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Part 27: You Smell Like a Slime

"Wait, you're still here? When did that happen?"

"I've decided to study management under Old Howden."

"... well, that's up to you. Best of luck with that."

"Goodbye Primrose! Goodbye everyone! Best of luck!"

"I never thought I'd end up with a horse and wagon doing this. What am I supposed to do with it?"

"I'll take care of it. I've always wanted a horse and cart for business... and we're not going to be saving the world forever, you know."

"Now that we've settled that, Keeleon is to the west across the sea. He's.. a bit tough, but I think we can handle him."

"I think I'm beginning to really, really hate sea voyages."

"Huh. Those don't look like they should be anywhere near the surface of the ocean. Look how tiny their eyes are."

"The return of the Ruler of Evil is making creatures act in strange ways all over the world."

"On the other hand, this is a perfectly normal set of tuna."

"Your definition of normal is extremely skewed."

"We can probably just walk in... the castle security was absolutely terrible last time we were here."

"Well, right up until the end..."

"That's not reassuring."

"Were these here the last time you were?"

"No, I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered them."

"I like them. They're kind of cute."

"Wait.. how did Ragnar get in if you need the magic key?"

"He's the reason they locked the doors."

"What an odd fellow.."

"As you can see, we kind of grow them that way around here."

"There's a reason I'm still single at my age."

"Sis, there's a lot more than one reason."

"I wouldn't be talking if I were you."

"I think that Healie said something about a nearby village... let's see what we can find out."

"The last ship to leave this port left some time ago."

"Really now? So you haven't had any merchants come in with fresh merchandise for a while?"

"No time for that, Taloon. Just make some friends here for later business ventures."


"Look on the bright side, young man. By the time we're done, the name of Taloon the Merchant will be known all over the world."

"I.. have no idea. Anybody?"

"If he was rich I'd ask my sister, but I doubt that's the case."

"When I told this to a soldier called Ragnar, he left quickly."

"Just the way a real man of action should."

"A real man of action would think things through and wouldn't need to be rescued."

"Does that include not needing anybody to bring you medicine when you're sick in bed?"

"I can only imagine that throwing more people in jail would have that effect."

"Probably, but I think I'm a better fortune teller anyway."

"We may never see another ship leave this port."

"THE gypsy sisters? Like we're the only ones in the world?"

"Evidently we're just the only ones anybody remembers."

"They say alchemists could make one easily."

"I remember alchemists used to live in the southern village, Kievs."

", when exactly were you planning on telling us about this magic key business?"

"Dad didn't tell us everything about his alchemy before he died."

"You know, I still hate bugs..."

"I don't think anybody really cares for me, to be honest. I'd worry if somebody did."

"How did you not know about this again?"

"I've got nothing."

"Well, I guess that answers that question."

"Wouldn't be much of a market in just going from desert to desert."

"Holy crap. I'll take one of everything from the Battle Axe on down. Come to momma little axe!"

"Evolution is how man evolved from apes or something like that, right?"

"I wonder what will become of us if we keep evolving!"

"No.. nothing like that. Humans didn't evolve from apes, apes and humans evolved from something a long long time ago."

"Do people in this village usually make unconnected declarative statements about whatever comes to their mind?"

"Pretty much. Like I said, there are reasons we left on top of dad dying."

"Hey, it's not nice to talk about how people smell!"

"You chatted with a Slime recently?"


"If I remember correctly, it's in the western cave. I think you'll find a magic key there."

"How did we miss that?"

"At least you know where the cave is. That's something."

"Could all the flamers and demons have distracted you a bit while you were down here so you missed the key?"

"No... pretty sure those weren't here last time."

"There do seem to be a lot more monsters this time around, that's for sure.."

"I know the mechanism to open the entrance is at the bottom of a treasure chest, but... hmm.."

"And last time you were just here for the Sphere of Silence... how is it that you know these obscure bits of information but can't find the treasure yourself?"

"Merchants just have ways of knowing that we can't explain. Especially when it comes to treasures."

"I find this offensive, although I can't understand exactly why."

"Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little demon..."

"I can't believe that actually worked."

"There definitely can't have been this many monsters before. The two of you would have never made it."

"Yeah, this place really has gone straight to hell since we left."

"Who cares about that? Baby dragons!"

"I... think we might have a problem.."

"Damn straight you do. Gypsy sisters to the rescue! Sis, do you have enough magic to get us outside after this?"

"If she doesn't, I do."

"Thanks you three, we all owe you one for that."

"Does that mean we can come out of the wagon? It's not much fun being downwind from a horse's ass all day."

"Maybe later."

"Okay, one of you can come out now."

"I might be dead, but so also is my sense of smell."

"It's good to be oh good lord what is that thing?" It's staring straight into my soul!"

"What the.. how...? We opened and took and there was something in that chest and not that button last time we came in here I swear."

"I guess your dad never did "take your daughter to work day."

"You were a princess. Taking you to work just meant not kicking you out of the throne room and closing the door behind you."

"Oooh.. shiny.."

"Enough bickering... we've got a castle to storm."