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Part 12: Episode XII: Mo Monsters, Mo Problems

Episode XII: Mo Monsters, Mo Problems

Welcome back. Lets start by getting a handful of new monsters via breeding!

Go into the left corridor in the starry shrine and you can break a rock to create a shortcut between the shrine and the door shrine down in the well, very useful.

Now, let's breed three or four new monsters. We'll start by breeding Jones the Taileater and Kumog the Antbear.

Type: Insect
Learns: Beat MagicBack CallHelp
Carp here is an ugly motherfucker, eh?

Now we'll move Finch the Anemon and Biino the Beavern into holy matrimony.

Type: Water
Learns: BugBlow EvilSlash Massacre
Tarp has probably one of the most hilarious sprites in the game. He also learns some really awesome skills, Evilslash and Massacre.

Finally, Crap the Hork and Alcha the Putrefish.

Type: Zombie
Learns:Beat PoisonHit Dodge
It's a Trap! This thing looks horrifying. Why do I keep breeding monsters that learn Beat?

...Ugh. Let's get a bit more monster catching over with! We'll just grab the last two from the Volcanic cave.

Type: Material
Learns: Sacrifice SlimeBlow HighJump
We'll call this little bastard Spike because I am an unoriginal son of a bitch.

Type: Dragon
Learns: Ironize MagicBack Lightning
This guy's name is Tgon. You guys are really lucky that the name entry doesn't allow 7 letters because I was totally about to make a horrible Tort Reform joke with his name.

Also, there's another fucking island with two more different monsters, one screen East of the door shrine.

Type: Dragon
Learns: Firebal WindBeast TailWind
Dactl here is pretty cool, but I still hate him for being yet another goddamn monster in the Pirate world.

Type: Beast
Learns: Slow StopSpell OddDance
Pinto is the name of my old cat. Unfortunately, she couldn't fly. She might have avoided getting hit by that truck if she was able to, actually! ...

All right, that's enough for now.

I hate my life.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch farm, we're going to start our quest for the Ice Key (if you want to call it a quest) by dropping off D00d and Dongs for a minute, and picking up Ayn and Jason, the Madgopher and Armyant. Let's start by talking to our dad.

Of course we'll have to give it to him or he'll ground us.

Ayn: Huh? I just hit something hard.

Oh goody. So we've gotten a free tinymedal out of the deal and now Ayn can help our Dad keep increasing the farm size. Now, how about heading to that area where the shopkeeper had left.

Yeah, this guy's a bit angry that we told him the island was going to sink and it hasn't sunk yet. How about that other guy who looks to be opening a shop of his own?

Future Shopkeeper: ...your ArmyAnt with me?

We'll give him Jason, we weren't using him anyway.

Jason: Under the merchandise!

Oh hey!

I'm OK with this.

By the way, if we had given the Ant away first he would have found a tinymedal and the Gopher would have found the key at the farm. It's the game's little way of making sure you get both of the "quest" monsters there.

All right, we've got our Ice Key, next time we'll bomb the Pirate World into submission for having so many goddamn monsters and do another Arena Battle before finally going to the Ice World!