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Part 10: Episode X: Light My Moonrocks, Baby

Episode X: Light My Moonrocks, Baby

Welcome back. Now that we have the MoonRock, we have to go to the LightHouse. You can find it at the very bottom left of the top island.

The lighthouse is incredibly easy to traverse, there's no difficult mazes or anything, minus a couple of staircases that go in different directions.

Most rooms in the LightHouse are about as easy as this. Not much of a puzzle.

Go down the right path to find a treasure chest with a LogTwig in it. Go to the staircase up there to get to the 4th floor.

The staircase at the bottom goes to a dead end. Go up.

Stick the MoonRock in the hole here. You can't just press A in front of the Altar, you actually have to go into your inventory and use the MoonRock. That made me feel like a reeeal moron for about 8 seconds.

An earthquake starts shaking the lighthouse when the rock gets placed in.

All the jagged rocks in the ocean are gone!

This is the volcanic island, which had been surrounded by shoals but is now clear. Pretty obvious that the island is our next stop.

The island is in the middle of the ocean between the two main landmasses.

For some reason in the cutscene, there was a bit of meat on this island. For some reason, it's gone now. I wanted the meat D:

This doesn't look like a volcano at all!

Oh fuck you.

Prince Kameha: Thanks for guiding me here! I figured that you would figure out where the loot was so I tailed you! I'll take the treasures home!

God dammit, Kameha! He runs past you at blazing speed and you're forced to look for him. Little bastard.

Well now this chest looks perfectly innocent and not a different color scheme at all.

Actually, it was innocent and just contained a Porkchop. I was fairly disappointed, was hoping for some Mimic action.

Go right from the entrance to find this room with a Repellant and a Warpstaff. And no, you can't jump into the endless chasm.

Going left leads to a downward staircase going to the basement of the cave as it were. Go down to find Kameha.

Prince Kameha: You're faster than you look... Come on mateys! Follow me!

Gotta love those random localized earthquakes! Go down from here to find the staircase.

Prince Kameha: I'm grabbing the treasure first!

Little Indiana Jones moment as a boulder chases them off screen. Go down from here.

Lava! Predictably, your monsters lose health every time you step on one of these, 10 HP per square. You can't avoid walking through it to get these chests, but it's worth it for the War Ring and a Worlddew. WorldDew is the best healing item, automatically restoring all three of your monsters health to full. The War Ring increases the rate that a monster gains health when leveling up, pretty useful.


God dammit Kameha how do you keep living through all this

Prince Kameha: The treasures are mine! All mine!

Mutiny, my boy!

Oh god, the pirate guys were secretly monsters? Kameha, I'm going to throw you down one of those earthquake chasms myself.

Demonite: You put us through all this trouble... Saying how we needed your help to find the treasure... That you wouldn't cooperate unless we became your sidekicks, pah! For all that talk, you were useless! We'll take the loot for our king! You're not worthy of it anyway!

Prince Kameha: You're not getting away with this!

Again, gotta love those random, localized earthquakes.

Prince Kameha: ...and believe in those monsters... You take the loot back... Later!


We have the HarMirror, time to go home!


Well that was predictable.

This time Warubou has given us the power to smash boulders! Not quite as fun as the ability to surf on water but still pretty cool.

Aaaand apparently the next possible Navel Plug will be found in some sort of Ice world. Sounds chill.

Next time we'll finally get to the best part of the game, the breeding! We'll also probably catch about 15 new monsters to finish off the Pirate World, get our first irregular magic key, see if I can beat the hidden "final boss" of the Pirate World and probably some other shit I can't remember.