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Part 11: Episode XI: Clusterfuck Of D00ds

Episode XI: Clusterfuck Of D00ds

All right, when I said I was going to do all that crap in the last update, I lied. This update is basically just going to be all the new monsters we're getting via the world and our first couple of breeding adventures.

This is going to be painful. First of all, you should know that the farm has been increased in size since we finished the Pirate World, so it can hold 30 monsters now. With that in mind, let's go get a couple of the seemingly 4000 extra monsters in the Pirate World that we missed!

We got all of the monsters on the main lower island, lets grab the ones from the upper island first.

Type: Bug
Learns: Speed WindBeast MouthShut
Let the breeding fodder begin! At least this guy looks pretty Awsme compared to some other bug types.

Type: Dragon
Learns: PoisonHit PoisonGas LushLicks
Personally I'm not a big fan of using poison attacks on my party monsters because there's much better status effects to put on opponents, so Poisongon's abilities will be pretty downplayed in our breedings. He's still a dragon though, so Dagon is pretty cool.

Type: Beast
Learns: Blaze CallHelp MouthShut
The problem with getting all these monsters is that quite honestly we're not going to be using any of the monsters we catch from here on out in our party. Just about 100% of our monsters will be breeding fodder. That said, after this update I'll be making up my own names for caught monsters and give the names you guys gave me to bred ones only. Until then we'll call this guy Vis.

Type: Devil
Learns: Blaze Firebal IceBolt
As promised, Ofex will be our 1eyeclown's name. She'll be useful shortly as well...

That covers all of the upper island's monster population. How about the one we never caught in the cave west of Polona?

Type: Slime
Learns: Upper ChargeUp Radiant
Pearlgels are fucking adorable. I almost feel bad naming this one Derp.

We're not even close to done yet. *ugh* Let's go to the Volcanic Island and do some hunting.

Type: Plant
Learns: K.O.Dance LureDance SideStep
Fun fact: My favorite monster from the original DWM as a kid was DanceVegi, because it was a plant - my favorite type of monster - and orange - my favorite color - so I was really sad that they added all this green to the DWM2 version. Its getting the name Vegi because that's what I used to name my DV every game as a child.

Type: Material
Learns: OddDance SandStorm LoveRain
I've never understood how this guy is a material type. Is he made of clay or something? Her name will be Herp.

Type: Dragon (hurfdurf)
Learns: FireAir SleepAir Dodge
I named this guy Kid1 in a stunning bit of "I don't even give a fuck"ness.

And naturally there are more monsters INSIDE the volcano. I'm not putting money on this, but I'm pretty sure that when it comes to sheer volume of new monsters available to you, Pirate World wins hands down over any other world here just because every single area has 3-5 new monsters to get, including the ocean itself.

First of all, remember that chest that was weird colored that I was disappointed to be a porkchop last update? Well the volcano is full of them now and they actually ARE Mimics.

Type: Material
Learns: Blaze Beat Eagleeye
These guys appear as off-colored chests inside dungeons, one of the only monsters you can see before battle initiates that aren't bosses. We'll call him... MIMIC. It's genius.

Type: Devil
Learns: CleanCut PalsyAir Radiant
Sup, Soup?

Type: Material
Learns: DeChaos FrigidAir MapMagic
Evilwands learn MapMagic, a skill which was WAY more useful back in the original DWM than it is now. My random-name-o-meter has chosen Evilwand to be D00d!

Aaaand at this point the farm was full - I released Derp so that D00d could join the gang. That means it's time for some breeding fun because frankly I'm sick of buying 40 ribs and wasting them all on shitty monsters I have no need for at the moment.

As I was leaving the volcano, I picked up two final monsters and released the original D00d to make room for him because screw EvilWand.

Type: Water
Learns: CurseOff SquallHit AquaWall
Call him D00d II. He was released about 20 seconds after I got him because I quickly both found and caught...

Type: Zombie
Learns: Lightning BoltSlash Kamikaze
D00d III, this is the last one I swear. (For the next 5 minutes anyway.)

Meanwhile, back in Greatlog...

The starry shrine is finally open to us! We're gonna breed us up a storm right now. Or at the very least breed a new team of starters. The lady in purple up there is the Egg Evaluator. She can tell you the gender and tendencies of a monster still in its egg as well as magically changing the new monsters gender.

Here's where the magic happens. That old man is the guy to talk to when you want some monsters breeding. Also;


Basic overview of how breeding works here. You take a male and a female monster and pair them up to create an offspring. How they're paired up and what types of monsters they are is the two deciding factors in what the baby will be. When picking two monsters, whichever one you choose first is the PEDIGREE monster. He/she will pass thier type onto the offspring. So say you have a slime and a dragon you want mated. If you pick the slime to be the pedigree, the child will be a slime.

Monsters pass their abilities and stats onto the new generation. If you have a monster that knows blaze and a monster that knows Heal, the baby will eventually learn those two skills along with its automatic species-specific three skills. Occasionally they will also remember lost skills that their ancestors had learned as well. Babies will NOT learn skills that were automatic to their parents that the parent did not actually learn. For instance, Healer can learn the skill Healus. My Healer never got to a high enough level to learn Healus so its child will not learn Healus by any means, unless it's an inherant skill for the child's species.

After breeding, the monster will get a + next to its name. The more + signs you have, the more growth the monster will achieve in its lifetime of level and stats. Ideally you get those +'s high on all your monsters!


Anyway, we're going to start off with three breedings for now, one for each current party member. Squiz, 21st and Medic are all about to get lucky.

Professor Monster: I'm Professor Monster. I have the run of the place while I study monsters and their breeding. I can help you breed monsters and hatch the eggs that result.

Helpful old dude. Lets start by breeding Squiz with Ofex, our new 1eyeclown.

Notice how it says "WhaleMage" above the two monster choices? Dr. Monster automatically lets you know what the resulting monster will be of a breeding. VERY helpful and a time saver to boot! Whalemage is indeed what we're gunning for here so let's get BUSY.

Not disturbing at all. When you breed monsters, they're gone forever, probably on some sort of eternal honeymoon.

But who cares, we got a WhaleMage!

Type: Water
Learns: Antidote Watershot Geyser
Honestly doesn't get very good skills except eventually Geyser, but it will learn BiAttack and CallHelp from his daddy so this guy should eventually pack a punch. We'll name him Saito.

Next up, we're breeding 21st, our Eggplant. We're going to breed him with our newest zombie, D00d III the RotRaven. We're making the RotRaven the pedigree monster so the result will be a zombie.

Specifically a Mummy!

Type: Zombie
Learns: CallHelp Paralyze EvilSlash
Zombie types are usually pretty awesome, part of the reason I got the Mummy is because there's so many cool things to breed it into later in the Zombie family. I'd feel wrong if I didn't name her D00d IV.

Finally, it's time to breed our Healer, Medic. She kind of sucks in the stats department, so we're going to breed her with somebody that's got a bit of beef to them. How about Tofl, our old CurseLamp?

Type: Slime
Learns: Blaze Upper Ramming
With the healing abilities of his mother and Blaze now as well, the Medic family tree is starting to put together an actual skillset. I love BoxSlimes so I'm affectionately calling him Dongs.

Finally, we have a team of monsters completely our own. No Wildness problems, just clean slates who will surely be more powerful than their parents.

Next time, we'll actually do the rest of that stuff I said we'd do last update. You know, like find the Ice Key? I might also grab the remaining handful of monsters in the Pirate World depending how masochistic I'm feeling.