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Part 4: Character Profile: Ragnar Ragnarsonsonsonson

Since we've finished his chapter, let's talk about Ragnar.

Ragnar, seen here in a fetching pink ensemble that clashes horribly with his red accents, has gone by a number of names depending on which version of the game you're playing. Whether you call him Ragnar, Ryan, or Ryan/Ragnar McRyan, however, Ragnar is a great character to have on your team.

As you might expect, his NA Manual Art is absolutely horrible. I challenge anybody to come up with some good manual art from the NES/SNES era.

What are Ragnar's strong points?

First off, Ragnar gains levels at the second fastest rate in the game. That doesn't mean much early on, but eventually he's probably going to end up a level or so ahead of most people. This goes well with his other positive trait, which is having loads and loads of HP. Ragnar gets a pretty decent strength growth as well, and he gets great equipment. Most of the late game weapons and armor are exclusive to Ragnar and the Hero. With good equipment Ragnar hits like a lead-coated brick and is incredibly difficult to take down.

Why would you ever NOT want to use Ragnar?

For all his awesomeness, Ragnar has a few weak spots. Ragnar is one of the few characters in the game who learns absolutely no magic and as a result his role is a bit limited. Ragnar also tends to have low agility and luck, meaning critical hits are a rare occurrence. Ragnar does consistent damage, but not as spectacular as some other characters. Other than that.. well, why would you ever NOT want to use Ragnar?

Best Possible Equipment:

Sword of Decimation, Demon Armor, Aeolus' Shield, Iron Mask. I'm not counting the Metal Babble Equipment because that's almost everyone's best possible equipment.