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Part 41: Break ALL the Barriers

"Based on the fact that this is one of the only other structures in the area besides the castle and the last refuge, I'm going to guess this is where one of the barriers is being created."

"A brilliant deduction, to be sure."

"Ragnar deduces that there are also giant aqua dinosaur flyers here."

"This is certainly not welcoming."

"This is certainly cramped. Okay, the other stairway!"

"Hmm.. these statues are very strange.."

"Statues move like we move.."

"Hmm. Okay, follow me!"

"Easy. Those pillars make it simple enough to block them in."

"Gah, look at that tub of lard on the throne.."

"How about no?"

"Awww.. c'mon..."

"Fine. Whatever."


"Look on the bright side. Now we get to kill him!"

"Looks JUST like Balzack did. Hey, did you know you have a twin?"

"Ragnar hopes you are tough like Balzack was, only stronger because now we are stronger now."

"Well, he seems a bit sturdier.."

"Not by much. Boo!"

"Pretty pathetic. Well, on to the next shield!"

"Red scythe demons.. very much like the ones we've seen before."

"Ragnar thinks there is nothing new under the earth."

"I guess you're right.. even the ghost knights are very familiar."

"At least this shrine is a bit prettier than the last one."

"Bigger than it looks, as well."

"Some kind of dragon? Should be more interesting."

"Ragnar dares all by himself and even more with friends!"

"It looks like he's got friends as well."

"Did I mention that Lightning is a wide area spell?"

"You'd think monsters would be the first people to speak out against genocidal statements.."

"Two down, and one to go."

"Hmm. Is there going to be much of a basement here with this place being surrounded by a lake?"

"Not so that you'd notice. The simplicity is a nice change of pace."

"Even challenge is simple. Nothing more than fighting!"

"Putting on some pants would also be simple.. why couldn't he have done that and talked longer?"

"Nice try, Taloon."

"I think his beard and eyebrows deflected it."

"This one actually has some power, unlike the other two. Looks like I'll actually have to use some healing magic."

"Please.. do.."

"Ragnar hit monster so hard he turned into a box."

"Hmm. That's a rare find, but we've already got enough of those for everybody who wants one."

"He'd better be a lot stronger than you and the last two, or else he's pretty well screwed."

"I think the last one is a tower.. and based on the pattern of the other three it's got to be in the northeast corner."

"Ragnar thinks that towers with walls around the outside are the best towers."

"More useless cursed junk."

"I really wish this place had some rails along the walkway."

"Hey, that guy kind of looks like Cristo!"

"I hope you don't think that's going to stop me."

"Only hatred shall remain in his soul."

"You did? You're the one who's responsible for all of this!"

"Coward who orders abduction of innocent girls also brought friends along."

"Cristo certainly can't do that."

"Or that.. I think I'm not feeling so.."

"Wow.. I never thought I'd survive longer in a fight than Lamarck."

"You're not the only one."

"But it looks like you didn't manage it by much."

"Come on Ragnar, let's drag them back to the wagon where Nara and Cristo are. "

"Trip down will be much faster without rails getting in the way."

"Don't forget, if you use the Baron's Horn before the final battle you can call the wagon."

"Thanks. We'll be sure to remember that."

"They're definitely gone..I suppose there's nowhere left to go but through the castle."

End of Update Snapshot

There's not much changed in the space of the last update, since this was a fairly short boss-rush. There won't be much further change between now and the end of the game, so... this is pretty much what's going to be going through the castle and fighting Necrosaro.