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Part 5: Epsiode V: A Little More Sand in Your Ass

Epsiode V: A Little More Sand in Your Ass

All right, it's going to be a short update today. When I said that we weren't going back to the Oasis, I was lying. Now that we have the ability to go across water and have the level finished, there's a couple of things left to do there if we want to call it done and dusted. But first, go up out of this well to talk to that Red dude with the low IQ.

Red Dude: Under his Majesty's decree, there will be a tournament for child masters. He wishes you to take part. Needless to say, a prize awaits the champion - the PirateKey.

That's right, they make it SO hard to find this key by immediately telling you where it is and how to get it when you come back home.

Red Dude: ...use the Starry Shrine and Egg Evaluator's services.

That'd be the place where we breed monsters, a very important part of the game.

Red Dude: ...Starry Shrine or the Egg Evaluator? Urrrgh... Look them up in the Library. I'm not much good at explaining...

Or English -

Red Dude: ...but I've gotten you the word!

With that, the Red Dude leaves back to hang out by the vault - although technically since that's just a base character model it could be ANY red dude, not specifically the idiot near the vault. I'm wagering that it is because of "I'm not much good at explaining".

Go back home and we'll get a few things before going to the Oasis again.


Drakslime apparently accidentally went outside again. Let's see if we can help.

Mom: Where do you go out to play? Oh? You're trying to save GreatLog? Well, my hero. How about an errand?

Your mom in this game is pretty much the menial labor queen.

Mom: Drakslime is badly sunburned, so I need to treat its condition. Here's some money. Keep the change!

Free cash from our Mom, nice.

Lovewater is basically the hyped up version of the herb. It heals 60-70 damage rather than 30-40.

Remember the jackass shopkeeper? He'll let you buy stuff now that it's an errand from your Mother.

Lovewater only costs 50G, your Mom is really quite nice to you, giving 150 free gold like that! This shopkeeper has a very useful inventory of items, we'll get to him later. Right now, back to our mother and then back to the Oasis.

Mom: This will heal Drakslime! Thank you, dear!

Aooh is my new favorite word.

Anyway, back to the Oasis.

Back here in the Well there are a couple of items we can get now that we can float across water.

The floating on water takes place on what appears to be a giant clamshell. Nifty.

Tinymedals are very useful eventually, we'll get to what they do later.

Bookmarks allow you to save your game anywhere on the world map. Usually saving can only take place in cities/villages/towns or when you're in Greatlog. This can allow you to, for instance, save right before the big boss fight in the temple that you're not sure you'll survive.

Surfing around to the farthest southeast square in the Well gets you a staff. Staffs allow UZ to use spells, while sacrificing giving instructions to your monsters for a turn. They're mostly good for selling - you can get good cash for some of these. This one is worth a cool 1125G at the market, which is way more than you need right now. Naturally, I sold it immediately.

And going into this little alcove in the far west of the Well nets us a Warpwing and our first accessory, the Agility Bracelet. Accessories are items that can be put on your monsters to boost a skill or stat that they have. You can only have one per monster. This bracelet raises a monsters Agility by 10. I'm giving it to our slowest member, Tofl.

That's the treasure trove that you can find in the Well. Moving on, let's - What the fuck?!

Type: Water
Learns: Firebal Paralyze PoisonGas
This little bugger only appears if you surf in the Well, and even then he's rare to find. He's also a god damn meat bandit, took me 2 porkchops and a jerky to get him to finally join me. And yes, in a pretty good moment, our first water creature knows "Firebal". Let's call him Finch. He actually kind of sucks so we'll keep him at the farm, but that Firebal move will be very handy in due time.

With our new friend the Anemon on the farm, let's go get the other two monsters we can grab around here.

That's right, we finally got ourselves that KingCobra. If you're wondering why I waited to get him, it's much easier to catch KingCobra's with Porkchop than with regular jerky. I tried several hundred times to lure a Cobra with jerky before and it didn't work. Doing it now allowed me to open the GreatLog store that sells Porkchops and I got my Commander Cobra on my first try with a chop. So say hello to CMDR all, he's going right to the farm life.

Now, for our final magical trick, on to Mirage Lake!

You don't have the Watercall any more so it just stays nice and lush for you forever.

This is what the room the thieves were hiding in looks like.

Anyway, what we're here for is this guy, the Beavern that we fought back in the well.

Beavern: Let me join your party!

This is usually about the point where everyone who wasted a Rib's worth of Porkchops and Jerky on him in the well goes "FUCK!"

Type: Beast
Learns: IceBolt ChargeUp Geyser
His name is automatically Biino, you can't change it. I've always found it interesting that he's not a water type, even though Beast does make perfect sense for him.

By the way, you can also find Staffs lying around on the ground. Warp staffs automatically take you back to the door shrine.

Join us next time when we run some more useless errands and get that Pirate Key from THE ARENA!