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Part 16: Vengeance is.. Popular

"Mara, the older sister, is a dancer. Nara, the younger one, is a fortuneteller.* The story begins in Monbaraba, a town of song and dance."

*And you have no idea how difficult it was to remember which one was which putting together this update.

Sis, come on! The manager wants to see us!

"No, I didn't see a cute guy in the audience today either."

"No, I mean him. Our sworn enemy, Balzack!"

"Oh, right. No, I didn't see him either."

"I predict we're about to be unemployed."

"No, I'm about to be unemployed. You're a freelancer."

"And I predict that half of this is going to booze!"

"Or for us to interfere with your pursuit of a new dancer.."

"Rest well tonight and leave in the morning. Have a safe journey."

"Wha... the hell? That red thing on the horizon had damn well better be the setting sun."

"Come on sis, we've got to get going. Think of it like a day off."

"Even on a day off I don't get up before noon. What do you want to do so early in the morning anyway?"

"We're going to become adventurers and make money that way!"

"I'm way too hung over for this."

Nara, the younger sister, is a healing type with a few miscellaneous damage spells. She's a bit heavily armed for the role, but that's hardly a downside.

After all, her sister isn't armed at all. Mara's an offensive spellcaster who specializes in fire magic. If you think her MP and intelligence are a bit low for that.. well, you're right.

"Uh... thanks?"

"Does EVERYONE in town know what we're doing? Okay, I can understand the owner telling the new dancer who's skirt he's chasing, but this is going a bit far."

"Actually sis, I think.."

"I know what it is, you twit, and he'd better be."

"Don't forget to visit your father's grave. Take care..."

"Yeah, about that. Seriously, how many people did you have to tell our life story to?"

"Your what?"

"Umm.. sis, I was trying to tell you that might have been me. I was drinking a bit last night, and, well..."

"Oh. Well, I'm embarrassed now. Sorry about that!"

"Just for that, this goes to me."

"In case anyone happens to be so drunk as to have forgotten that."

"Will you give it a rest? You could stand to loosen up a bit, you know."

"I have absolutely no idea.. oh. You're not accusing me. Sorry, force of habit."

"Well, waitressing is a pretty hard job with a lot of time on your feet."

".. not as much as you'd think, actually."

"I think this is less an armor shop and more a clothing store."

"Well, at least they actually sell weapons in the weapons store."

"Too bad we can't afford any of them."

"Oh, I'm sure that'll give her an incentive to come back."

"Sis, isn't this a bit bald-faced?"

"Well, he doesn't seem to mind, and besides we're adventurers now and this is the kind of thing we're supposed to do."

"Besides, he looks like he's dead asleep."

"Well, I guess that means we should probably go out and start our new career until then."

"You're not suspicious at all there, buddy."

"Alright, this can't be too hard. All kinds of muscle-bound idiots do this thing every day."

"So.. how's that working out for you?"

"Shut up. We're going back to town."

"Yep, definitely not hiding anything at all."

"I heard that a coup broke out at Keeleon and the King was overthrown."

"The new King, calling himself an alchemist, is performing horrible experiments."

"That sounds like something relevant to our interests.."

"I think we have a lead."

"And talk in your sleep. You're the worst person to hide somebody, but nice try."

"How many people were there when you were drinking?"

"I vaguely remember standing up on a table and there being a lot of them."

"No, no he didn't."

"If he did, he could become a king."

"What he became was dead, you insensitive jackass."

"Oh yes, you're here for the food. Riiight."

"That's an odd thing to be sitting in an eatery wondering about."

"Eh, I'm just sitting here waiting for service."

"Waiting for service? There's plenty of waitresses around."

"Maybe he's particular about his waitress?"

"Wow, it's really nice of the owner to provide rooms for the waitresses. What could have made Lynn want to leave?"

"Sis, these girls aren't wai.."

"People like us? That's very rude."

"Sis, this isn't a.."

"Sis, I've been trying to tell you that this is a whorehouse."

"..leaving now."

"No, NO it isn't. Why does everyone think that?"

"Calm down, sis. Let's go to the dance hall and relax for a bit."

"I'd kind of have to have left to come back, hon."

"They're.. they're just like the girls in that place."

"Maybe. I wonder if the pay's better here?"

"I'm beginning to think nobody in this town can."

"Sounds like a personal problem to me. Try the eatery."

"You're not too bright, are you?"

"Are you sure it's the cheapest ticket? What about the guy who's stuck behind the post over there?"

"Good luck with that, kid."

"Just.. don't try and do it any way other than dancing."

"Where's the Castle? It's far north from here beyond Kievs."

"We'll just head there now. Hope your new "dancers" work out for you."

"ahg.. gah.. ACK!"

"Mind letting us through hon? My sister just took a wrong turn."

"I have never felt so exposed in my.. what the hell is that thing?"

"Yet another argument against a kind and loving deity."

"Feeling a bit more yourself?"

"Not quite. Let's go shopping."

"Oooh, I like it!"

"Just please, no 'call me queen' jokes."

Dragon Warrior, thy life is grinding. A good general rule is that you don't leave your starting town until level 5 and/or until you get all the equipment available.

End of Update Snapshot

Nara's continuing to be an unexpectedly beefy healer type. The one thing that really stands out for her is her luck, which is about the highest we've seen. Pretty natural for a fortune teller, though.

Mara's.. kind of turning into a dominatrix at this point. Her intelligence and MP pool have barely improved, which might be a real problem in time.