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Part 8: Smarter Than You'd Think

"Hmm. You know, I think I'll just ask them to make this into a window. It'd save time."

"Are we really rummaging through his stuff right in front of him?"

"He knew what he signed up for when he moved into the castle. Besides, you never know what you'll find."

"That's especially true of my dresser."

"Dammit, this had better not end with my dad singing all the time."

"I found it in a desert bazaar during a trip, La, La, La..."

"I think I have a guard to abuse."

"Yeah, about that. It took me all of five minutes to track down that the antidote was sold here in this bazaar. Would it have killed you to do the same and save me a trip?"

"Well, that's logical enough. For elven medicine you have to find elves."

"Now we're getting somewhere. Not where I wanted to get to, but somewhere."

"I think we can fix that. You know, it's a good thing we got that key."

"It's little things like this that make you think there's some kind of grand plan we're following in our everyday lives."

"Yeah, I know. Hey, speaking of which, you look a lot like a thief I ran into the other day.."

"I assure you, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Something about this offends me, but I can't put my finger on it."

"Now this I call high class. More monster-infested places should have an inn on the premises."

"Poisonous lizards are one thing, but the eye thing.. is that some kind of bird?"

"Well, by the feet it looks that way, but.. I have no answers."

"I'm not inclined to see if it's edible either way."

"Eyes... and teeth.. and little boots.. I'm going to see this in my nightmares."

"Bzz... bzzz... bzzz.."

"More dinosaurs! That tears it, I'm having my summer home built out here."

"Please Princess, think of the government officials who would have to travel through the dinosaur infested wilderness to see you."


"Things like this just never get old."

"How about a strength seed for an old man? It'll probably help with my arthritis."

"Finding these does. Are wyverns an endangered species or anything like that?"

"..I want one. Get me one for a pet."

"Princess, they breath fire. That really wouldn't be a good idea."

"Well, this isn't safe. Kind of shabby for an elf tower."

"That's certainly random."

"Ouch. Well, you know what this means."

"Much better."

"Yes, sister."

"Oops, I dropped the medicine!"

"Don't worry about it. Hurry!"

"Yeah, I'm not impressed. I expected better from actual elves"

"Are you sure that's actually Birdsong Nectar?"

"Well, we know it's elven medicine so I figure the odds are good enough. It probably won't hurt in the worst case scenario."

"You did... I thank you."

"Don't mention it. Please. And also, please don't start singing all the time."

"I had terrible dreams."

"A big monster came out of the Evil World and was destroying everything."

"At first, I intended to keep them to myself, but I kept have the same dreams over and over again."

"Yeah, that's not at all suspicious."

"It's pretty bad when just thinking about speaking is enough to trigger some kind of curse."

"Something terrible may be about to happen."


"Well, that's nice for you.. I guess you're not going to need an escort since you won't be a fugitive..

"Brey and Cristo, I place Alena's safety in your hands!"

"It's not her safety you have to worry about!

"I'm pretty sure this is the shrine we're supposed to go to.. distinctly in the southeast corner of the continent.."

"Wait... you mean there's been a guard here the entire time to make sure I didn't leave?"

"It's almost like the King isn't a foolish old man who doesn't realize there's only one way to leave the immediate area."

"Getting up and walking around the building might be a good strategy here. It's not like it's hidden."

"East? You're sure? Like the direction where the sun rises?"

"Lady, I run an inn. The only time I see a sunrise is when I'm still up drinking. It's over that way."

"It's not a good sign when you've got rogue knights wandering around a kingdom."

"Maybe not as far as law and order go, but it's great for me."

"Well, that sign sure did a lot of good."

"You'd think they'd repair the bridge and THEN put up the sign asking people not to vandalize it."

"Glad to be here. Now, about that tournament.."

"An Iron Apron? Hey Cristo, I think we've got something for you here.."

"You were mugged."


"The tru.. ah, hell with it. Mugged."

"Where's the bookie? I want to put everything on myself to win!"

"Princess, that's..."

"You're right. We need to put up the entire palace treasury."

"Congratulations. You're the first minstrel I've found that I can tolerate. I might have work for you someday."

"Yes, yes I do. Smart money is on Princess Alena."

"You don't even know what hard is."

"Well, he's definitely not in the bar over there drinking himself into a stupor after losing the rest of his money at the casino."

"Is there someone who wants to start a business here?"

"Nope, royalty."

"I've got a government job.."

"I'm about to retire myself, actually."

"Fine.. I'll just.. die up here alone.."

"I'll be thrilled to find out, after I win."

"It's.. called the wind. You know what, It's definitely time to see about that tournament."