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Part 37: That Was Easy

Chapter 32: That Was Easy

"Wow, I can see why the miners would have thought that they stumbled on something amazing."

"I'm just happy for the healing spring. Getting down here was unexpectedly tiring."

"What's up with that one guy changing colors? Did he show up looking like that?"

"Ragnar might have hit him in the rocks."

"Even here? Seriously, when the hell were these medals made and who scattered them if were finding them in a buried underground castle?"

"This, at least, is something you'd expect."

"I really feel like this amount of gold is what you'd describe as a treasure."

"Still good after all these years. Ragnar, one of these is for you and one is for me."

"Ragnar will generously let Lady Hero take muscle seed and Ragnar will get even faster."

"We really need to turn these things in."

"I think we've fought more Mimics in the past few days than in the entire rest of the trip."

"As long as he lives, so shall we!"

"Aww.. but he's standing in front of a treasure chest! It's just not fair."

"Ragnar sees simple solution of killing Esturk and killing several monsters with one crushing."

"Sounds like a plan to me. This place is absolutely incredible in scale.. you can't tell if they built around the cavern or if the columns came in later around the buildings."

"We don't exactly have a wanted poster, but I have a funny feeling that the guy on the throne is Esturk."

"We must have taken a slight wrong turn."

"You obviously have NO idea who we are."

"Ragnar would tell you Ragnar's name, but you will be dead soon so the effort is wasted."

"But you just.. never mind, they're dead now. Let's deal with the ancient evil on the throne."

"Impressive, but.. is he asleep?"

"Hey, you! Wake up so that Ragnar can crush you properly!"

"That's incredibly painful for a light show. He's got to be awake, right?"

"No, looks like an automatic defense mechanism."

"Ouch! Damn, I think he's awake."

"There you go Ragnar, we woke him up just for you. Happy?"

"Ragnar is very happ.. aww, he's dead now."

"Really? He was pretty tough, but not quite as much as I expected.. he spent half the battle asleep."

"Maybe someone should poke him with a stick?"

"Nothing. I'm pretty sure he's dead."

"Yeah, we weren't quite sure what to make of it either."

"Ragnar wanted to keep fighting him."

"Are you.. are you the...!?"

"Hello Necrosaro. Been a long time, although I'm sure you don't remember me."


"Curses! Everyone! We must return to our base!"

"Did they just leave because something happened to Necrosaro's girlfriend?"

"That seems to be the gist of it."

"We'll head to Rosaville to investigate, but first there's that chest.."

"Ha! Ragnar's plan worked!"

"We'll have to see about that flying machine.. but I think that we're done here."

"Never seen that before.. are you okay?"

"Looks like some kind of strange magical field around this place. Try stepping into the old mine."

"In all fairness, she wasn't hiding very well."

"Oh, Somewhere? We'll just head in that direction. It's over by that one place, right?"

"That's a tough one. You guys are kind of between humans and monsters in some ways."

"It does know the speech of men! What has Saro done here?"

"Talking Kitty! Saro has done one good thing and many bad things."

"The talking horse is pretty impressive too. I don't even see any peanut butter or a ventriloquist."

"Saro taking care of it is kind of what we're worried about."

"That's pretty unfriendly. And it also seems like you're classifying dwarves with animals."

"Well, that's pretty simple. We'll just Zoom over to Izmit and wait for them."

"I'm kind of surprised they left the slime alive."

"Not much else to do but sleep until they get here..."

"That's weird.. the same dream?"

"That's definitely not the same dream. What a sick bunch."

"Oh... there's no good ending to this. Annd.. I think that was a liver.. there's some intestine..

"Sa..Sar..Saro.. you've... come for me..."

"I've got a really bad feeling about this... if that was going to work, it probably would have before this."

"A really, really bad feeling."

End of Update Snapshot

At level 33 Lamarck is still short a couple of spells, but has already learned the best healing spell in the game. If you wondered why all my screen shots of the fight with Esturk were at full HP, there's the reason why. At 32 MP Lamarck can only do it about 5 times, but 5 full party heals is enough for just about any battle.

Ragnar is still Ragnar. The game definitely doesn't have a reachable cap on attack, so it seems that it still matters what weapon he's given. Also, over 300 HP. That's just monstrous, even if his defense is still a bit lacking.

Nara is blooming a bit through use, and will soon be passing that 100 HP threshold. The only thing she's picked up this update was a defensive spell in Barrier, but that still adds something to her repertoire.

We finally got to see Firevolt in action, and Mara's picked up the BeDragon spell, which is exactly what it says.. the downside being that as a dragon, she's only got two real options in a fight. The fact that one of them will destroy metal slimes and babbles easily makes that okay. Now that we're getting up there in levels she's starting to fall behind the real front-liners in HP, but she's still got a respectable amount.