice, double shame on Ragnar!"

"Not if Ragnar has anything to say about it."

"And Ragnar has lots to say about it, with his SWORD!"

"Ragnar sees no problem with this plan."

"Ragnar and Kitty saved all the children!"

"... Ragnar, there are two children here."

"Ragnar and Kitty saved all the children?"

"I was only missing one child."


"We'll.. figure it out somehow. Thank you, Ragnar."

"Hooray for happy endings and hopefully less abusive relationship in future."

"I'm proud of having a soldier like you!"

"I will give you a reward. Name anything you want."

"Ragnar must save all the children."

"What? You want to go on a journey?"


"Ragnar cannot save all children here because all children are not here."

You intend to find and protect the Hero who is still a child..."

You're getting a present whether you want it or not.

"This is best gift Ragnar has gotten since toy pony on fourth birthday."

We can only hope he doesn't keep "rescuing" children and bringing them back to Izmit village.