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Part 6: Ineffective Threats

"Yeah, tell me more about this monster."

"Alena! I'm sorry ma'am."

"Another damned poet. At least this one isn't singing."

"It turns out that's what I'm here for."

"If that's true, please go see the shaman!"

"You know, I'd be more impressed if I knew you actually cared about the girl and weren't really in this for a chance to kick some monster ass."

"Either way, the girl still gets saved, right? And this is the kind of thing that royalty is supposed to take care of."

"The Princess has a point. Royalty does have a duty to protect the people."

"I can't leave my parents..."

"I'd listen to him if I were you. This is the first sensible talk I've heard out of anybody in this village."

"He threatened to destroy the village if we don't offer him young girls."

"Didn't it occur to you that if you give him all the young girls that's the same as destroying your village?"

"Yeah, but I'm old so the long term future of the village isn't exactly my concern."

"That's telling'em! Let the youngins figure it out for themselves!"

"Umm... give me a minute, will ya?"

"Sure, come back whenever you're ready. No hurry or anything."

"I don't know what these are, but I'm all for killing every single one I see."

"Okay, now I'm ready."

"Do we really need to wait for a litter? Just point us in the direction of the monster."

"It's a very important tradition. Very ancient and respectable."

"This can only have been going on for a few months. How ancient did you say?"

"It's also so that the monster won't see that we're actually sending a heavily armed group after him instead of a teenage girl."

Right. Sorry.

"That was truly a vile pun."

"Eh, give him some credit. At least he tried to be funny."

"Two cases of super-rabies and a.. what the hell is that? Some kind of thing?"

"I really can't say, your Highness."

"Alright, we'll get rid of the dogs first and then go after the fish thing. Cristo, make with the defensive magic."

"Okay, that stung a little. How are you two doing?"

"Never better, your Highness."

"Good. Then, victory pose!"

"All in a day's work. Next time, send a message to the castle and we'll nip this kind of thing in the bud before you're down to one young girl in the entire town."

"This sounds like just what I'm looking for. Thanks, Gramps."

"You can go to Endor from the shrine southwest of here."

"... Brey, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'm having a sneaking suspicion that we'll have to go through Frenor to get to this shrine that's southwest of here."

"That sounds about right, your Highness."

"Gah, fine. Let's go. That tournament isn't going to wait forever."

"Say what?"

"Why don't people ever entertain me lavishly or offer me their savings?"

"Someone might say it's because you lack a certain regal bearing."

"And someone might also get kicked in the rocks."

"Oh no. You don't suppose we...?"

"Probably not. And if we did, let's not talk about it here."

"Hmph. See, people realize the truth about royal blood, even when they're being deceived."

"Hehehe.. me too, my boy, me too."

"That's just sick, old man. Besides, I think we might want to point Cristo at this one."

"Hey! I don't want some fake princess!"

"You're right, Princess. That might be just the thing for Cristo."

"We'll deal with that in a bit. I want to explore the town some more."

"It caused too much conflict among us and was finally hidden away in the southern cave."

"I think I smell a treasure hunt in our future. Let's go settle things with this 'Princess'."

"... of course. I'd like to see them try that on me."

"You have NO idea how little that threat means to me."


"Quick, let's get out of here!"

"Well, I suppose we should go along with it.."

"You mean you're actually going to save her, even though she impersonated you?"

"It's more about the fact that this way I get to go after the Golden Bracelet AND kick a couple of moronic criminals in the face."

"Certainly saves time as far as farm animals are concerned. Do you get beef or chicken from them?"

"Both, I think. Chicken from the wings and breast, beef from the rest."

"Giant shrooms and flaming ghosts. I feel like I'm already hallucinating."

"Carnivorous plants, too? This entire countryside is out to kill us."

"Okay, I think it's time to head back to town before we see about that cave."

"There's something suspicious about the way that priest is always fiddling with his garden and rushes right up to us when we set foot in the temple. What do you think he's got in there?"

"The standard answer would be 'dead bodies', your Highness."

"C'mon guys, he's a priest. I'm sure it's nothing like that."

"May? You guys are absolutely terrible at this, you know."

"Keep talking, now I'm actually interested."

"I think this is most definitely the southern cave."

"They really put a great deal of effort into this cave. Brick walls and everything."

"It's almost enough to make you wonder if this is a natural or artificial cave."

"I think I've got enough of these for an entire Wyvern. You'd think that they'd be more expensive considering what you have to kill to get them."

"Maybe they farm-raise them somewhere?"

"Dammit, I thought we were done with bugs once we left the castle area."

"More properly your Highness, that's a beetle. They are a type of insect, but they are distinguished by.."

"Not listening, busy killing it."

"I almost feel bad about this. We know that the villagers built this cave and use it to hide their treasure, but here we are taking their gold as well."

"Consider it as overdue taxes if it'll make you feel better."

"If they weren't hot pink, they'd actually look threatening."

"You.. were saying..?"

"Not. One. Damn. Word."

"Alright, let's do this thing now!"

"That might be one of the ugliest things I've ever seen."


"Fascinating creatures."

"I think I might want one as a pet."

"You've got to be kidding me. Get up, Brey!"


"Ha.. hate poison.. this will so.. be worth it when I see.. Cristo's face at the temple.."

So.. it turns out that you CAN die from poison in this game. Learn something new every day.

End of Update Snapshot

Alena's strength is insane. Even without a better weapon she's still a great fighter, although I think this was the time that I realized she needed more.

Cristo has the most balanced stats, and as you can see he also has the best equipment. That can only help him so far, though.

Brey still has roughly the consistency of tissue paper. The armor thing is becoming a real problem with him as well.