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Part 4: Episode IV: Ali Baba and the single Curselamp

Episode IV: Ali Baba and the single Curselamp

When last we left our intrepid heroes, they had been sent on a quest to find the mysterious mirage lake and snag some thieves who stole our potential navel plug, the king's Tidalbell.

First order of business of course is to completely ignore the king and go down to ye' old dungeon again.


Circus Master: One of their men had joined the circus and used us as a cover!


If you don't have a beefjerky here, go and grab one from one of the shopkeeps around here. If you somehow can't afford a beefjerky - it's 10 gold, come on - you can go around looking for herbs and sell those for 8G a piece. The exitbell you picked up in the well is also worth a cool 40G at the store. Once you do have a beefjerky, talk to the other, hungry prisoner.

Hungry Prisoner: I haven't been fed at all... Listen, I'll let you in on a secret if you have any food.

Hungry Prisoner: Fwoaar, that hits the spot! Thanks!

Let's ignore right now that somebody actually coded the word "Fwoaar" into the game and get in on this secret.

Hungry Prisoner: Well, here's the secret I promised. Don't chase what runs from you. Lay some bait, and let it come. That's the trick. Here, take this.

This item is required to get along in the game, and getting the watercall is actually a harder task than using it. This game ain't known for it's puzzles and challenges, we'll put it that way.

The game doesn't actually tell you where Mirage Lake is, but the map really isn't all that large. We'll just race over to the Mirage Lake... but first another monster!

Type: Dragon
Learns: PoisonHit Curse K.O.Dance
See that little skull under Slash's name? These guys can use Poisonhit. Poison works like it does in just about every other video game like this, taking small bits of life as you go and eventually biting at you in chunks in the overworld as well. Antidotes can heal it. I did not catch a kingcobra right now, but I will eventually.

Healed up and with a couple more levels under our belts, let's go to the lake now.

Here's the infamous Mirage Lake, a couple of screens East of the two cities. It's in a bit of an alcove so it's easy to wander around for a while without finding it. Step on in and you'll see the king and his men trying to get into the damn thing.

It's gone!

King of the Sand: ...we get this close, it isn't there! We'll never be able to find the hideout of the thieves this way!

If you can't figure out this puzzle, I don't know how to help you.

At this point, the lake will arise, along with some... palm trees?

Whatever, at least we've got the lake back, let's find those thieves.

There's a couple of Beaverns around here lamenting about wanting the place back to themselves. Hold on, lads!

This is the dude we're looking for.

Evil Dude: You're not from this world. I've come from the same world as you. I've been wandering through the other worlds seeking the ultimate monster. I was promised a strong monster by the Demon Lord of Limbo in exchange for this world's treasures. Come forth, my pretty!

BOSS FIGHT: Curselamp
This guy is even easier than Beavern to beat if you've leveled enough. Even if you don't gain a single level after fighting the beavern you should still be able to crush this guy. All he does is use Upper, a skill which boosts his defense. Even with that, he should go down in a round or four, even when he does attack it's rarely for over 10 damage. After defeating the Curselamp...

We get ourselves a free monster! No meat treats required here, he joins you automatically.

Type: Material
Learns: Upper Speed TwinHits
This guy is useful if you like boosting your monster's abilities in battle, with Upper, Speed and Twinhits as his abilities. We'll name him Tofl and Slash will go back to the farm for him.

Evil Dude: Urggh... Time to regroup!

And the guy cuts and runs. Enter the king and his troops!

King of the Sand: Repent for your misdeeds and sur... What? How did you get... Ah, whatever! The thieves are in there? You're safe now! We're here!

Naturally, they didn't bother to animate the probably bloody sword fight for us. Damn you Enix!!

The thieves are escorted out quietly by the King's men and the King himself comes out to thank us.

King of the Sand: Peace will be restored among people and monsters. You've been a great help to us. I must reward your efforts.


King of the Sand: What do you intend to do with it? Hm? A plug for the Navel? Take this as my thanks!

Well that was fun.

King of the Sand: ...I'll be fine now. I know what to do.

I doubt that very highly, but I don't plan on coming back here very often to see how awful a job you're doing so whatever.

Warubou is watching you masturbate.

Warubou: I felt an odd power stirring. You found a plug for the Navel! I'll bring you back! Don't move!

A quick fade to white and we're back in Greatlog.

Warubou: I'll give you Greatlog's power!

Every time you go back to Greatlog from another world, Warubou both heals you completely and gives you a free herb.

Warubou: So, the new plug for the Navel?

Stick it in there! Mission acomplished! Time for the end game activities!

You didn't really think that would work, did you? Warubou hops back in the hole and talks again.

Warubou: Wa-hey! That was no good! But the Tidalbell has magic in it. Give me your hand. I hold it and... Wa-hey!

Warubou: ...cross the sea is in you, warooh! Talk to the sea and it will reply.

Warubou: It's the sea! It's calling! A dilapidated pirate ship is what I see on the sea, warooh.

Warubou: It's right here in Greatlog, I think. The Pirate Key is what you want.

So for anyone who has no idea what the hell just happened, basically two things occured.

1. Warubou used the magic of the Tidalbell to give you the ability to cross water somehow.
2. Warubou used some manner of psychic powers to sense a possible plug for the navel on some Pirate Ship. I'm amazed they managed to use the word "Dilapidated" in this game.

So join us next time as we go on our quest to find the Pirate Key!