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Part 22: The Fifth Journey to Endor

"As an orphan, I kind of feel for the kid...I can only imagine how rough they'd have it. Could this have something to do with the woodsman being so unfriendly?"

"Evidently it's still a sore subject."

"Maybe I'll see how the woodsman is doing."

As a note, the Hero skips right past Heal to Healmore. This will probably be a good thing as her HP continues to rise.

"I think you're softening up a little bit, old man."

"Hmmph. We'll see about that."

"Alright, alright. You sound like my dad."

"You say that in here, but try it outside with the monsters."

"Don't worry about it, he's probably just confused. Worst case, you can probably outrun him."

"Long ago a woodsman's family lived in the northern woods."

"The son met a beautiful girl in the woods and fell in love with her."

"I think I heard this one before.."

"Keep listening, kid."

"One day he was struck by lightning and died."

"His father is still a woodsman and lives alone in the mountains."

"....grandpa? If I go back there, he might be in danger..."

"Alright, ready to strike out into the world."

"Doesn't look like a tunnel, but I'll take a look."

"Geeze, what the heck is wrong with you? Has somebody else who claimed they were going to save the world screwed you over somehow?"

"I went to the cave with my best friend."

"I trust him, but he betrayed me and... Darn..."

"I just can't trust anyone anymore! Go away!"

"I'm not asking you to trust me, I'm asking for you to let me use your wagon to save the world. You don't have to see me after that."

"Just GO AWAY!"

"Man, just get over it already."

"Yeah, you're telling me."

"Who the hell leaves their lunch laying around in a treasure chest?"

"If this isn't the right cave, I don't know which one it could be."

"You're telling me, this thing is huge. He dug it by himself?"

"I really want to meet him, if he made this much of an impact on people."

"It's a good thing these bridges are fixed, or else I'd have been pretty well stuck here..."

"I'm surprised you saw anything with as much alcohol as you have on your breath."

"Not a good enough line to work on me."

"Ouch! Ice cold!"

"At least we must avoid conflict among ourselves."

"This wedding must have really been a big deal. We even heard about it in Branca."

"That bastard! I hadn't heard, but it wouldn't surprise me. I know he uses monsters as his minions."

"It's just a rumor, but I thought he was too strong to be a human."

"Too strong to be a human.. That's going to be difficult to fight."

"You shouldn't put all your trust in omens... or smoke clouds from burning villages."

"Hey, I've heard of her!"

"Obsessed much? You'd probably be better off anywhere but the slot machines."

"It's rumored that the monsters are chasing him."

"I hope he's traveling with someone strong."

"He's got a wife and kid? Really?"

"Well..of course. Why else would he work so hard?"

"I'm starting to think your mom is the real business mind here, kid."

"How recently did this start happening, anyway? Haven't there been monsters for a while?"

"10 gold pieces? That's a bit of money, but... well, I suppose."

"Alright, I'll tell your fortune."

"What do you mean by what? Do I have something in my teeth?"

"You are the Hero!"

"Hey, not so loud! The monsters kind of think I'm dead at the moment and I'd like to let them keep on thinking that."

"Also, you will soon be disappointed in love. Keep a rein on your expectations, and don't trust everything you see."

"Let's go. My sister, Mara, should be at the Casino."

"You spend all the money I earn on gambling! We're broke!"

"I told her she'd be better off at the poker table than the slot machines, but.."

"I'm sorry."

"She wouldn't have done much better at the poker table, trust me. My sister isn't good with things like odds and she isn't very lucky."

"...sis, this isn't a Hero. This is a Heroine. There's a distinct difference in that one of the two is likely to be a handsome, muscular man who's a bit lonely because of the weight of his heroic burden."

"Hey, I didn't make any claims or ask to be the legendary Hero. Don't look at me if you're disappointed."

"Besides, there's still five more lights. Odds are that at least one of them will fit your bill."

"How nice! You can take care of us from now on, right?"

"I think somebody has to."

"Sigh. Another one off the market."

"...I think I have an idea."

"Really? Your entire life?"

"That'd be impossible, but if he feels better about things after a bit of short term advice.."

"We don't have much in the way of money, but we'll be back sooner or later."

"That's true... I heard the two countries weren't getting along, so I wonder how that happened?"

"Hmm... if you don't have any better ideas, we might want to head that way. A ship would help us get around a lot more easily."

"The only problem is that bit about being for sale. We're pretty broke."

"If I could go back to the casino..."


"Wow... he dug an entire tunnel and crossed the eastern desert? He's got to be quite a man."

"We could use a capable man with that kind of courage."

"Just don't forget about that wife and child."

"Fearing his overwhelming power, the good forces in this world imprisoned him."

"Achieved the highest level of evolution? How do you do that?"

"Well, since he's a ruler.. you kind of figure that there were other rulers, right?"

"Stands to reason."

"Well if each one of the previous rulers worked to become more and more powerful throughout their lifetime, it just makes sense that their offspring would be born more powerful. It's kind of like those flying mice stretching their ears out over the years by fanning them to keep cool until they could fly."

"Huh.. I guess that could happen.."

"I think using alchemy is a lot simpler."

"I hope they cleaned up the blood stains first."

"Both at the same time? That's progressive."

"Hmm. Let's check out the other country in this marriage. I hear it's just a bit north of here.

I'm not sure how effective ordinary weapons and armor will be against the evil monster."

"Wasn't Taloon looking for a legendary sword?"

"You're right Sis, we definitely need to find him."

"A celestial nymph from the sky fell in love with a young woodsman, and soon they were expecting a child."

"If it's true, what do you think has become of the child?"

"I think the child probably grew up in a tiny village and was pretty happy until recently."

"That sounds pretty personal."

"From now on we can import as much armor as we want from Endor."

"You might want to keep importing if the monster problems aren't getting any better."

"I predict he'll do a pretty decent job, and probably won't invade anybody."

"I think we're pretty well done here. Let's start getting prepared to fix the Ruler of Evil."

Now that we've got party members in this final chapter, the AI is in full swing. This version doesn't allow you to manually control anybody but the hero. This is what you've got and they pretty much do exactly what they say. The only really weird one is "Try Out," which I'm hearing is how you get people to use some of the stranger items like the Silver Tarot Cards.

"Is there anywhere else we should visit?"

"Well, I've heard of a small village in the far north. We could check that out."

"Let me guess. Taloon?"

"That's amazing, how did you know?"

"It seems like he does everything."

"I REALLY need to kill him one of these days in the very near future."

"Our Princess Alena was saying someone called Necrosaro was suspicious..."

"I think it's something about the name that does it."

"That and the mass murders. Okay, let's go find this Taloon guy, get a ship, and kill Necrosaro."

End of Update Snapshot

At level 9 Lamarck's promise is starting to be realized. She's got great attack power for her level, more HP than either of her companions would have naturally, and some good equipment. MP is a bit lacking, but she's not our main healer or offensive caster.

Nara's actually got more HP than she has MP, and that's just a sad state for a spellcaster. Thankfully now that she's got a meatshield she's a bit more viable.

Mara hasn't changed that much, although now that I look at it she's actually got more luck than her sister. She's also got more HP than MP, but at least I've fed her a couple of HP improving items. Also, a fur coat and a feather hat has to be some kind of fashion faux pa.