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Part 18: Goldberg Would be Proud


"I'm terribly sorry, we'll be leaving now."

"Well, I'm disappointed. You'd expect to be able to see the debauchery from here given the stories we've heard."

"I'm sure they're just keeping it behind the garden walls."

"Although something must be up if we've got animate swords flying around with pink, giant-tongued goblins."

"Eh. I've seen greater."

"Take that, foul door!"

"I'm not sure we should be encouraging him so much.."

"That's not the reaction I normally get. Orin, this is your fault."

"That seems like an incredibly inefficient way to run a kingdom."

"It doesn't seem as though they're so much running a kingdom as setting up a boy's club."

"He'll run screaming into the King's room."

"Ohh.. that might explain it. Maybe he was more upset that we were there than about Orin."

"There's the debauchery you were looking for."

"It's just a little harmless maid chasing. I expect more effort from royalty."

"You should take a look outside before you settle on that."

"Please? You can't share with little ol' me?"

"Sis, considering what's going on in this castle you probably don't want to know about this magic."

"Strange.. one of the castle guards is lying on top of the roof listening to sounds from below."

"You don't even know where your king is? You're not very good at this guarding thing."

"Well, at least the one upstairs isn't sleeping. I think we're done here."

"I think we've got a problem here!"


"There's another one. I'll never trust a slime again."

"At least we'll be able to afford to bring Orin back... although I'm not in a particular hurry to do so."

"Around here, that's true of a lot of towns."

"That's terrible but.. as a minstrel, why were you even here to begin with?"

"If you need gunpowder, take some of what's left in the mine. Cough... Cough..."

"Sis, I just had a great idea about how we can spook the Counselor.."

"I think blowing up gunpowder right next to a government official's room takes us from well-intentioned extremists straight into terrorism."

"I don't see a problem with this."

"But by the time you read it.. it's already too late."

"Can you not see how this is working out for everybody else around here?"

"Also not seeing a problem with this. It's amazing how being dead clarifies things."

"I'm pretty certain that could never happen."

"That's pretty unsanitary.. it's a sad sign when people can't even clean up dead bodies."

"There's not even a mailbox around here!"

"No reply. If we run into this kid without having a return letter, that'll just be unfortunate."

"There are much worse things than monsters."

"Although these aren't one of them. I think you need these more than I do sis."

"Of all the creatures you'd expect mine gas to spawn, flying rats with giant ears normally wouldn't make the list."

"Less talking, more fire magic."

"It's not as easy as that, they're speedy little buggers."

"I'd say you have a lot to live for, but.. well, look around."


"I don't necessarily see how prohibiting the manufacturer of explosives is a bad thing.."

"Crackle? CRACKLE? You actually said "Crackle?"

"A curse on those who mock our curses!"

"That's a pretty lazy attitude for a priest."

"I'd think you'd be more encouraging of laziness in all its forms. I also think we're about done here."

"I hope that the mine gas is responsible for that expression. It's either that or severe inbreeding."

"This is a bit out of the way.."

"The man you seek revenge upon is protected by a tremendous evil force."

"Worry not. I see you are protected by radiant lights..."

"They are small and frail now, but more lights will join them and they'll fuse into one powerful force."

"Be patient. When you are sunk into the depths of despair..."

"Then shall your true journey begin."

"That's... very specific."

"I'll say. You might want to take some notes from her."

"Stupid fortune teller and her.. can't even live in a real town, has to live on her own.."

"Get out of my way green abomination and weird fiery beetle!"

"Oooh.. sis, I think we need to consider moving out of this area and hitting the real big city. Imagine the kind of lives we could have there.."


"The new king is really a giant douche. Are you sure we can't get revenge on him after we find Balzack?"

"Sis, we can't just declare a vendetta against everyone who presents a minor inconvenience to us."

"It hasn't steered me wrong yet."

"From the sound of it ships don't leave at any time."

"This is about the third old man we've seen rendered incapable of moving by the current king's policies. I think they might have a monopoly on revenge here in any case."

"How do they disobey a king who never leaves his secret chamber to give orders?"

"We'll let you know if that works as soon as we run into a magic using enemy that lasts more than a few seconds."

"The name of Keeleon's new King is also.. I think... Balzack... No, must be someone else."


"You're right, Orin, this does simplify things considerably."

"Well, as long as it's because he's Balzack and not just because he's inconvenienced us. If we tried to kill everyone who made our lives difficult there'd be no end to it."

"No hon, you're drunk. There's a slight difference."

"You might actually be Joy, though."

"Well, good for her! See sis, we need to get out of here to a place where women can really succeed."

"For some reason that seems.."

"What should I tell my little brother, Pipin? Sob..."

"This just got outstandingly awkward."

"He's seeing ghosts! Quick, call a priest!"

"Expensive, but I'm so drawn to that morning star.."

"Oooh, a fur coat! That's much more like it!"

"Ahhh, fashionable and warm."

"Sis, I think I'm having a vision here. Let's head to the bar."

"I don't have the heart to tell him he doesn't have a chance."

"That seems really inconvenient. Also, there's a guy by the name of Happy who's utterly infatuated with you."

"So we go to the mine, get the gunpowder, blow it up near the Counsel's room, follow him to the King's room and then..."


"I used to fight in the coliseum when I was young. I long for those days..."

"Even if you could go back, I have a feeling the girl who just won the tournament would probably kick your ass."

"Somewhere along the line we have to come up with a boarding pass so we have a get-away vehicle too."

End of Update Snapshot

With some new armor and a morning star, Nara's attack and defense are becoming quite respectable. Unfortunately, however, she's only got so much healing ability before she becomes useless. Still no antidotes spell.

Mara's only doing as well as she is on HP and MP due to being fed a couple of permanent increasing items. The poison needle has terrible attack, but it has a chance of instantly killing enemies. For a character who's going to do terrible damage anyway, the trade off can be worth it on those rare occasions when Mara is attacking.