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Part 36: Castle Monstrioso

"I think we'd like to see this castle, if we could."

"We're also getting pretty tired of seeing nothing but the north end of a south bound horse."

"Eh.. I guess so. You all ready to take a break?"

"I could stand for a rest.."

"You can just call me if you need me."

"Ragnar will stay for more crushings and to help ladies."

"What? I never!"

"Crap, forgot about using the Staff of Transformation. Run!"

"Ragnar is not comfortable being a nun."

"You and me both. Although maybe with a slit up the side of the habit and a scoop neck..."

"This is better."

"Everyone is Kitty!"

"Well.. yes, obviously we know that since we're likewise monsters."

"The day we take over the world from mankind seems near."

"Yes, and what a wonderful day that will be!"

"Hurry to the meeting room on the second floor."

"Yes, we definitely wouldn't want to miss that."

"Ragnar finds this place deeply confusing and would be much happier if this were actually a dead body."

"We'd heard something like that as well."

"Does something feel different?"

"Ragnar is no longer a kitty!"

"Dammit.. I think the staff wore off."

"I don't see this doing anything but pissing the monsters off."

"This is no good either."

"Yes. Everyone knows kings are only one at a time, never four."

"Oh god, what happened to my chest?!"

"HEY! I heard that!"

"Much better, although this is a bit odd."

"Walking with 8 legs is harder than it looks!"

"Uh.. yes, we ate some."

"What? Oh god no, we're not going to eat you."

"You are sad person to try and convince monsters to eat other people. Are you thinking they will get sick of eating people and let you go?"

"Nothing like prison to bring out the worst in people."

"You're probably the person in here we'd be most inclined to help, since you're the only one who hasn't tried to sell the others up the river."

"Hmm. This is a suspiciously empty cell..."

"Yeah, it would probably be a good idea to leave here as soon as possible."

"One thing I'll say for you is that you're quick on the uptake."

"Just when we were beginning to think there might be one decent person here..."

"Ragnar does not think the monsters will really care if you are thin if they get hungry enough."

"Fearing his formidable power, the celestial master imprisoned him underground."

"Squares with what we've heard before."

"We're going, we're going, sheesh."

"After we finish looting the castle. It's kind of fun to play being a monster."

"The loot is probably down in that basement."

"Ragnar has a feeling this way will lead us out of the castle."

"Good job, Ragnar!"

"Thank you. Ragnar knows how monsters think, you see."

"We probably should have expected this, given that we're in a castle full of monsters."

"All four of these had better not be monsters."

"If they are, I say we just forget about the Staff of Transformation and kill everything in the castle."

"Oooh. Ragnar likes this new shield as a replacement for his old one."

"Of course we'd find one of these too."

"One last place to check.."


"I am overwhelmed by the cleverness of these monsters."

"Got it sis."

"Nara, I think these are for you."

"I wonder whose grave this is, anyway?"

"Could have happened."

"For monsters, we sure do have a lot of protocol to observe."

"Seems more and more likely every day, doesn't it?"

"We'd like to know as much as you."


"Oh no! Tell us what happened!"

"We must go to Aktemto now! We'll bring Esturk the Great to our Castle!"

"We'll.. uh... be right behind you."

"It's a good thing that the Hero is dead and won't possibly step in to stop us."

"You know Aktemto is on the cape northwest of Keeleeon Castle, don't you?"

"Oh, thanks. We were a bit turned around what with all the cities and such we've been destroying lately."

"Even the celestial master won't meddle with us! Ha, Ha, Ha!"

"Ragnar has had enough of playing nice. Let us go and crush now."

"I completely understand Ragnar. We'll just go into the mine and kick the ass of whatever we see."

"Did we ever let those people out of the jail in the Dire Palace?"

"Huh. Knew we forgot about something."

"Do not worry! Ragnar, Lady Hero and others will crush all the monsters."

"Wow, and I thought this place looked terrible the last time we were through here."

"It kind of looks like they've already been through.."

"They really did a thorough job on this guy."

"I'm.. not feeling so well.."

"Well, go ahead and use an antidote spell. Don't wait for my permission."

"I sorry.. I don't know that spell."

"Don't tell me that nobody here knows an antidote spell."

"This could be a long walk down."

"Ragnar finds this armor funny because it is made of bones."

"Oh crap, don't put that on!"

"Did anybody bring the Staff of Transform?"

"I don't think so.."

"Good kitty doesn't want to fight, just wants to talk."

"Those are some giant grasshoppers."

"And powerfully magical, too. Be careful around them."

"All the monsters around here are very talky today."

"Good thing, as we're doing enough fighting."

"This spot looked a little too perfect as a hiding place."

"Huge monster for fighting!"

"I'm most impressed with the pink hair and beard. Festive."

"I'm also impressed with what has to be the biggest slime I've ever seen."

"Ragnar thinks it would pop if you poked it with a sword."

"We'll make sure the monsters don't get it."

"Rest in peace."